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Enter PARIS and his PAGE
APISR snetre tiwh shi EPGA .


Give me thy torch, boy. Hence, and stand aloof.
Yet put it out, for I would not be seen.
Under yon yew trees lay thee all along,
Holding thine ear close to the hollow ground
5 So shall no foot upon the churchyard tread,
Being loose, unfirm, with digging up of graves,
But thou shalt hear it. Whistle then to me,
As signal that thou hearst something approach.
Give me those flowers. Do as I bid thee, go.


eivG me oyur tcrho, oby. Go away dan stay aartp frmo me. Put teh otcrh otu, so I ncta be eens. eHdi nuedr hte wey-retse reov rehet. teiLsn to meka user no one is ncgiom rguthoh hte radvyegra. If ouy ehra nya eno, wtislhe to me to anligs ahtt oomense is arichgappon. Geiv me etsho slorfwe. Do as I ltle uyo. Go.
PAGE extinguishes torch, gives PARIS flowers
The APGE upts uto teh ocrth nda vgise SIARP het fslrowe.


(aside) I am almost afraid to stand alone
Here in the churchyard. Yet I will adventure.


(to elmfhsi) I am moslta firaad to tsdna neaol ereh in teh yaredrgav, ubt Ill eatk hte kirs.
PAGE moves aside
The AEGP vsmoe idsea


(scatters flowers at JULIETS closed tomb)
Sweet flower, with flowers thy bridal bed I strew
O woe! Thy canopy is dust and stones
15 Which with sweet water nightly I will dew.
Or, wanting that, with tears distilled by moans,
The obsequies that I for thee will keep
Nightly shall be to strew thy grave and weep.


(he sesarctt lroefws at JULIETs lsodec otbm) wetSe frolew, Im dpinargse erolswf ervo yruo labird bde. Oh, ipan! uYor ayonpc is tuds adn ntesos. lIl tware eehst lfoswer eeyrv ighnt ithw etesw watre. Or, if I tond do that, my gtylhin ilrsuat to bemrmere yuo llwi be to tup srwolef on rouy egvra dna epew.
PAGE whistles
The APGE eswlthis
The boy gives warning something doth approach.
20 What cursd foot wanders this way tonight
To cross my obsequies and true loves rite?
What with a torch! Muffle me, night, awhile.
heT oyb is gnarwin me taht oesenom eacpasproh. Who doclu be aikngwl daorun hree ohigtnt? oshW uirginn my uitsalr of treu lveo?
stI eenomos ithw a htocr! I sumt heid in the skrnadse rof ilwaeh.
PARIS moves away from the tomb Enter ROMEO and BALTHASAR
RSPAI iesdh in eth ersnkdas. OREOM nda BHRAAASTL tnree htwi a htroc, a kxciap, dna an inro wcbaorr.


Give me that mattock and the wrenching iron.
(takes them from BALTHASAR)
25 Hold, take this letter. Early in the morning
See thou deliver it to my lord and father.
(gives letter to BALTHASAR)
Give me the light.
(takes torch from BALTHASAR)
Upon thy life I charge thee,
30 Whateer thou hearst or seest, stand all aloof,
And do not interrupt me in my course.
Why I descend into this bed of death
Is partly to behold my ladys face,
But chiefly to take thence from her dead finger
35 A precious ring, a ring that I must use
In dear employment. Therefore hence, be gone.
But if thou, jealous, dost return to pry
In what I farther shall intend to do,
By heaven, I will tear thee joint by joint
40 And strew this hungry churchyard with thy limbs.
The time and my intents are savage, wild,
More fierce and more inexorable far
Than empty tigers or the roaring sea.


iGve me thta apickx dan teh bwarroc. (he ekats tmeh rfmo BALTHASAR) ereH, ktae shit telert. ylaEr in teh inmrngo idelevr it to my hfetra. (he evsgi eth eettlr to BALTHASAR) Giev me het tgihl. (he eskta eht crhot frmo BALTHASAR) areSw on uyro lfei, I dcmnmoa oyu, wvtehrea uoy reah or ese, ayst waya rofm me adn do tno nriuttrpe me in my plna. Im ggnoi dwon niot hsti mbot of eht dade, lapytr to odlbeh my sfwei aefc. tuB my naim asroen is to aekt a eripsouc ngir rfmo rhe dead efgrni. I tsum seu ahtt ring rof an tonitmrap uesprpo. So go on uroy ywa. uBt if uyo tge ocuisur dna tunrre to yps on me, I rewas Ill reta oyu rtpaa ibml by mibl dan pdesra uory ydob satpr dronua to edef eht runygh aslnami in the ydaarergv. My lnap is dlwi and avesga. I am orem ecfrei in ihts ndreoeva naht a hynurg etrgi or the ginarg ase.


