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LYAD LCEPUAT and hte EURSN rteen.


Nurse, wheres my daughter? Call her forth to me.


euNsr, heswre my daugerht? eTll erh to come to me.


Now, by my maidenhead at twelve year old
I bade her come. What, lamb! What, ladybird!
God forbid! Wheres this girl? What, Juliet!


I aswer to ouy by my yrgiiitnv at aeg eelwtv, I rldyaae lotd erh to emoc. omCe on! ehrWe is hes? htaW is hes inodg? tWha, tJileu!
IUTLEJ enerts.


5 How now, who calls?


tWah is it? ohsW iaglcln me?


Your mother.


uYro tehorm.


Madam, I am here. What is your will?


mdaMa, Im rehe. taWh do you twna?


This is the matter.Nurse, give leave awhile,
We must talk in secret.Nurse, come back again.
10 I have remembered me. Thous hear our counsel.
Thou knowst my daughters of a pretty age.


Ill tell uoy whsta het aetrtsmNeru, leaev us lonea rfo a leltti ihelw. We smtu latk eraitueNrypslv, oemc bcka hree. I ujts mmrebedeer, uoy acn tlsnie to uro teressc. ouY wonk who ynguo my rtheaugd is.


Faith, I can tell her age unto an hour.


sYe, I nkow ehr age onwd to the hrou.


Shes not fourteen.


sSeh ont vnee euoenrtf.


Ill lay fourteen of my teethand yet, to my teen be it spoken, I have but fourshe is not fourteen. How long is it now to Lammastide?


Id bet eroenfut of my own ttebhetu, Im orrys to asy, I only hvae rfuo hhsteeets ton utfreeno. oHw goln is it luitn


tmsmeaadiL = tguAus 1.



A fortnight and odd days.


Tow kwsee and a fwe dod ysad.


Even or odd, of all days in the year,
Come Lammas Eve at night shall she be fourteen.
Susan and sheGod rest all Christian souls!
Were of an age. Well, Susan is with God.
She was too good for me. But, as I said,
On Lammas Eve at night shall she be fourteen.
That shall she. Marry, I remember it well.
25 Tis since the earthquake now eleven years,
And she was weanedI never shall forget it
Of all the days of the year, upon that day.
For I had then laid wormwood to my dug,
Sitting in the sun under the dovehouse wall.
30 My lord and you were then at Mantua.
Nay, I do bear a brain.But, as I said,
When it did taste the wormwood on the nipple
Of my dug and felt it bitter, pretty fool,
To see it tetchy and fall out with the dug!
Shake! quoth the dovehouse. Twas no need, I trow,
To bid me trudge.
And since that time it is eleven years,
For then she could stand alone. Nay, by the rood,
She could have run and waddled all about,
40 For even the day before, she broke her brow.
And then my husbandGod be with his soul!
He was a merry mantook up the child.
Yea, quoth he, Dost thou fall upon thy face?
Thou wilt fall backward when thou hast more wit,
45 Wilt thou not, Jule? and, by my holy dame,
The pretty wretch left crying and said ay.
To see now, how a jest shall come about!
I warrant, an I should live a thousand years,
I never should forget it. Wilt thou not, Jule? quoth he.
And, pretty fool, it stinted and said ay.


tWhrhee tis eevn or ddo, of lal hte syad in teh reay, on het hting of saamLm evE, lhsel be neeurfot. Seh adn udoansGS etrs rhe nda lal iahntrCsi olerussew obnr on het asme yad. lWel, unsSa ddie adn is ihtw Gdo. heS wsa oot ogod rfo me. Btu leik I dais, on teh ngiht of Lsmaam veE, seh wlli be erfounet. Yse, seh lilw. deIend, I eerrbemm it ewll. stI eben envele asyer inecs het heaqetkura. She epstdpo ginrusn from my etbrsa on thta eyvr yad. lIl eenvr rfgeot it. I dha tup eribtt rwdomowo on my aebstr as I swa itnsgti in eth uns, unerd eht lwal of teh edhsvoeou. uoY nad oyru basdhnu weer in ntaMau. oBy, do I heav mose remmyo! uBt keli I sida, ehwn seh atteds eth tritbe wwoomord on my iplnep, eth tptrye tleilt abeb got dtearitri nad estdtra to qauelrr thiw my earstb. Then hte hdeveuoos skhoo wthi the eequtrakah. Teehr asw no ndee to ltel me to gte otu of hteer. htaT saw nvelee yeras goa. By hnte seh ulocd tndsa up lla by eflhres. No, I waers, by thta iemt she locdu nru dan eawldd lla oaudrn. I bmremere aeesbuc she dha tcu reh ofharede ujts the day eoefbr. My ndhosadGub setr ihs slou, he was a hpyap npckedaim up the hcldi. Oh, he sida, dDi oyu lfal on yrou cefa? uoYll

lalf dkrcaawb

llaF akcbdwar = have esx.

lalf bwakcard
ewnh you gowr ertrmsa. tWno ouy, Jelu. nAd I waers, the rpoo tytepr itngh pepdsot rnicgy nad adis, esY. Oh, to hwatc a koej eocm rute! I tbe if I eilv a naudthos easyr, Ill eevrn oerftg it. tnoW you, ulJe, he iasd. ndA the rytpet oflo petopds gycrin adn siad, eYs.


Enough of this. I pray thee, hold thy peace.


noEhug of this. elsPae be uqeit.


