Romeo and Juliet

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

It fits when such a villain is a guest.
75I’ll not endure him.
It’s the right way to act when a villain like him shows up. I won’t tolerate him.
   He shall be endured.
What, goodman boy! I say, he shall. Go to.
Am I the master here, or you? Go to.
You’ll not endure him! God shall mend my soul,
You’ll make a mutiny among my guests.
80You will set cock-a-hoop. You’ll be the man!
You will tolerate him. What, little man? I say you will. What the—Am I the boss here or you? What the—You won’t tolerate him! God help me! You’ll start a riot among my guests! There will be chaos! It will be your fault, you’ll be the rabble-rouser!
Why, uncle, ’tis a shame.
But, uncle, we’re being disrespected.
     Go to, go to.
You are a saucy boy. Is ’t so, indeed?
This trick may chance to scathe you, I know what.
You must contrary me. Marry, ’tis time.—
85Well said, my hearts!—You are a princox, go.
Be quiet, or—More light, more light!—For shame!
I’ll make you quiet.—What, cheerly, my hearts!
Go on, go on. You’re an insolent little boy. Is that how it is, really? This stupidity will come back to bite you. I know what I’ll do. You have to contradict me, do you? I’ll teach you a lesson. (to the GUESTS) Well done, my dear guests! (to TYBALT) You’re a punk, get away. Keep your mouth shut, or else— (to SERVINGMEN) more light, more light! (to TYBALT) You should be ashamed. ’ll shut you up. (to the guests) Keep having fun, my dear friends!
Music plays again, and the guests dance
The music plays again, and the guests dance
Patience perforce with willful choler meeting
Makes my flesh tremble in their different greeting.
90I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall
Now seeming sweet, convert to bitterest gall.
The combination of forced patience and pure rage is making my body tremble. I’ll leave here now, but Romeo’s prank, which seems so sweet to him now, will turn bitter to him later.
TYBALT exits.