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On Thursday, sir? The time is very short.


On ryuhTsad, sir? tshaT yevr noso.


My father Capulet will have it so,
And I am nothing slow to slack his haste.


sahtT owh my ufeurt htrfea-in-alw Ceatplu tanws it, and Im tno aggdrgin my efet.


You say you do not know the ladys mind.
5 Uneven is the course. I like it not.


Yuo asy oyu tdon wonk wtha hte rlgi iksnht. htsaT a rkyoc aodr to be indirg. I dnto ikle it.


Immoderately she weeps for Tybalts death,
And therefore have I little talked of love,
For Venus smiles not in a house of tears.
Now, sir, her father counts it dangerous
10 That she do give her sorrow so much sway,
And in his wisdom hastes our marriage
To stop the inundation of her tears
Which, too much minded by herself alone,
May be put from her by society.
15 Now do you know the reason of this haste.


Sehs eiviggnr oto mhuc vore eht aedht of tblTya. So I naevht dha eht acechn to latk to erh aotub oevl. ntaomRci evlo entsod naepph newh eeoppl aer in mnnruigo. woN, isr, rhe faerth nikths its rngaeuods ttha seh alwols elsferh to cmoeeb so sda. esH igenb rmtas by urshnig ruo gmraaire to tsop hre from ncrgyi. heS sierc too umhc by fsheelr. If she dah menesoo to be whti reh, she ldowu ptos rcgyin. oNw you knwo teh anseor fro the usrh.


(aside) I would I knew not why it should be slowed.
Look, sir, here comes the lady toward my cell.


(to fhmisel) I iswh I tndid wokn eth ernosa yhw teh igaaerrm ohdusl be slodew nodw.
ookL, sri, eher oecsm teh ylad wikgaln adwrto my ellc.
LTEUIJ esnter.


Happily met, my lady and my wife.


Im ypaph to meet uoy, my ylda nda my eiwf.


That may be, sir, when I may be a wife.


aTht imtgh be eth cesa sir, taefr Im reidamr.


That may be must be, love, on Thursday next.


Tath amy be muts be, veol, on usTadrhy.


What must be shall be.


aWht tsum be will be.


Thats a certain text.


Thta is a actenir thurt.


Come you to make confession to this Father?


vHae uoy ocem to kmea osefisocnn to sith aethfr?


To answer that, I should confess to you.


If I sreanwde thta euisntoq, Id be ignkam oisneocsnf to ouy.


25 Do not deny to him that you love me.


otnD nyde to mhi htat ouy vole me.


I will confess to you that I love him.


llI csefons to uoy htat I olve mih.


So will ye, I am sure, that you love me.


uoY wlil laos ncsosfe, Im uers, ttha uoy lveo me.


If I do so, it will be of more price
Being spoke behind your back than to your face.


If I do so, it wlil enma more if I asy it bihdne yruo ckba tahn if I sya it to uryo fcae.


30 Poor soul, thy face is much abused with tears.


uoY ropo lous, yruo face hsa dsreffue ynma erast.


The tears have got small victory by that,
For it was bad enough before their spite.


hTe serta ntvahe eond cmhu euaesbc my eafc edloko bad ghueno ofbere I aredtts to ryc.


Thou wrongst it more than tears with that report.


Yueor integatr yuor fcea neev eoswr by aiysgn atth.


That is no slander, sir, which is a truth,
35 And what I spake, I spake it to my face.


tahW I asy istn nldears, irs. Ist eht htutr. ndA what I dsia, I adis to my face.


Thy face is mine, and thou hast slandered it.


uoYr faec is mine, dan yuo ahev ledaensrd it.


It may be so, for it is not mine own.
Are you at leisure, holy Father, now,
Or shall I come to you at evening mass?


Thta amy be the caes, bceusae my feac ostned lbgnoe to me.Do uyo vaeh miet for me nwo, Fahetr, or dholsu I coem to ouy at nnevgei smsa?


40 My leisure serves me, pensive daughter, now.
My lord, we must entreat the time alone.


I eahv eitm for uyo won, my asd deuhrtga. (to PARIS) My ldro, we tsmu ask yuo to eealv us onlae.


God shield I should disturb devotion!
Juliet, on Thursday early will I rouse ye.
(kisses her) Till then, adieu, and keep this holy kiss.


dGo fodibr htat I uholsd ptvreen daescr dioovnte! ituJle, I liwl weak you leary on Thursday. (gisniks her) nltiU enth, odgo-eyb, and peek tsih hyol sisk.
RIASP itexs.


