by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

90More than pertains to feats of broils and battle,
And therefore little shall I grace my cause
In speaking for myself. Yet, by your gracious patience,
I will a round unvarnished tale deliver
Of my whole course of love. What drugs, what charms,
95What conjuration and what mighty magic—
For such proceeding I am charged withal—
I won his daughter.
story of how we fell in love, and what drugs, charms, spells, and powerful magic—because that’s what I’m being accused of—I used to win his daughter.
    A maiden never bold,
Of spirit so still and quiet that her motion
Blushed at herself. And she, in spite of nature,
100Of years, of country, credit, everything,
To fall in love with what she feared to look on?
It is a judgment maimed and most imperfect
That will confess perfection so could err.
Against all rules of nature, and must be driven
105To find out practices of cunning hell
Why this should be. I therefore vouch again
That with some mixtures powerful o'er the blood
Or with some dram, conjured to this effect,
He wrought upon her.
She’s a good girl, quiet and obedient. She blushes at the slightest thing. And you want me to believe that despite her young age and proper upbringing she fell in love with a man she’d be afraid to look at? The very thought of it is ridiculous. You’d have to be stupid to think that someone so perfect could make such an unnatural mistake as that. The devil must be behind this. Therefore I say again that he must have used some powerful drug or magic potion on her.
    To vouch this is no proof,
110Without more wider and more overt test
Than these thin habits and poor likelihoods
Of modern seeming do prefer against him.
Your saying this isn’t proof. There has to be clear evidence that he’s done this, not just these accusations.
But, Othello, speak.
Did you by indirect and forcèd courses
115Subdue and poison this young maid’s affections?
Or came it by request and such fair question
As soul to soul affordeth?
Tell us, Othello. Did you trick or deceive this lady in some way? Or did you agree to this as equals?
    I do beseech you,
Send for the lady to the Sagittary,
Please, send for Desdemona to come here from the Sagittarius Inn and ask her to speak about me in front