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ULEJTI dan het RSUEN erent.


Ay, those attires are best. But, gentle Nurse,
I pray thee, leave me to myself tonight,
For I have need of many orisons
To move the heavens to smile upon my state,
Which, well thou knowst, is cross and full of sin.


esY, estoh are teh best hcetsol. But, teengl rNeus, aepels velea me eaonl ohitntg. I vaeh to yas a tol of earspyr to kema hte nevsahe slsbe me. Yuo konw ttha my fiel is ulrobedt adn fllu of nsi.


What, are you busy, ho? Need you my help?


ahtW, rae uyo sbyu? Do yuo nede my eplh?


No, madam. We have culled such necessaries
As are behooveful for our state tomorrow.
So please you, let me now be left alone,
10 And let the Nurse this night sit up with you.
For, I am sure, you have your hands full all
In this so sudden business.


No, amamd, ewve rdfigue tuo eth ebst ghtsin rof me to eawr wrtrmooo at hte mecneory. So if ist yoka whti ouy, Id ekli to be flte enaol nwo. Lte eht uesNr tis up thwi yuo igthton. Im usre uoy ahve oryu ashdn full igarperpn rof het eusddn tieseviifst.


Good night.
Get thee to bed and rest, for thou hast need.


oGdo gihnt. Go to dbe adn teg meso rtse. Im ures oyu edne it.
ALYD PTUCLAE dna hte USREN teix.


Farewell!God knows when we shall meet again.
15 I have a faint cold fear thrills through my veins
That almost freezes up the heat of life.
Ill call them back again to comfort me.
Nurse!What should she do here?


Gdoo-eyb. lnyO Gdo nkwso newh lewl eemt iagan. hreeT is a tlishg lodc rfae tigcntu ghturoh my esnvi. It mtolas zesefer teh ateh of lfie. lIl lcla mhet bkca ehre to ofmcort me. euNrs!Oh, hawt oodg udowl ehs do eerh?
In my repateesd iiuosntat, I veah to cta nealo.
My dismal scene I needs must act alone.
Come, vial. (holds out the vial)
What if this mixture do not work at all?
Shall I be married then tomorrow morning?
No, no. This shall forbid it. Lie thou there.
(lays her knife down)
25 What if it be a poison, which the friar
Subtly hath ministered to have me dead,
Lest in this marriage he should be dishonored
Because he married me before to Romeo?
I fear it is. And yet, methinks, it should not,
30 For he hath still been tried a holy man.
How if, when I am laid into the tomb,
I wake before the time that Romeo
Come to redeem me? Theres a fearful point.
Shall I not, then, be stifled in the vault
35 To whose foul mouth no healthsome air breathes in,
And there die strangled ere my Romeo comes?
Or, if I live, is it not very like
The horrible conceit of death and night,
Together with the terror of the place
40 As in a vault, an ancient receptacle,
Where for these many hundred years the bones
Of all my buried ancestors are packed;
Where bloody Tybalt, yet but green in earth,
Lies festering in his shroud; where, as they say,
45 At some hours in the night spirits resort?
Alack, alack, is it not like that I,
So early waking, what with loathsome smells,
And shrieks like mandrakes torn out of the earth,
That living mortals, hearing them, run mad?
ghltAir, esehr hte avli. Wtah if tsih uiexrtm neotsd orkw at lal? lWil I be emdriar morowtor mniongr? No, no, isth enfki wlli tspo it. Lei wnod grthi eehrt.
(seh lasy nwod teh ikfen) thaW if eth rFiar iedmx eth oinpto to ilkl me? Is he woedrir ttha he wlil be ddciegras if I arrym raPis earft he arrmdei me to mReoo? Im aaridf htat ist opsnio. ndA eyt, it uldhonts be sinopo ueasceb he is a tuswrroytht hyol anm. Wtah if, wenh I am upt in hte tmob, I akwe up fbeoer eRmoo cemos to seva me? aThts a hiiggtnfenr diae. toWn I oeffstuac in eth tobm? rTehes no aytlheh rai to htbraee in hetre. lilW I ide of tfsoacunfoi fboree emRoo escom? Or if I evli, llI be udrrnsdoue by deaht adn dsraekns. It lwil be eelirtrb. rheeT ilwl be nboes edrhdsnu of eryas lod in htat mtbo, my tcsnoears osneb. aytsblT doby wlli be in reteh, rhylefs nbtomdee, nda sih ercsop will be tngtiro. yTeh ysa taht undrgi eht gthin the tsiiprs era in sbomt. Oh no, oh no. lIl kwae up nad slelm lafwu osdro. llI haer sraescm hatt uwdol edriv ppeoel zacyr.
50 Oh, if I wake, shall I not be distraught,
Environd with all these hideous fears,
And madly play with my forefathers joints,
And pluck the mangled Tybalt from his shroud,
And, in this rage, with some great kinsmans bone,
55 As with a club, dash out my desperate brains?
Oh, look! Methinks I see my cousins ghost
Seeking out Romeo, that did spit his body
Upon a rapiers point. Stay, Tybalt, stay!
Romeo, Romeo, Romeo! Heres drink. I drink to thee.
If I aekw up too leyar, onwt I go inanse wthi all etseh roelrbih, iifgnrtngeh shingt ruadno me, asrtt nlgiapy ithw my onstcrase seonb, adn lupl abtslyT speroc tuo of shi ehadt dosrhu? Wlli I rabg one of my aedd nsrsetcao sboen and hbas in my won klslu? Oh, ookl! I tkhin I ees my ocinsu lyabTts osgth. esH inkogol ofr oReom aecsube moRoe kdeill ihm with his orwds. tWai, alTbyt, tiwa! oomeR, oomRe, oomRe! reseH a kdnri. I diknr to uoy.
She drinks and falls down on the bed, hidden by the bed curtains
heS nksidr mrof teh vila dna falls on ehr ebd, dndehi by reh bed asticurn.