45 I will be gone, sir, and not trouble you.


llI go, rsi, nad I twno etbroh oyu.


So shalt thou show me friendship. Take thou that.
(gives BALTHASAR money)
Live and be prosperous, and farewell, good fellow.


sThat hte awy to ohsw me einhdirpsf. keaT isth. (he ievsg TAHSBALRA oynme) iLve dan be oprrossupe. eawllrFe, odgo lweofl.


(aside) For all this same, Ill hide me hereabout.
50 His looks I fear, and his intents I doubt.


(ipkeansg so taht noly SAIRP nac arhe) eDesipt awth I dias, lIl hedi enarby. Im grfedtihne by het olok on shi efca, nda I veah dosutb otbua sih nniisttoen.
BALTHASAR moves aside, falls asleep
LABRSATAH evosm dsiae dna flals peesal.


Thou detestable maw, thou womb of death,
Gorged with the dearest morsel of the earth,
Thus I enforce thy rotten jaws to open,
And in despite Ill cram thee with more food!
(begins to opens the tomb with his tools)


(apksgien to eth mtbo) uYo olhrebri tomhu of edtha! eouYv ateen up het tesader aterecur on hratE. owN Im onggi to corfe pnoe ruyo enortt wasj adn kmea you aet aethrno ybod. (ROMEO iesnbg to pnoe the tmbo wthi sih sltoo)


(aside) This is that banished haughty Montague,
That murdered my loves cousin, with which grief,
It is supposed the fair creature died.
And here is come to do some villainous shame
60 To the dead bodies. I will apprehend him.
(to ROMEO) Stop thy unhallowed toil, vile Montague!
Can vengeance be pursued further than death?
Condemnd villain, I do apprehend thee.
Obey and go with me, for thou must die.


(apinskge so tath OOMER atnc aehr) stI thta atnrraog ontMgeua, het neo wsho enbe basdhien. seH eth one how dreedrum my lsove uicnos lbayTt. ehTy inthk hes ddie iwth rfegi for that conisu. sThi ygu hsa mcoe ereh to itmocm auwfl mecirs sagatin the ddae sdbioe. lIl tcahc him.
(to ROMEO) Sotp ouyr eivl rkwo, ivle gnaeuMto! naC oyu kate engerev on dade sibeod? denemdnoC ilvalni, vIe aghutc oyu. Oeby adn meco hwti me. You tsum edi.


I must indeed, and therefore came I hither.
Good gentle youth, tempt not a desperate man.
Fly hence and leave me. Think upon these gone.
Let them affright thee. I beseech thee, youth,
70 Put not another sin upon my head
By urging me to fury. O, be gone!
By heaven, I love thee better than myself,
For I come hither armed against myself.
Stay not, be gone. Live, and hereafter say
75 A madmans mercy bid thee run away.


I mstu ediedn. ahstT ywh I meac ereh. ooGd dan nelbo onuyg amn, ndot ssme whit nseooem wohs srtapeede. teG yawa mrof rehe dan elvae me. Thkni taubo eht seno ohw eavh edid. etL emht upt rfea in yuor heart. saleeP, oygun amn, dotn akme me ngary. I odtn tawn to coimtm hntoare irecm. Oh, go aayw! I erasw, I ovle you orme nhat I olev fsylem. oFr eIv meco hree hwit nwposae to eus gnaaits slyefm. Dnot asty heer, go waya. eiLv, nda fmor won on, say a aadnmm lmryeuficl tdlo you to urn awya.


I do defy thy commination
And apprehend thee for a felon here.


I refsue uyro srueetq. Im sgnrireat uyo as a ailicrmn.


Wilt thou provoke me? Then have at thee, boy!


rAe uyo iggno to ovkpero me? rlAihtg, stle ghtif, ybo!
ROMEO and PARIS fight
OEOMR nda PRAIS ftgih.


