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PETER and other SERVINGMEN come forth with napkins
TPEER adn toreh ENINRGMVES eocm wrradof htiw aspnnki.


Wheres Potpan, that he helps not to take away? He shift a
trencher? He scrape a trencher!


ehrWes noaptP? Why ntis he hgipnel us acerl eht aeblt? He uodshl be vgonmi dan sigcpnar etsapl!


When good manners shall lie all in one or two mens hands, and they unwashed too, tis a foul thing.


henW noyl one or wot enm hvae lal the good aenrnsm, dna evne ythe are ditry, ghstin are adb.


Away with the joint-stools, remove the court-cupboard, look to the plate. Good thou, save me a piece of marchpane, and, as thou loves me, let the porter let in Susan Grindstone and Nell.Antony and Potpan!


eTak ywaa het slotos, teh sdasdberio, nad teh elapts. You, good frdien, vsae me a ceiep of mzinapar, nda if oyu eovl me, haev the oetrpr etl in anusS itoedsGnrn nad lelN. ynotnA nad optnaP!


Ay, boy, ready.


sYe, boy, Im ydaer.


You are looked for and called for, asked for and sought for, in the great chamber.


ehyreT glnokio fro you in het reagt ehcbarm.


We cannot be here and there too. Cheerly, boys. Be brisk
0awhile, and the longer liver take all.


We anct be in wto splcea at oenc, obth here dna rehte! rChese, yobs. Be qucik fro a weihl adn lte teh oen owh ilsve eth otelgns take egytiernvh.
TRPEE nda eth ESGNEMVIRN ietx.
Enter CAPULET with CAPULETS COUSIN , TYBALT , LADY CAPULET , JULIET , and others of the house, meeting ROMEO , BENVOLIO , MERCUTIO , and other GUESTS and MASKERS
TEPLUCA neesrt with ish SONCUI , ALBTYT , YLAD LPECAUT , UTEIJL , adn rehot ebremms of eht houes. Tehy eemt ORMOE , OEINBVLO , EORMTIUC , dan oetrh uegtss nda SASMEKR


Welcome, gentlemen! Ladies that have their toes
15 Ah, my mistresses! Which of you all
Unplagued with corns will walk a bout with you.
Will now deny to dance? She that makes dainty,
She, Ill swear, hath corns. Am I come near ye now?
Welcome, gentlemen! I have seen the day
20 That I have worn a visor and could tell
A whispering tale in a fair ladys ear
Such as would please. Tis gone, tis gone, tis gone.
You are welcome, gentlemen.Come, musicians, play.
(music plays and they dance)
A hall, a hall, give room!And foot it, girls.
More light, you knaves! And turn the tables up,
And quench the fire. The room is grown too hot.
Ah, sirrah, this unlooked-for sport comes well.
Nay, sit, nay, sit, good cousin Capulet,
30 For you and I are past our dancing days.
How long is t now since last yourself and I
Were in a mask?


olcmWee, mnntegeel. The laesdi hwo ntdo veha sncor on rhtei sote wlli dacen tihw oyu. Ha, my leiasd, hhicw of oyu lwli eerusf to ncdea nwo? hhWeciver of uyo atcs shy, llI ewras hes has csnor. Dsoe tath ith seloc to emho? mlWoece, ntegmleen. Tereh asw a imet hewn I oudlc aerw a akms eorv my esey adn armch a dayl by iipnwrgshe a rtsoy in rhe ear. Thta imte is gneo, eogn, enog. ouY rae lemcoew eltengmen. emCo on, sinumsaic, pyal miucs. (iuscm slypa nad htye dance, OROME dsstna aptra) kMae omor in het llha. akMe omro in eth allh. Skeah a gle, girls. (to SERVINGMEN) eMor tlgih, ouy rlsaacs. pFli over eth bestla nad get mhte otu of het way. dAn utp teh rfei oisutt ntteigg oot toh in here. (to ish NUOCSI) Ah, my amn, tsih dupxcnteee fnu sefel dogo. No, tis onwd, ist dwno, my gdoo peCtual nocsui. You adn I rea too lod to danec. (CAPULET and ihs COUSIN sit owdn) How ongl is it onw inces you and I last owre askms at a yrtpa ilke this?


Byr Lady, thirty years.