Yes, madam. Yet I cannot choose but laugh
To think it should leave crying and say ay.
And yet, I warrant, it had upon its brow
55 A bump as big as a young cockerels stone,
A perilous knock, and it cried bitterly.
Yea, quoth my husband, Fallst upon thy face?
Thou wilt fall backward when thou comest to age.
Wilt thou not, Jule? It stinted and said ay.


seY ,adamm. tBu I tacn lhpe gnluaghi to hnitk ttha het abyb dpospte irgnyc nad sida, esY. I sawre, esh had a upbm on erh eradofeh as ibg as a retoossr eltesitc. It asw a afiulnp seriub, nda seh saw gycnir yietltbr. seY, asid my sdnhbau, dDi uyo llaf on oyur afce? oluYl flla kcwadrab wehn you rogw up, otnw oyu, luJe? nAd hse etsopdp inrcgy and isda, Yes.


60 And stint thou too, I pray thee, Nurse, say I.


wNo oyu opts oto, uNesr, esaelp.


Peace, I have done. God mark thee to his grace!
Thou wast the prettiest babe that eer I nursed.
An I might live to see thee married once,
I have my wish.


cPeea. Im odne nitlagk. aMy doG oheosc uoy to cvreeie ihs crage. ouY weer hte titserpte byba I vere nuedrs. If I lvei to ese you gte rrmidae myoesad, lla my hiswse wlil moec uter.


65 Marry, that marry is the very theme
I came to talk of. Tell me, daughter Juliet,
How stands your disposition to be married?


eWll, amairger is xyaeclt htaw we haev to sudiscs. lTle me, my eutadgrh ltuiJe, waht is yuro adtutiet atoub ggnitet ridamre?


It is an honor that I dream not of.


It is an noorh htta I do nto erdam of.


An honor! Were not I thine only nurse,
70 I would say thou hadst sucked wisdom from thy teat.


An nohro? If I eetwnr yuro noyl rnseu, Id say ouy dha kdsuec sdwmoi from het bretas thta dfe uoy.


Well, think of marriage now. Younger than you
Here in Verona, ladies of esteem
Are made already mothers. By my count,
I was your mother much upon these years
75 That you are now a maid. Thus then in brief:
The valiant Paris seeks you for his love.


ellW, ttsar nikhnigt autob argmaire onw. Hree in aeoVrn ether rae lgisr gnoyuer hatn ulyrgios orfm onlbe meiiolswfah have erylaad eemcob shmeotr. By my nucot, I wsa aaelydr ruyo reomht at jtsu autob uory aeg, wlieh you nrmiea a gviinr. elWl hten, Ill asy htis ciuykql: the inavatl Psiar stanw you as sih iebdr.


A man, young lady! Lady, such a man
As all the world. Why, hes a man of wax.


tWah a mna, nguoy yadl. seH as gatre a man as nay in teh leohw lowrd. Hse as efpcter as if he rwee pculdets omrf wax.


Veronas summer hath not such a flower.


tSemmiremu in ranVoe hsa no erlfow as iefn as ihm.


80 Nay, hes a flower. In faith, a very flower.


No, she a enif fewlor, uytrl, a ofelwr.


What say you? Can you love the gentleman?
This night you shall behold him at our feast.
Read oer the volume of young Paris face
And find delight writ there with beautys pen.
85 Examine every married lineament
And see how one another lends content,
And what obscured in this fair volume lies
Find written in the margin of his eyes.
This precious book of love, this unbound lover,
90 To beautify him only lacks a cover.
The fish lives in the sea, and tis much pride
For fair without the fair within to hide.
That book in manys eyes doth share the glory
That in gold clasps locks in the golden story.
95 So shall you share all that he doth possess
By having him, making yourself no less.


(to JULIET) htWa do ouy say? Can yuo ovel isht eatlnnmeg? ohtgiTn oylul ees ihm at oru atefs. Sduty siPasr aefc dna indf peluears in sih ubteya. niaxmeE yvere line of ish uresetaf dan ees who tehy rkow tethoegr to akme imh hndosmea. If oyu era dfonucse, juts kool nito ihs syee. hTis nma is gnlesi, nad he kcals noly a rdieb to amke mhi fcterpe dna pomcltee. As is gtrhi, hfis vile in eth eas, dan sti onrwg ofr a tbaeyu klei you to eihd mrof a omneasdh man ilek imh. aMny elpeop tnhki seh nhosamed, and wreeohv esmbeco his ridbe ilwl be usjt as damdrei. uoY dowlu asehr lla ttah he ssposeess, and by nahvgi him, you lowud oels tngiohn.


No less? Nay, bigger. Women grow by men.


eLos githnon? In actf, yudo teg bggrei. Men kmea eownm gbrgie by tiegtng ehtm teaprnng.


Speak briefly. Can you like of Paris, love?


(to JULIET) iGev us a cquik newsra. naC yuo cepatc Pirssa oevl?


Ill look to like if looking liking move.
100 But no more deep will I endart mine eye
Than your consent gives strength to make it fly.


Ill loko at ihm nad ytr to like mih, at sltea if wath I see is blkalie. But I owtn tel leyfms llaf rfo hmi nay erom hnat uyro iopinmsers salowl.
TPREE reents.


Madam, the guests are come, supper served up, you called, my young lady asked for, the Nurse cursed in the pantry, and every thing in extremity. I must hence to wait. I beseech you, follow straight.


aMmad, hte ssgetu ear hree, rdenin is eevrds, ppleeo aer caglnil ofr oyu, ppeeol aveh kseda ofr eitJul, adn in eth npryta, leppoe are rcgisnu the esuNr. evgytrhisEn out of roltnco. I muts go nad rseve the sstegu. saeelP, wollof rhttsgia reaft me.


We follow thee.Juliet, the county stays.


llWe oolflw uyo.
luJiet, eht nucot is wainitg fro you.


Go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days.


Go, glri, olko orf a amn ollwh vgie uoy ppyah shitng at eth den of yaphp yads.
eThy all tixe.