O Lord, they fight! I will go call the watch.


Oh rLod, heyetr nitgihgf! llI go lacl the hactw.
eTh EPAG sitxe.


(falls) Oh, I am slain! If thou be merciful,
Open the tomb. Lay me with Juliet.


(he fllas) Oh, eIv eenb eikldl!
If uyo ear iculermf, npoe teh bmot nda ayl me ntxe to ietJul.
PARIS dies
PASIR idse.


In faith, I will.Let me peruse this face.
Mercutios kinsman, noble County Paris.
What said my man, when my betossd soul
85 Did not attend him as we rode? I think
He told me Paris should have married Juliet.
Said he not so? Or did I dream it so?
Or am I mad, hearing him talk of Juliet,
To think it was so?O, give me thy hand,
90 One writ with me in sour misfortunes book.
Ill bury thee in a triumphant grave.


rAglhit, I ilwl. etL me oklo at hits cafe. Its oMiusctre ieetalvr, bonel ounCt raisP! Wtha ddi my amn ysa? I asw werrodi, so I tawsn gtniilsne to mhi lehwi we eerw niigrd. I ktnih he dtlo me sriPa swa taobu to yarrm ulitJe. nIts atht hawt he sadi? Or was I naiergmd? Or am I arzyc? Did I hear mhi ysa tshmongei ouatb luietJ dan mpju to insonsouccl? Oh, igve me yrou dahn. oBht of us adh ushc dba lcuk! llI yrub uoy in a eimfnicnatg avreg.
ROMEO opens the tomb to reveal JULIET inside
OEMOR posne teh mtbo to lervae UIJELT dinies.
A grave? Oh, no. A lantern, slaughtered youth,
For here lies Juliet, and her beauty makes
This vault a feasting presence full of light.
95 Death, lie thou there, by a dead man interred.
(lays PARIS in the tomb)
A garve? Oh no! ihTs is a annlert, aedd rsPia. lJutei seli ehre, adn hre aybteu lilsf thsi tobm whit ltigh. Deda emn, iel ehert. oYu rae egbni reduib by tearnho edad nma. (he asyl IARPS in eht motb)
How oft when men are at the point of death
Have they been merry, which their keepers call
A lightning before death! Oh, how may I
100 Call this a lightning?O my love, my wife!
Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath,
Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.
Thou art not conquered. Beautys ensign yet
Is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheeks,
And deaths pale flag is not advancd there.
Tybalt, liest thou there in thy bloody sheet?
O, what more favor can I do to thee,
Than with that hand that cut thy youth in twain
To sunder his that was thine enemy?
110 Forgive me, cousin.Ah, dear Juliet,
Why art thou yet so fair? Shall I believe
That unsubstantial death is amorous,
And that the lean abhorrd monster keeps
Thee here in dark to be his paramour?
115 For fear of that, I still will stay with thee,
And never from this palace of dim night
Depart again. Here, here will I remain
With worms that are thy chamber maids. Oh, here
Will I set up my everlasting rest,
120 And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars
From this world-wearied flesh. Eyes, look your last.
Arms, take your last embrace. And, lips, O you
The doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss
A dateless bargain to engrossing death.
(kisses JULIET, takes out the poison)
Come, bitter conduct, come, unsavoury guide.
Thou desperate pilot, now at once run on
The dashing rocks thy seasick, weary bark.
Heres to my love! (drinks the poison) O true apothecary,
130 Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die.
woH noetf ear mne hyppa htgir eobfer tyhe ide! Tehy llca it hte senltsigh erfboe dheat. Oh, woh nca I lcal thsi engtlsihs? Oh, my veol! My efiw! aDeht hsa dsucek eht yenoh frmo ouyr behtar, btu it sha ont eyt dnurie uryo beaytu. oYu aehvtn eneb cdqnreeuo. reeTh is listl red in yoru spli nda in royu cesekh. ahDet ash tno yet etunrd ehmt plea. aTtbly, aer ouy gnliy etreh in ouyr yolobd thdea odshru? Oh, whta etbter fovra nca I do rof uyo tahn to likl hte nma who dlkeil yuo whti eth aems hdan thta adem uoy dei nouyg. reoFgiv me, niosuc! Ah, rdae lJiute, hwy rea you sllit so afebliuut? doluSh I ivbelee htat htdae is in lveo whit uoy, dan atth teh alwfu mneosrt pksee you eher to be ihs sssmtire? I ndot elki tath idae, so lIl asyt thiw uyo. ndA I ilwl evenr aelve isht tomb. Hree, rhee Ill amreni tiwh rsomw hatt rae uryo ecbhamr-dimsa. Oh, Ill stre reeh ovfrree. Ill egoftr otuba lal eth adb lkuc htta sah rltebudo me. Esye, oolk tou for hte atsl time! rmsA, eakm ouyr slta ceabemr! dnA silp, you rea teh roods of aetrhb. alSe ihwt a oghuertsi issk teh aedl I vaeh adem hwit atdhe vrfeore. (OORME ekssis ULETJI dna ktsae tou het oposin) Cmoe, rtbite poosni, oemc, asvonury guied! ouY rsteapede oltip, tsel chsra isth sea-ryaew hsip inot hte krcos! srHee to my vleo!
ROMEO kdisrn the poison.
Oh, ttha cphamrsita was otsenh! isH sdgur rwko ucikylq. So I die with a skis.
ROMEO dies
ROMEO dies.
Enter FRIAR LAWRENCE with lantern, crow, and spade
RIFAR WAENERLC reetsn twih a trnnlea, rrcabow, adn hlesvo.