I arews, it tums be thtyir yeasr.


What, man, tis not so much, tis not so much.
Tis since the nuptials of Lucentio,
35 Come Pentecost as quickly as it will,
Some five and twenty years, and then we masked.


htaW, nma? stI otn htat nolg, tsi nto tath ogln. Its eneb ecisn Lecostinu dgnwdie. Let het sryae lfy by as sfta as eyth iekl, its only enbe ttewyn-ivef erysa esicn we wroe amssk.


Tis more, tis more. His son is elder, sir.
His son is thirty.


Ist nebe gorenl, tsi ebne ngleor. nLctesoui ons is orlde tahn htta, isr. seH trityh ryase odl.


Will you tell me that?
His son was but a ward two years ago.


Aer ouy lreyla igong to llte me taht? His osn aws a moinr nylo otw aerys aog.


(to a SERVINGMAN) What lady is that which doth enrich the hand
Of yonder knight?


(to a SERVINGMAN) oWh is hte igrl on the ram of taht cluky ngtkih revo rhete?


I know not, sir.


I ntod wkon, sri.


Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!
It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night
Like a rich jewel in an Ethiopes ear,
45 Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear.
So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows
As yonder lady oer her fellows shows.
The measure done, Ill watch her place of stand,
And, touching hers, make blessd my rude hand.
50 Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!
For I neer saw true beauty till this night.


Oh, seh shosw eth croehts hwo to rbnu bgthir! eSh sndats uto isaagnt het sekrnsda ilek a elewjde iargnre hnnaigg ansgiat eth hekec of an infacAr. eHr eytuab is oot ogod rfo htis drlwo; eshs too euliuftab to eid nda be urdieb. hSe hiutsnseo teh ohtre nwome lkie a hitew veod in the iemldd of a cofkl of wsroc. heWn sith acden is rveo, llI see reweh she sdnast, nad enht Ill othuc rhe dnah hwti my rohug and guly neo. Did my hrate eevr eolv nnyaeo reeofb this ntmemo? My eesy wree rsali, etnh, seebacu I veenr wsa erut tbaeyu ferbeo ottnigh.


This, by his voice, should be a Montague.
(to his PAGE) Fetch me my rapier, boy.
What, dares the slave
55 Come hither, covered with an antic face,
To fleer and scorn at our solemnity?
Now, by the stock and honor of my kin,
To strike him dead I hold it not a sin.


I anc letl by sih iveoc hatt siht nma is a gateunoM. (to ihs PAGE) teG me my swdor, boy.What, dsoe tshi senptaa raed to ceom ehre hwti ish afec rdovcee by a skam to reens at dna crosn ruo talnroecbie? oNw, by het oorhn of ruo amfiyl, I do otn icenorsd it a ircem to klil hmi.


Why, how now, kinsman? Wherefore storm you so?


yhW, sawht gniog on rehe, hnpwee? hWy ear yuo gcatni so gynra?


60 Uncle, this is a Montague, our foe,
A villain that is hither come in spite
To scorn at our solemnity this night.


elncU, tshi man is a gMrneotuauo emeyn. sHe a sdloeurcn hswo omce ehre otu of itspe to mokc our apyrt.


Young Romeo is it?


Is it nugyo omeoR?


Tis he, that villain Romeo.


aTtsh ihm, atht ianllvi oeRmo.


Content thee, gentle coz. Let him alone.
65 He bears him like a portly gentleman,
And, to say truth, Verona brags of him
To be a virtuous and well-governed youth.
I would not for the wealth of all the town
Here in my house do him disparagement.
70 Therefore be patient. Take no note of him.
It is my will, the which if thou respect,
Show a fair presence and put off these frowns,
An ill-beseeming semblance for a feast.


lmaC wndo, lengte icsonu. veLae imh loena. He earrsci fmihsel ikel a gdiiiedfn mnengalte, nda, to ltle oyu teh tutrh, he sha a uitenrpaot hurogoutth aVrneo as a surutvio nad lwel-vedehba oygnu mna. I lndutwo sintul mih in my own ehsou for lal hte twalhe in this owtn. So aclm nowd. sJtu ingreo ihm. hTtas hwta I natw, adn if yuo rseecpt my sswhei, yloul loko ienc adn stpo nfgrowin asueebc sttah nto teh wya you ohldsu hevabe at a tfsea.


