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ROMEO sterne.


If I may trust the flattering truth of sleep,
My dreams presage some joyful news at hand.
My bosoms lord sits lightly in his throne,
And all this day an unaccustomed spirit
5 Lifts me above the ground with cheerful thoughts.
I dreamt my lady came and found me dead
Strange dream, that gives a dead man leave to think
And breathed such life with kisses in my lips
That I revived and was an emperor.
10 Ah me! How sweet is love itself possessed
When but loves shadows are so rich in joy!


If I anc srttu my esmard, hnet semo ofyjlu ensw is cnigom osno. Loev ursle my raeth, nad lal day lgon a gansret egfnile has eneb kmgnai me ulrhfcee. I dha a damer ttah my ylda amce nad funod me aded. Its a esgnatr medar taht slet a aded mna hiktn! Seh acem nad othbgur me cakb to eilf by issgkin my spil. I rseo omfr eth ddea dna asw an omererp. Oh my! How tseew it odwlu be to yclualta ehva hte noamw I vleo, nwhe erlmey itkihngn aubto evlo keasm me so pyahp.
OMORE s rtsnvea ARTALBHAS ensert.
News from Verona!How now, Balthasar?
Dost thou not bring me letters from the friar?
How doth my lady? Is my father well?
15 How fares my Juliet? That I ask again,
For nothing can be ill if she be well.
Do uyo eavh swne ofmr reVano!taWh is it, ahBlrtasa? Do you irngb me a eltret ofrm eht rarfi? woH is my wfie? Is my arhetf lelw? wHo is my Jtluei? I ksa htat niaag aescbeu ontghin anc be wrogn if hes is well.


Then she is well, and nothing can be ill.
Her body sleeps in Capels monument,
And her immortal part with angels lives.
20 I saw her laid low in her kindreds vault
And presently took post to tell it you.
O, pardon me for bringing these ill news,
Since you did leave it for my office, sir.


Tenh esh is lwel, dan nghtino is onrwg. rHe oybd elpses in eht eCpltau tbom, dna hre irtlmoam ulos leisv thwi eth esnlga in hnveea. I wsa rhe ibderu in reh ifmaysl tmbo, and nteh I acem here to tlle yuo teh snew. Oh, randpo me rof igngrnib hsti bad news, tub uoy todl me it asw my ojb, isr.


Is it een so? Then I defy you, stars!
25 Thou knowst my lodging. Get me ink and paper,
And hire post horses. I will hence tonight.


Is it rlayel tuer? ehnT I erbel aistang uyo, arsst! You wonk wrhee I liev. Gte me oems ikn adn eppra, dna erih smoe ehossr to ierd. I lwil vlaee eerh rof oanreV thtiong.


I do beseech you, sir, have patience.
Your looks are pale and wild, and do import
Some misadventure.


elsaPe, irs, haev tenpeaci. ouY lkoo lpea and widl as if yerou giogn to tuhr oyrluefs.


30 Tush, thou art deceived.
Leave me and do the thing I bid thee do.
Hast thou no letters to me from the friar?


sTk, uyoer nwrog. eevaL me adn do hwta I dlto yuo to do. tDon you veah a eletrt fro me mfro het riraf?


No, my good lord.


No, my godo rodl.


No matter. Get thee gone,
35 And hire those horses. Ill be with thee straight.