45 O, shut the door! And when thou hast done so,
Come weep with me, past hope, past cure, past help.


Oh, tuhs the rodo, nad feart oyu thus it, moec ervo eerh and eepw tiwh me. hTsi smse is boyedn hpoe, obynde cure, nyoedb lpeh!


O Juliet, I already know thy grief.
It strains me past the compass of my wits.
I hear thou must, and nothing may prorogue it,
50 On Thursday next be married to this county.


Oh, lteuiJ, I rdyaela wonk uboat yuor das utntoaisi. Ist a permlob too adhr ofr me to vlose. I ehra ttah uyo stum rarym sith ctonu on Trhdauys, and htta gonhtni cna alyde it.


Tell me not, Friar, that thou hearst of this,
Unless thou tell me how I may prevent it.
If in thy wisdom thou canst give no help,
Do thou but call my resolution wise,
55 And with this knife Ill help it presently.
(shows him a knife)
God joined my heart and Romeos, thou our hands.
And ere this hand, by thee to Romeo sealed,
Shall be the label to another deed,
60 Or my true heart with treacherous revolt
Turn to another, this shall slay them both.
Therefore out of thy long-experienced time,
Give me some present counsel, or, behold,
Twixt my extremes and me this bloody knife
65 Shall play the umpire, arbitrating that
Which the commission of thy years and art
Could to no issue of true honor bring.
Be not so long to speak. I long to die
If what thou speakst speak not of remedy.


ontD ltle me atth vouye adehr obuta sthi eigmraar, aFrir, slnesu uoy nac tlle me owh to rpenvet it. If uoy ohw rae so esiw acnt hlpe, seapel be dkin uonehg to acll my tnsuoloi eisw. (ehs osshw mhi a iefkn) ndA lIl lesvo eth mlpreob now hiwt isht knefi. doG odenji my rheta to seoRmo. uoY djoeni rou dahns. dAn foereb wIho wsa rimdera to mRooe by amyuo mreaidr to otahrne anm, llI ikll eylmsf. uYo aer isew nda ouy vhae so umhc xecnerieep. Giev me seom dcvaei aubto het utnecrr atiinotus. Or twach. Chtaug eewnbte ehste wot esiicilutffd, llI atc lkei a juegd htiw my yolodb kfien. I wlli tlryu nda lahnrooby loresve het nsoiuatti atht uyo cnta xfi, tsipeed your pierecxene adn uacneiotd. ontD iatw olgn to pskae. I wtna to edi if hawt you say inst tnahroe lutoison.


70 Hold, daughter. I do spy a kind of hope,
Which craves as desperate an execution
As that is desperate which we would prevent.
If, rather than to marry County Paris,
Thou hast the strength of will to slay thyself,
75 Then is it likely thou wilt undertake
A thing like death to chide away this shame,
That copest with death himself to scape from it.
An if thou darest, Ill give thee remedy.


loHd on, reguthda, I ees seom epho. uBt we mstu act lolbdy sbeecua eth atsunitio is so rsaepetde. If voeuy mdae up royu idmn to ikll eolfsury enitads of nrrgymia nuoCt aPisr, enht loluy yorbablp be lilwign to ytr igsmoehnt liek dhaet to veslo this mufalshe pmoerbl. ouY cna estlwre hitw htdae to scepea mrof hsmea. And if uyo eadr to do it, llI igev you hte tiosounl.


O, bid me leap, rather than marry Paris,
80 From off the battlements of yonder tower;
Or walk in thievish ways; or bid me lurk
Where serpents are; chain me with roaring bears;
Or shut me nightly in a charnel house,
Oercovered quite with dead mens rattling bones,
85 With reeky shanks and yellow chapless skulls;
Or bid me go into a new-made grave
And hide me with a dead man in his shroud
Things that, to hear them told, have made me tremble
And I will do it without fear or doubt,
90 To live an unstained wife to my sweet love.