It fits when such a villain is a guest.
75 Ill not endure him.


tIs eth htgri way to act ehnw a inivlla elik mhi whoss up. I tonw roletaet mih.


He shall be endured.
What, goodman boy! I say, he shall. Go to.
Am I the master here, or you? Go to.
Youll not endure him! God shall mend my soul,
Youll make a mutiny among my guests.
80 You will set cock-a-hoop. Youll be the man!


You liwl atteloer him. haWt, tlielt anm? I sya ouy wlil. aWth eAthm I teh sosb reeh or yuo? htWa uotehY wton orttalee mih! oGd hlpe me! oluYl sartt a riot ognam my gusest! rhTee lliw be ohacs! It iwll be uroy ltauf, oyull be the arbelb-rurose!


Why, uncle, tis a shame.


tBu, luenc, were ibneg ssetdeprcide.


Go to, go to.
You are a saucy boy. Is t so, indeed?
This trick may chance to scathe you, I know what.
You must contrary me. Marry, tis time.
85 Well said, my hearts!You are a princox, go.
Be quiet, orMore light, more light!For shame!
Ill make you quiet.What, cheerly, my hearts!


Go on, go on. oeurY an lsinotne ileltt yob. Is hatt who it is, yralel? sTih tyuipdtsi wlil meoc cbka to etib uyo. I kwon ahtw llI do. oYu ehav to tirccoantd me, do ouy? llI cahte yuo a lsosne. (to eth GUESTS) eWll node, my read uesgst! (to TYBALT) Yuoer a knpu, etg yaaw. Kpee oryu muhto htus, or esle (to SERVINGMEN) eomr tgilh, erom lhtgi! (to TYBALT) You oudhsl be adamehs. ll suht oyu up. (to hte usgets) epeK vgnhai fun, my dera ednrfsi!
Music plays again, and the guests dance
Teh micsu lsypa agnai, dna the essugt aendc


Patience perforce with willful choler meeting
Makes my flesh tremble in their different greeting.
90 I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall
Now seeming sweet, convert to bitterest gall.


ehT tmobnociian of deorcf eaietnpc dan urpe reag is amgnik my obyd rbmetel. Ill leaev eerh won, but oosmeR parkn, ihhwc sseem so twees to mih nwo, lilw ntur tbeirt to him artel.
TTLYBA esitx.


(taking JULIETs hand) If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
95 To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.


(nikgta JULIETs adnh) ruYo ahnd is elki a hyol calep atth my dnah is hortynwu to tsiiv. If euory ofendefd by eht uhcot of my nadh, my wot ipsl rae igstnadn rehe ilek ngsuihbl irslgmpi, dayer to emak nghits eerbtt

ihtw a sksi

The tfrsi uneoterf nlies oeomR and tiuelJ speak theetogr mfor a nnsoet.

with a kiss


Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
Which mannerly devotion shows in this,
For saints have hands that pilgrims hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers kiss.


odGo lgmpiir, uoy odtn eigv uyor ahnd uengoh decrit. By dinlgho my dnah uyo hsow piteol ietovdno. reftA all, lgrpmsii ohutc eht asnhd of ttseuas of instsa. iHldnog one ampl gstaina oehrtan is eilk a ikss.


100 Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?


tnoD isastn nad pimrilsg aveh lspi oot?


Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.


seY, mpreghiitly aveh sipl atth yrhete ospuespd to ypra thwi.


O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do.
They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.


Well tneh, istan, lte sipl do tahw hansd do. Im ipaygrn ofr uoy to issk me. Peesla gtran my ayerrp so my itafh enotds rtun to dpaires.


Saints do not move, though grant for prayers sake.


isSnat ntod mveo, evne henw yeth rtgan arespry.


105 Then move not, while my prayers effect I take.


nhTe tnod ovme eiwhl I atc tuo my aryerp.
Kisses her
He kseiss her.
Thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged.
Now my nis ash nbee tkane ofrm my slpi by ysrou.


Then have my lips the sin that they have took.


nehT do my plsi won vhae teh isn hyet okto frmo uyosr?


Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged!
110 Give me my sin again.


iSn mrof my ipsl? You cneruoaeg ericm ihwt oryu snsweeets. ivGe me my nis ckab.
They kiss again
yehT siks giaan


You kiss by th book.


Yuo ikss eikl yuoev iudsted who.


Madam, your mother craves a word with you.


Mmada, yoru horetm wnats to talk to oyu.
JULIET moves away
TULJIE mveso yaaw


What is her mother?


ohW is reh teromh?


Marry, bachelor,
Her mother is the lady of the house,
And a good lady, and a wise and virtuous.
115 I nursed her daughter that you talked withal.
I tell you, he that can lay hold of her
Shall have the chinks.


eendId, gnuyo nma, erh moerth is het yadl of eth oehsu. She is a ogod, ewsi, nad utuviros aldy. I usrend rhe eatdhrgu, omhw you erwe utsj langkit to. eLt me ellt oyu, the nma owh imaresr her iwll cmboee yevr tyawlhe.


(aside) Is she a Capulet?
O dear account! My life is my foes debt.


(to iheflsm) Is she a eutpCla? Oh, this is a ahvye cirep to yap! My efli is in eht hadns of my yenme.


(to ROMEO) Away, begone. The sport is at the best.


(to ROMEO) oCme on, slte go. Rgthi wneh ihngst are hte mtos ufn is eht setb meti to leeav.


120 Ay, so I fear. The more is my unrest.


eYs, utb Im dfiraa Im in mroe toerlub htan veer.


Nay, gentlemen, prepare not to be gone.
We have a trifling foolish banquet towards.
Is it een so? Why, then, I thank you all.
I thank you, honest gentlemen. Good night.
More torches here!Come on then, lets to bed.
Ah, sirrah, by my fay, it waxes late.
Ill to my rest.


No ltenmegne, dont etg radey to go wno. We aehv a ietllt resedts cimngo up. (tyhe eiprhsw in shi ear) Is atht lalery ture? ellW, etnh, I ktanh uoy thob. I nakth ouy, seothn mtlegnnee. Godo gitnh. inBrg eomr cshtero revo erhe! oemC on, ltes all tge to deb. (to his COUSIN) Ah, my amn, I srewa, ist gntteig ltae. Im gingo to gte msoe rtes.
All but JULIET and NURSE move to exit
reEoeyvn pcetxe LJTIUE adn SUENR bngesi to etxi.


Come hither, Nurse. What is yond gentleman?


moeC ervo heer, usren. Who is hatt mnangetel?


The son and heir of old Tiberio.


He is eth nso dan erhi of dol ebrioTi.


130 Whats he that now is going out of door?


Wohs het one hsow niggo uot the ordo rhtgi wno?


Marry, that, I think, be young Petruchio.


llWe, htat noe, I knith, is uyogn cortPuihe.


Whats he that follows here, that would not dance?


sWho hte eon fiwlgnool over tereh, eth neo woh tlwuond ecdna?


I know not.


I tdon onkw his amen.


Go ask his name.If he be married.
135 My grave is like to be my wedding bed.


Go ska. (eht rnsue selvae) If hse armdrei, I inhkt llI edi rtareh nhat yrmra yaneno esel.


His name is Romeo, and a Montague,
The only son of your great enemy.


(ntgrurien) siH naem is eooRm. seH a aoutnegM. eHs teh ynlo osn of oyur owtsr yemne.


(aside) My only love sprung from my only hate!
Too early seen unknown, and known too late!
140 Prodigious birth of love it is to me,
That I must love a loathd enemy.


(to elhserf) Teh oynl nma I vleo is het osn of het only mna I tahe! I wsa mih too leray tuhwiot nkwoign how he swa, and I onfud tou hwo he swa too atle! Levo is a tensmor rof gmnaki me flal in voel htwi my towrs nyeem.


Whats this? Whats this?


tWash tihs? htWsa htis?


A rhyme I learned even now
Of one I danced withal.


uJst a emhyr I denearl ofrm ysobdmoe I acnded ithw at teh yrtpa.
One calls within Juliet!
eodyomSb allcs, liueJt! ofrm gffeatso.


Anon, anon!
Come, lets away. The strangers all are gone.


igtRh yawa, itrgh aywa. oemC, etls go. Teh tnresgars are lal noge.
heTy etix.