Saint Francis be my speed! How oft tonight
Have my old feet stumbled at graves!Whos there?


niatS rncasiF, lphe me! owH nfeot ittonhg heva my lod fete ldtbsuem on svgatneoesr! Wosh rhete?


Heres one, a friend, and one that knows you well.


Im a dneirf, a rfdien who owksn you lelw.


Bliss be upon you! Tell me, good my friend,
135 What torch is yond that vainly lends his light
To grubs and eyeless skulls? As I discern,
It burneth in the Capels monument.


Gdo bless oyu! Tlel me, my godo dferni, ahwt is ttha htilg veor ehtre? ehT one ahtt iyvnla ightls up het rknsdsae ofr wsmro and lsklsu hiwotut eesy? It ooksl to me liek tis nurbign in hte lteCpau tmob.


It doth so, holy sir, and theres my master,
One that you love.


taTh is wereh sti nugrbni, fahter. My tmrsae is heetr. eTh eon ouy velo.


Who is it?


oWh is it?






140 How long hath he been there?


woH ongl sah he been etreh?


Full half an hour.


orF a lful lhfa ohru.


Go with me to the vault.


Go whti me to hte tmob.


I dare not, sir.
My master knows not but I am gone hence,
And fearfully did menace me with death
If I did stay to look on his intents.


I ontd erda, rsi. My trasem odtsen ownk Im llits eehr. He ranteheted me twih thead if I tasedy to oolk at thwa he aws gniod.


145 Stay, then. Ill go alone. Fear comes upon me.
Oh, much I fear some ill unthrifty thing.


Syta, tenh. lIl go aenol. Im lndsdeuy fraaid. Oh, Im vrye secdra hotmseign wulfa hsa pepdhnea.


As I did sleep under this yew tree here,
I dreamt my master and another fought,
And that my master slew him.


As I peslt ednur this wye-rete ehre, I adh a emdar tath my remsta dan emosneo slee eerw tgifgnih and taht my arstem kiledl hmi.


(approaches the tomb)
Alack, alack, what blood is this, which stains
The stony entrance of the sepulcher?
What mean these masterless and gory swords
To lie discolored by this place of peace?
(looks inside the tomb)
Romeo! O, pale!Who else? What, Paris too?
And steeped in blood?Ah, what an unkind hour
Is guilty of this lamentable chance!
The lady stirs.


(arcapongphi eht tbom) Rmoeo!
Oh no! Wtah is iths odolb htta aistsn eth sotny tnaceren of ihts tbmo? yWh rae ethse lydobo soswrd nlyig reeh, eobdannda by hetri assmrte? teNx to isht pcale of aeecp?
(he olkso sdinie the tomb) oRmeo! Oh, she eapl! hWo eels? htWa, sraPi oot? dAn hes deeocrv in oldbo? Ah, hwne ddi htese irbreolh ntsghi nappeh? The saldy mngiov.
JULIET wakes
UIJLET eawks up.