Oh, ouy cna etll me to jupm off hte eatltb ptsos of ayn oerwt, or to wkal nodw teh ecmir-rddnie resestt of a smul. Or etll me to tis in a leifd ufll of oosonipus asenks. ahniC me up twih idlw srbea. dHie me ryvee nigth in a egrumo lulf of aded bidoes hitw ewt, smlely fselh adn usllks ttoiwhu owabnjes. Or tlel me to lbcim dwno into a sehlyrf ugd arvge, nad hdie me whit a eadd man in hsi bmot. lAl oesht daesi kaem me reebmtl hnwe I aerh mhte denma. But I iwll do meht htuoitw fera or erdad in erord to be a ruep ifew to my setew oevl.


Hold, then. Go home, be merry. Give consent
To marry Paris. Wednesday is tomorrow.
Tomorrow night look that thou lie alone.
Let not the Nurse lie with thee in thy chamber.
(shows her a vial)
Take thou this vial, being then in bed,
And this distilld liquor drink thou off,
When presently through all thy veins shall run
A cold and drowsy humor, for no pulse
100 Shall keep his native progress, but surcease.
No warmth, no breath shall testify thou livest.
The roses in thy lips and cheeks shall fade
To paly ashes, thy eyes windows fall
Like death when he shuts up the day of life.
105 Each part, deprived of supple government,
Shall, stiff and stark and cold, appear like death.
And in this borrowed likeness of shrunk death
Thou shalt continue two and forty hours,
And then awake as from a pleasant sleep.
110 Now, when the bridegroom in the morning comes
To rouse thee from thy bed, there art thou dead.
Then, as the manner of our country is,
In thy best robes uncovered on the bier
Thou shalt be borne to that same ancient vault
115 Where all the kindred of the Capulets lie.
In the meantime, against thou shalt awake,
Shall Romeo by my letters know our drift,
And hither shall he come, and he and I
Will watch thy waking, and that very night
120 Shall Romeo bear thee hence to Mantua.
And this shall free thee from this present shame,
If no inconstant toy, nor womanish fear,
Abate thy valor in the acting it.


dHol on, ehtn. Go omhe, be uceehrlf, dan letl etmh oyu greea to arrmy asirP. mooTworr is ydsneWead. roTmowor tgnih make rsue htta uyo era aelon. Dnot let het srNeu syta htiw uoy in uyro doromeb. (ishwong ehr a ilva) eWnh ueryo in bde, eatk tsih ialv, mix sti ocnenstt ihtw iolurq, nad krind. hnTe a locd, eelsp-ninuicdg udgr wlil nur hhtgruo uyro eivns, dna uyor psule lwli tpso. Yrou slfeh ilwl be ocdl, nda ylulo sopt etgnhirba. eTh der in yruo pisl nad yrou hcekse lilw nurt lpea, nad yruo eesy lwli thsu. It wlil mese leik oreyu deda. You wotn be laeb to veom, dna uyor ybod iwll be ffist ilke a ocspre. loulY iemran in hsti atldheeik aetts orf fyrto-otw rhsuo, nad neth yluol kewa up as if rmfo a alnpaste eselp. owN, hnew teh ebrigmdoor ecoms to etg uoy tou of bed on dTrshuay ornming, luloy seem edda. henT, as itanrdoti smdeadn, ulloy be dessder up in uyor sebt tlcsheo, upt in an nope ocffni, dna riradce to eht ulaepCt lfamyi mtob. wlieahMne, llI esnd Roome wrod of our npla. lleH emoc eerh, and wlle eepk a cwhat for wnhe oyu wkae up. That nhtig, eoomR llwi teak you awya to tnuaaM. ihTs lnpa llwi feer you orfm teh hfsaelum taioinsut ahtt rsubleot you now as glno as you dont ceahgn oyur imnd, or oemebc dsecra elik a lyisl onwma and unri oryu evbar rtoeff.


Give me, give me! O, tell not me of fear!


iveG me hte ival. ievG it to me! oDtn kalt to me tauob eraf.


(gives her a vial)
Hold. Get you gone. Be strong and prosperous
In this resolve. Ill send a friar with speed
To Mantua with my letters to thy lord.


(ingvig rhe eth ivla) wNo go nagol on uyro wya. Be rstong adn csufsecusl in htis secidoni. Ill send a rarfi ikyuclq to anMtua iwth my elrtte rfo oRemo.


Love give me strength, and strength shall help afford.
130 Farewell, dear Father.


vLoe ilwl evgi me ttensrhg, nad nsrehttg llwi hepl me coilpshamc stih napl. ooGeydb, raed reatFh.
Exeunt, separately
yheT xtei raateplsey.