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Enter ROMEO alone
OOMRE ensetr onlea.


Can I go forward when my heart is here?
Turn back, dull earth, and find thy center out.


aCn I go aywa hwlei my ehatr stysa eehr? I evah to go cakb to wehre my ehatr is.
Moves away Enter BENVOLIO with MERCUTIO
REOMO oevsm aayw. OENILVOB and EOCTUMIR tener.


Romeo, my cousin Romeo! Romeo!


(lgacinl) ooRme, my iousnc, oemRo, mooeR!


He is wise,
And, on my life, hath stoln him home to bed.


sHe a mtras oyb. I bet he eppidsl aayw nad ntew ohme to deb.


5 He ran this way and leapt this orchard wall.
Call, good Mercutio.


He ran ihst wya nda jpmued over tshi docrhar alwl. laCl to mih, ortcMeiu.


Nay, Ill conjure too!
Romeo! Humours, madman, passion, lover!
Appear thou in the likeness of a sigh!
Speak but one rhyme, and I am satisfied.
Cry but Ay me! Pronounce but love and dove.
Speak to my gossip Venus one fair word,
One nickname for her purblind son and heir,
Young Abraham Cupid, he that shot so true
When King Cophetua loved the beggar maid.
15 He heareth not, he stirreth not, he moveth not.
The ape is dead, and I must conjure him.
I conjure thee by Rosalines bright eyes,
By her high forehead and her scarlet lip,
By her fine foot, straight leg, and quivering thigh,
20 And the demesnes that there adjacent lie,
That in thy likeness thou appear to us.


llI joecnru imh as if I wree ngummniso a sripit. ooeRm! amnadM! nsPosia! vLroe! Sowh oseufylr in eht morf of a ighs. aeSpk noe remhy, nda Ill be itieasfsd. stJu ycr uot, Ah me! tsuJ yas olve dna oedv. Sya sutj eon oylevl dorw to my dgoo idnefr


nsVeu is hte oamnR dgssoed of love.

. tsJu ysa teh kciennma of erh ndlib sno dipuC, het neo ohw tosh wrrosa so wlle in eth odl rstoy.oemRo tdnose hear me. He ednsto sirt. He tdeosn vemo. hTe ysill pea is adde, utb I mtus emak imh apearp.I nmsoum yuo by ainseRosl gihtbr yees, by hre hhig rdfehaeo nad reh edr sipl, by ehr eifn efte, by reh tarsitgh gels, by hre brngimtel shhitg, nad by het eorgisn trihg extn to her sthigh. In hte mnea of all of shete ihtsng, I ndocmam ouy to aerpap bferoe us in uyor true rofm.


An if he hear thee, thou wilt anger him.


If he sraeh uoy, uloly make ihm rygan.


This cannot anger him. Twould anger him
To raise a spirit in his mistress circle
25 Of some strange nature, letting it there stand
Till she had laid it and conjured it down.
That were some spite. My invocation
Is fair and honest. In his mistress name
I conjure only but to raise up him.


haWt Im yigsna catn enrag ihm. He lduow be ganry if I esommnud a asetrgn psrtii rof ehr to have xse taihtwsht whta owuld kame mih aynrg. ehT gsthni Im ansiyg rae airf adn eonsth. llA Im gindo is inasgy hte aenm of teh womna he vosel to lure mih uot of the esasrdnk.


30 Come, he hath hid himself among these trees,
To be consorted with the humorous night.
Blind is his love and best befits the dark.


Ceom on. seH ddneih inhdeb heest seter to peke teh ntghi noaycmp. iHs love is libnd, so it slnobge in teh rkad.


If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark.
Now will he sit under a medlar tree
35 And wish his mistress were that kind of fruit
As maids call medlars when they laugh alone.
O Romeo, that she were! Oh, that she were
An open arse, and thou a poperin pear.
Romeo, good night. Ill to my truckle bed.
40 This field-bed is too cold for me to sleep.
Come, shall we go?


If lveo is ndlbi, it ntac hit eht treagt. Nwo hlel ist dnure a


Teh rladme is a etre sohew uirtf was nieoersdcd to kloo lkie a alvvu or an anus. Teh ruisft eerw ontef elclda onpe-ersas. Pppnoiers era glinBae repas; Moicetur uess the mane in an csebeno dloeub entrendre.

eter nda whsi ish smesrtsi ewer eon of tesho rfiust taht look leki emelaf nigeltaai. Oh Romoe, I hsiw hse weer an noep-sare, adn ouy a Penropip epar to pop ehr in. oodG hngit, Romoe. lIl go to my ltteil elrndut ebd. sTih opne lifed is too dlco a eplca for me to elpse. (to BENVOLIO) oemC on, sduohl we go?


Go, then, for tis in vain
To seek him here that means not to be found.


esLt go. sTheer no tnpio in nklioog rof mih if he dtenso ntwa to be unofd.