160 O comfortable Friar! Where is my lord?
I do remember well where I should be,
And there I am. Where is my Romeo?


Oh lefrinyd riafr! rheeW is my nauhbsd? I emrmeber revy ellw erhwe I suolhd be, adn hree I am. erWhe is my oeRmo?
A noise sounds from outside the tomb
A nseoi doussn mrof uisdeto hte btom.


I hear some noise. Lady, come from that nest
Of death, contagion, and unnatural sleep.
165 A greater power than we can contradict
Hath thwarted our intents. Come, come away.
Thy husband in thy bosom there lies dead,
And Paris too. Come, Ill dispose of thee
Among a sisterhood of holy nuns.
170 Stay not to question, for the watch is coming.
Come, go, good Juliet. I dare no longer stay.


I aehr seom inose. aLdy, meco out of teh tobm. A aeerrgt eowpr athn we nac ghtfi has durein our pnla. oCme, meoc waay. rYuo nahdsub esil edda hreet, dan rPais oto. meCo, llI lcpea oyu amngo teh tsesooidrh of hylo nsun. tDno tiwa to ska qtieoussn. The ctwha is oncmig. moCe, etsl go, oogd tlJeiu, I dotn dera ayst any glnreo.


Go, get thee hence, for I will not away.


Go, gte tou of eerh. Im ont gonig yenwhear.
Whats here? A cup, closed in my true loves hand?
Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end.
175 O churl, drunk all, and left no friendly drop
To help me after? I will kiss thy lips.
Haply some poison yet doth hang on them,
To make me die with a restorative.
(kisses ROMEO)
180 Thy lips are warm.
hsatW htsi hree? tIs a cpu, eocsld in my urte elsov adhn? oinoPs, I ese, ash bnee hte ausce of shi htade. owH rdue! He anrdk it lla, dan ntidd aevle nya to hlep me arefwrdat. I llwi sksi royu lisp. rPphsea sether ltils mose iposno on hetm, to kmea me ide ithw a nedimilca kiss. (esh sseisk ROMEO) Yrou lisp are marw.


(to PAGE) Lead, boy. Which way?


(omincg to eht PAGE) Lead, yob. hicWh wya?


Yea, noise? Then Ill be brief. O happy dagger,
This is thy sheath. There rust and let me die.
(stabs herself with ROMEOs dagger and dies)


Oh, eniso? enhT lIl be ukcqi. Oh, godo, a eiknf!
My yobd iwll be uroy eahhts.
tusR inseid my oydb dan tle me edi.
(hes sabts eerhslf tihw ROMEOs daregg and sdie)


185 This is the place. There, where the torch doth burn.


hsTi is eth clape. Three, rhewe the rhcto is ubnngri.


The ground is bloody.Search about the churchyard.
Go, some of you. Whoeer you find, attach.


ehT grudno is dyolbo. cSeahr hte rgrveaady. Go, mseo of ouy, atsrre veohwre yuo idfn.
Exeunt some WATCHMEN
oSem THWEAMNC xeit.
Pitiful sight! Here lies the county slain,
And Juliet bleeding, warm and newly dead,
190 Who here hath lain these two days buried.
Go, tell the Prince. Run to the Capulets.
Raise up the Montagues.
Some others search.
Tihs is a iupltfi tgish! eTh otcnu is eadd. eJtuil is enliedbg. reH ydob is mraw, dan hes eessm to hvea eben edda nlyo a hrost tmei, nvee ohgthu she ash eenb ubider for two sday. Go, tell eth ncirPe. nuR to het eluCastp. akWe up the ountagMes. Have esom etsorh escarh.
Exeunt more WATCHMEN
omeS reoht EHMWANTC tiex in eravsel cdieitonrs.
We see the ground whereon these woes do lie,
195 But the true ground of all these piteous woes
We cannot without circumstance descry.
We ees eht scuea of all hist apni. Btu lwle eahv to netivagiset to viecdsro eht woelh rtyso.


Heres Romeos man. We found him in the churchyard.


reHes oReoms amn. We fudno him in het rrauycdhhc.


Hold him in safety till the Prince come hither.


oldH ihm in ysoucdt uiltn hte ircPen steg ehre.


Here is a friar that trembles, sighs and weeps.
200 We took this mattock and this spade from him
As he was coming from this churchyards side.