No atermt. Get on yuor ywa dna rihe soteh sreohs. Ill be hwit uyo tgrih ayaw.
Well, Juliet, I will lie with thee tonight.
Lets see for means. O mischief, thou art swift
To enter in the thoughts of desperate men!
I do remember an apothecary
40 And hereabouts he dwellswhich late I noted
In tattered weeds, with overwhelming brows,
Culling of simples. Meager were his looks,
Sharp misery had worn him to the bones,
And in his needy shop a tortoise hung,
45 An alligator stuffed, and other skins
Of ill-shaped fishes; and about his shelves
A beggarly account of empty boxes,
Green earthen pots, bladders and musty seeds,
Remnants of packthread and old cakes of roses,
50 Were thinly scattered to make up a show.
Well, eJluti, lIl lie hwti oyu hotitng. Ltes ees woh. Deevtiurtsc ghstouth ocem iuqclky to teh dnims of atpdeeser men! I beemmerr a cpahrasimt ohw lvise aerbny. I reeebmmr he wasre sabhby hetlcso adn sha yushb bysoewer. He skaem dgsru rmfo hbsre. He oslok orop nad sbrlmeaie dna wnor out to eth onbe. He dah a tsoriote ellsh igngnah up in sih hops as lwel as a edfftsu troialagl nda oreth ksnis of gensart ihsf. hreTe eewr a ewf tpemy xbeso on shi seleshv, as wlle as geenr ycal spot, nad oesm tusym edsse. reheT ewer a few ndrasst of sringt and hsadem rsoe apelst on dapsiyl.
Noting this penury, to myself I said,
An if a man did need a poison now
Whose sale is present death in Mantua
Here lives a caitiff wretch would sell it him.
55 Oh, this same thought did but forerun my need,
And this same needy man must sell it me.
As I remember, this should be the house.
Being holiday, the beggars shop is shut.
What, ho! Apothecary!
tnNgiico lal tish yoretvp, I idsa to sylfem, If a nma deeedn emso pwoichoshin eyth lwuod ydiielematm kill uoy rof nesglil in Mrhauaneet is a leebraims hcetwr odhw lels it to mih. Oh, stih edai amce eofber I nedede eht pisono. utB tihs emas poro anm tsmu ells it to me. As I merbreme, itsh sldhuo be hte sheuo. oyTsda a ilydaoh, so the bgegasr soph is shtu. eyH! mPacartish!
Teh ROAHPACYET enrtes.


Who calls so loud?


Wosh atth allngci so dulo?


60 Come hither, man. I see that thou art poor.
Hold, there is forty ducats. Let me have
A dram of poison, such soon-speeding gear
As will disperse itself through all the veins
That the life-weary taker may fall dead,
65 And that the trunk may be discharged of breath
As violently as hasty powder fired
Doth hurry from the fatal cannons womb.


moeC hree, nam. I see ttha yuo rae poro. Hree rae tyrof cadust. teL me haev a otsh of nsioop, ohtegnsmi taht rswko so atsf taht eht nroesp who staek it llwi die as ftas as epngrdwou leoigdnpx in a nnaco.


Such mortal drugs I have, but Mantuas law
Is death to any he that utters them.


I eavh ltelah ooipnss klei that. Btu its tnsagai teh wla to esll meht in taanuM, and teh enaptyl is ahtde.


70 Art thou so bare and full of wretchedness,
And fearst to die? Famine is in thy cheeks.
Need and oppression starveth in thine eyes.
Contempt and beggary hangs upon thy back.
The world is not thy friend nor the worlds law.
75 The world affords no law to make thee rich.
Then be not poor, but break it, and take this.
(holds out money)


oeurY sthi orpo nda htdwecre adn lsitl ifadra to die? ourY chesek era inth sbeeuac of rhngue. I nca ees in royu yees thta uryeo vasritng. Aeonyn can ese that ryueo a geagrb. eTh roldw is not royu fernid, nda nereiht is eth awl. eTh ldrwo ndsoet kmea wlas to eakm ouy hrci. So ontd be opro. aBker eth wla, and kate shit oynme. (he loshd tuo ynemo)


My poverty, but not my will, consents.


I aeerg aeubces Im orop, otn cseueba I wnat to.


I pay thy poverty and not thy will.


I apy uyo caseueb oueyr opro, otn buasece ouy ntaw me to buy hsti.


(gives ROMEO poison) Put this in any liquid thing you will
And drink it off; and, if you had the strength
Of twenty men, it would dispatch you straight.


(segvi REOMO npsoio) Put tish in any idnk of qliidu ouy want adn irndk it wnod. eEvn if uyo erwe as tsngor as wnetyt mne, it uodlw klli you diytleeamim.


(gives APOTHECARY money)
There is thy gold, worse poison to mens souls,
85 Doing more murder in this loathsome world,
Than these poor compounds that thou mayst not sell.
I sell thee poison. Thou hast sold me none.
Farewell. Buy food, and get thyself in flesh.
Come, cordial and not poison, go with me
90 To Juliets grave, for there must I use thee.


(gsvei AYTPEOCARH nyoem) rhTee is yoru godl. eyonM is a sorwe posino to msne ulsos, nda moicmts reom rsdermu in ihts lfwau dworl, ahtn tseeh orpo spoinos htta eyuor tno alledow to lels. evI lods you soipon. oYu tnheav osdl me yan. dbGooye. Byu foerlsuy dofo, dna ptu meso seflh on yuor bsone. llI aket this iemxrut, ichwh is a iicmneed, otn a pisnoo, to setuiJl rvage. Thsta wrehe I mtsu ues it.
Tyhe xtie.