Romeo and Juliet

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Ay, sir, but she will none, she gives you thanks.
140I would the fool were married to her grave!
Yes, sir, I told her. But she won’t agree. She says thank you but refuses. I wish the fool were dead and married to her grave!
Soft, take me with you, take me with you, wife.
How, will she none? Doth she not give us thanks?
Is she not proud? Doth she not count her blessed,
Unworthy as she is, that we have wrought
145So worthy a gentleman to be her bride?
Wait! Hold on, wife. I don’t understand. How can this be? She refuses? Isn’t she grateful? Isn’t she proud of such a match? Doesn’t she realize what a blessing this is? Doesn’t she realize how unworthy she is of the gentleman we have found to be her bridegroom?
Not proud you have, but thankful that you have.
Proud can I never be of what I hate,
But thankful even for hate that is meant love.
I am not proud of what you have found for me. But I am thankful that you have found it. I can never be proud of what I hate. But I can be thankful for something I hate, if it was meant with love.
How, how, how, how? Chopped logic! What is this?
150“Proud,” and “I thank you,” and “I thank you not,”
And yet “not proud”? Mistress minion you,
Thank me no thankings, nor proud me no prouds,
But fettle your fine joints 'gainst Thursday next
To go with Paris to Saint Peter’s Church,
155Or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither.
Out, you green sickness, carrion! Out, you baggage!
You tallow face!
What is this? What is this fuzzy logic? What is this? I hear you say “proud” and “I thank you,” and then “no thank you” and “not proud,” you spoiled little girl. You’re not really giving me any thanks or showing me any pride. But get yourself ready for Thursday. You’re going to Saint Peter’s Church to marry Paris. And if you don’t go on your own, I’ll drag you there. You disgust me, you little bug! You worthless girl! You pale face!
   Fie, fie! What, are you mad?
Shame on you! What, are you crazy?
Good Father, I beseech you on my knees,
Hear me with patience but to speak a word.
Good father, I’m begging you on my knees, be patient and listen to me say just one thing.