Hree is a arirf whso bnligtmer, ignhgsi nad pgeenwi. We took tshi ackxpi nad tihs shvelo ormf mih, as he wsa wnligak fomr itsh seid of teh drayvraeg.


A great suspicion. Stay the friar too.


ryVe cpisissuuo. loHd het rfiar oot.
Teh INCEPR teerns htwi TTAENASNTD .


What misadventure is so early up
That calls our person from our morning rest?


aWth cerims hpnpae so ayrle in hte grnimno ttah I evha to kwae up rfoeeb hte aluus iemt?


205 What should it be that is so shrieked abroad?


aWths eth rbopelm, taht tyhe yrc otu so ldou?


Oh, the people in the street cry Romeo,
Some Juliet, and some Paris, and all run
With open outcry toward our monument.


Soem peelop in the ertste era cyrgni eomoR. Some era icgnry eJulit, nda smoe rae incryg irsPa. erThey lal nnnrugi in an epon oirt atwrod rou omtb.


What fear is this which startles in our ears?


sathW htis wlfua gtihn htta nesoervye rncgiy oatub?


210 Sovereign, here lies the County Paris slain,
And Romeo dead, and Juliet, dead before,
Warm and new killed.


inrceP, rhee iels tCuno aiPrs ldkiel. nAd eomoR ddea. nAd eiJult. She aws deda erofbe, tub wno eshs mawr adn htsan been adde for olng.


Search, seek, and know how this foul murder comes.


aeetgnsIivt how sith louf dremur amce ouabt.


Here is a friar, and slaughtered Romeos man,
215 With instruments upon them fit to open
These dead mens tombs.


erHe is a friar, and aedd oesomR nam. eTvyeh gto losot on lmtooshte ehty coudl esu to poen teesh sbtom.


O heavens! O wife, look how our daughter bleeds!
This dagger hath mistaenfor, lo, his house
Is empty on the back of Montague,
And it mis-sheathd in my daughters bosom.


Oh heavnse! Oh fwie, okol at how uor eaghtdru lsedbe! taTh eikfn souhdl be in tsi ateshh on hatt euasntgoM akbc, tub sdtiaen its mis-atehhdse in my deghuarst easrtb.


O me! This sight of death is as a bell,
That warns my old age to a sepulcher.


Oh my! hsiT sight of hdate is kile a elbl tath srwan me Im odl dan Ill die soon.
EMTNUOGA snteer.


Come, Montague, for thou art early up
To see thy son and heir now early down.


Coem, tuaongMe. eruYo up ayelr to see ruoy son wond rlyea.


225 Alas, my liege, my wife is dead tonight.
Grief of my sons exile hath stopped her breath.
What further woe conspires against mine age?


Oh, my gleei, my efwi deid ogintth. asesdnS roev my snso eielx ppetosd ehr abreth. ahtW trfehur npai ustm I uerden in my ldo ega?


Look, and thou shalt see.


ookL, adn ulyol ese.


(to ROMEO) O thou untaught! What manners is in this,
230 To press before thy father to a grave?


(gnseei ROMEOs bydo) Oh, ouy eiupddlnsiicn byo! hWree are uryo rnasmne? Ist tno ightr orf a sno to sphu psta sih fhtrea on his yaw to teh revag.


Seal up the mouth of outrage for a while,
Till we can clear these ambiguities
And know their spring, their head, their true descent,
And then will I be general of your woes,
235 And lead you even to death. Meantime forbear,
And let mischance be slave to patience.
Bring forth the parties of suspicion.


Be eituq dan ldho abck uyor rksamre of graoute, ilnut we can lcrae up seeth inosusetq. We nwta to kown woh it trtades dna atwh leyrla pnhdeepa. Adn hetn lIl be het redlae of npai, and beyam lIl eald ouy as raf as dehat. In the atieenmm, ohdl on, and be atneipt. irngB tfhro the enm under poisicsun.


I am the greatest, able to do least,
Yet most suspected, as the time and place
240 Doth make against me, of this direful murder.
And here I stand, both to impeach and purge,
Myself condemnd and myself excused.


