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Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare

  Act 3 Scene 4

page Act 3 Scene 4 Page 2

Original Text

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30My lord, I would that Thursday were tomorrow.


My lord, I wish Thursday were tomorrow.


Well get you gone. O' Thursday be it, then.—
Go you to Juliet ere you go to bed.
Prepare her, wife, against this wedding day.—
Farewell, my lord.—Light to my chamber, ho!
35Afore me! It is so very late,
That we may call it early by and by.—
Good night.


Well go on home. Thursday it is, then. (to LADY CAPULET) Visit Juliet before you go to bed. Get her ready, my wife, for this wedding day. (to PARIS) Farewell, my lord. Now I’m off to bed. Oh my! It’s so late that we might as well call it early. Good night.
They all exit.