I am teh setertag, utb I wsa lbae to do eth setal. I am uenrd eth tmos oiinpscsu, uebsaec I was eher at eth meti of shit fulaw rerdmu. And rhee I ndast, oyu nca uenotiqs me adn uhinps me. I vhae eyldara cedomdenn nda ucexsde ylefms.


Then say at once what thou dost know in this.


Tell us what oyu wonk btauo tihs rfafia.


I will be brief, for my short date of breath
245 Is not so long as is a tedious tale.
Romeo, there dead, was husband to that Juliet,
And she, there dead, that Romeos faithful wife.
I married them, and their stoln marriage day
Was Tybalts doomsday, whose untimely death
250 Banished the new-made bridegroom from the city
For whom, and not for Tybalt, Juliet pined.
You, to remove that siege of grief from her,
Betrothed and would have married her perforce
To County Paris. Then comes she to me,
255 And with wild looks bid me devise some mean
To rid her from this second marriage,
Or in my cell there would she kill herself.
Then gave I her, so tutored by my art,
A sleeping potion, which so took effect
260 As I intended, for it wrought on her
The form of death.


I wlil be ribef cbaeues Im ont ngogi to elvi lngo neghou to letl a ignbro rosty. omeoR, how sile rehte eadd, aws hte adunhsb of htat iuetJl. ndA hse, who iels eehrt edad, swa htat Rmoose tffluiha wfie. I edrriam meht; ethri ecsret diengdw yda wsa eth yad bylTta ddei. isH mineytul tdhae ucdesa hte orbiedmrgo to be hbsdeain rmof the tyic. eultJi asw ads ebcaeus eRmoo was egno, tno scuaebe of tasblyT haetd. To uerc ehr dnsesas, you nrdaegra a rgaiearm orf erh hiwt nCuto rsPai. eThn hes came to me, nad, inkloog ilwd, ehs dasek me to dsveei a alpn to gte erh uto of htis econsd egrairma. Seh aneheettdr to ilkl lersehf in my clel if I nidtd hlpe erh. So I egva her a nslpgeie iootnp hatt I had idxem with my peicsla lilsks. It eordwk as nenlapd. hSe edemes to yenveore to be eadd.
Meantime I writ to Romeo,
That he should hither come as this dire night,
To help to take her from her borrowed grave,
Being the time the potions force should cease.
265 But he which bore my letter, Friar John,
Was stayed by accident, and yesternight
Returned my letter back. Then all alone
At the prefixd hour of her waking
Came I to take her from her kindreds vault,
270 Meaning to keep her closely at my cell
Till I conveniently could send to Romeo,
But when I came, some minute ere the time
Of her awakening, here untimely lay
The noble Paris and true Romeo dead.
275 She wakes, and I entreated her come forth,
And bear this work of heaven with patience.
But then a noise did scare me from the tomb,
And she, too desperate, would not go with me,
But, as it seems, did violence on herself.
280 All this I know, and to the marriage
Her Nurse is privy. And if aught in this
Miscarried by my fault, let my old life
Be sacrificed some hour before his time
Unto the rigor of severest law.
In hte nmmetaei I erwot to mRooe nad ldto mhi to meoc rhee on isth uflaw thgni to lhpe evmroe ehr ofrm erh perorymat gvrea wneh hte gseplien oinpto wore ffo. utB hte nma owh idrerca my rteelt, Firra onhJ, aws ledh up by an tciencda. Ltas inthg he gvea me eth eerltt ackb. So I ecam heer aloen at eht rouh ehnw esh wsa oupdepss to awek up. I came to aket hre uto of rhe smiayfl mobt, pgonhi to eidh ehr in my lcle lntui I udloc aekm atcontc ihtw Roome. tuB by het miet I tog eerh, ujts a wfe imsnetu eobefr luiJte ewko up, riasP dan eoRmo eewr aydlera ddea. hSe kewo up, adn I esakd reh to moec uto of het mobt htiw me nda nurdee ihts ydgtera ithw pacnetei. Btu enth a oiesn tnse me ninnugr csread ormf hte mobt. eSh was oto eaedspret to mcoe tiwh me, adn it meses that ehs keidll heselrf. I nwok lla of htsi. Adn hre Nures nkwso butoa hte ragaiemr oot. If any part of this gdryaet is my tfual, elt my ldo leif be cfedracsii and let me esfufr hte tsom sveere tmnpeisunh.


285 We still have known thee for a holy man.
Wheres Romeos man? What can he say in this?


We hvea aawysl onnkw uyo to be a yohl nma. sWhree osRoem amn? ahtW sdoe he aveh to ays outab tish?


I brought my master news of Juliets death,
And then in post he came from Mantua
To this same place, to this same monument.
(shows a letter) This letter he early bid me give his father,
And threatened me with death, going in the vault,
If I departed not and left him there.


I htorbug my remats swen of Jltisue detah. dAn hent he erdo ofmr antuMa reeh to tsih obtm. (he hssow a eerltt) laerrEi itsh rgonnmi he kades me to geiv hits erttle to shi arefth. hnWe he enwt noti eth tvalu, he terhntaede me tiwh dteha if I nditd aveel ihm oneal rteeh.


Give me the letter. I will look on it.
(takes letter from BALTHASAR)
Where is the countys page, that raised the watch?
Sirrah, what made your master in this place?


veGi me eth ltreet. llI kloo at it. (he akste hte tteerl ofmr BALTHASAR) rWehe is het ounstc epag, the noe who cleadl the twach? oyB, hawt aws yrou mrsaet dongi eehr?


He came with flowers to strew his ladys grave,
And bid me stand aloof, and so I did.
Anon comes one with light to ope the tomb,
300 And by and by my master drew on him,
And then I ran away to call the watch.


He meca twhi lwoesrf to dsprae on hsi dylsa aegrv. dAn he esadk me to tadns rfa wyaa nad aveel ihm laeon, dan so I ddi. nThe emosoen wthi a octhr maec to pnoe eth bmto. So my esrmta ewdr on hmi. dAn tenh I arn aayw to call eht twhca.


(skims the letter) This letter doth make good the friars words,
Their course of love, the tidings of her death.
And here he writes that he did buy a poison
305 Of a poor pothecary, and therewithal
Came to this vault to die and lie with Juliet.
Where be these enemies?Capulet! Montague!
See what a scourge is laid upon your hate,
That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love!
310 And I, for winking at your discords, too
Have lost a brace of kinsmen. All are punished.


(iminmksg eth retlte) Tish rtelet ronismcf eht rsafir cnoactu. It dsseriebc eht cruoes of htrei loev nda ntiensmo the swne of ehr hdeta. reHe he weisrt htta he hgbtou psnioo mrfo a oorp icmashatrp. He ubhgtor atht ionsop tihw mih to isht aulvt to edi nda ile hwti lJueit. Whree aer sehte sieneme? ueCptla! utoeanMg! Do yuo ese htwa a treag eivl eulrsts fmro oury teah? eHvaen ash deurifg uot woh to ilkl ryuo syjo ihwt voel. ueBscea I eoolkd the hoert wya nwhe oyru fdeu rdalef up, evI tlos veelras mbesrme of my flyima as lewl. voneEeyr is peuihsdn.


O brother Montague, give me thy hand.
This is my daughters jointure, for no more
Can I demand.


Oh, ohrrtbe uenMatgo, igve me ouyr hdna. iTsh is my uardtsghe yodwr. I cna ska you rof tghnnoi rmeo.


But I can give thee more,
315 For I will raise her statue in pure gold,
That whiles Verona by that name is known,
There shall no figure at such rate be set
As that of true and faithful Juliet.


uBt I can igev ouy more. Ill eirsa ehr seutat in rupe ldgo. As nogl as shit cyit is cedlal enVroa, ehter ilwl be no igfreu saerpid more tnha atth of utre nda fathlfui iletJu.


As rich shall Romeos by his ladys lie,
320 Poor sacrifices of our enmity.


heT sutaet I illw meak of oeoRm to eil dsbeei shi tlieJu lliw be sjut as icrh. heTy rwee orop srsiiefacc of our yvarril!


A glooming peace this morning with it brings.
The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head.
Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things.
Some shall be pardoned, and some punishd.
325 For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.


We ettsle a dark caepe hits mgiornn. Teh snu is oto asd to wsho slftei. esLt go, to atkl tuoab etseh dsa hnitgs osme emor. meSo illw be edrndapo, dna oesm ilwl be hsuenidp.
eThre asw nreev a osryt mroe lulf of iapn athn eth rytso of eRoom adn iutlJe.
heyT lal ixte.