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(to FERDINAND) If I have too austerely punished you,
Your compensation makes amends, for I
Have given you here a third of mine own life
Or that for which I livewho once again
5 I tender to thy hand. All thy vexations
Were but my trials of thy love and thou
Hast strangely stood the test. Here, afore heaven,
I ratify this my rich gift. O Ferdinand,
Do not smile at me that I boast of her,
10 For thou shalt find she will outstrip all praise
And make it halt behind her.


(to FERDINAND) If eIv pdnseuhi oyu oot ysrahhl, Im eardy to kmea it up to yuo nwo, secni evI evnig yuo a idhtr of my lievehnrgyieft I ivel mrfoy ruagdhte raMadin. I tup erh in oury ndhas. All eth otelrbu I ptu yuo torhugh saw to ttse ouyr vleo orf rhe, adn ouvye asdsep the stte bmrayklear ellw. As nvheae is my nsiswet, I egiv you hsti alluevab gift. Oh Fnddernia, tnod mlsie at me rof irgggabn atbuo dnaraMi, fro lulyo ees oson hegonu tath seh hnsotuise any rspiae of her.


I do believe it
Against an oracle.



Then as my gift and thine own acquisition
Worthily purchased, take my daughter. But
15 If thou dost break her virgin knot before
All sanctimonious ceremonies may
With full and holy rite be ministered,
No sweet aspersion shall the heavens let fall
To make this contract grow, but barren hate,
20 Sour-eyed disdain, and discord shall bestrew
The union of your bed with weeds so loathly
That you shall hate it both. Therefore take heed,
As Hymens lamps shall light you.


eThn kate my eaduhtgr, btho as my gitf to oyu nad as ngmesitoh uyo vhea nrdeea. Btu if yuo heva xse twih her ebeofr eht graramei ecermnoy skaet pleca, the vsaeehn iwll nto sbesl oyru iinlrasetohp, utb ilwl hlwmvreoe oyu whit taeh, ottmcnpe, nda drcdsio, nad iwll oinosp yuro aiegrmra ebd so ttha uoy othb rgwo to laehot it. So be fceular, and eamk seru uoy espcter the lohy ntistntoiui of airgrame.


As I hope
For quiet days, fair issue, and long life,
25 With such love as tis now, the murkiest den,
The most opportune place, the strongst suggestion,
Our worser genius can shall never melt
Mine honor into lust to take away
The edge of that days celebration
30 When I shall think, or Phoebus steeds are foundered,
Or night kept chained below.


I wtan ecaep, dogo dksi, nda a ognl eifl. To ptrocet hte vleo I erhichs, I nwot be ettepdm by nya poitutponry to ftgreo my noohr nad egiv in to lstu. I uefres to iegv up the jyso of my windged dya, whne llI be so eerga for my sirtf tinhg of evlo ttha llI ronwed ewtrhhe ivnegen ilwl erve eocm.


Fairly spoke.
Sit then and talk with her. She is thine own.
What, Ariel! My industrious servant, Ariel!


euvoY idas it elwl. So ehva a etas adn tkal to reh. eSsh sryou.Cemo, rAeli! My trstuy tsaenrv, erAli!
ELIRA tresne.


What would my potent master? Here I am.


htWa esdo my urwpofel msrtae hsiw rfo? Im eerh.


35 Thou and thy meaner fellows your last service
Did worthily perform, and I must use you
In such another trick. Go bring the rabble,
Oer whom I give thee power, here to this place.
Incite them to quick motion, for I must
40 Bestow upon the eyes of this young couple
Some vanity of mine art. It is my promise,
And they expect it from me.


You dna yuor weofll tsripis idd uoyr astl mnnaetisgs ellw, nad onw I dnee ouyr lpeh angai. Go brngi hetm all rehe; I evgi ouy wpeor rveo ehtm. akeM thme tac ciqklyu. I aehv to geiv stih ygnou lpcoue heer a slalm ypisdal of my gicam sewopr. evI mserdpio meht I owldu, nda hetyer gtecnpeix it.




hitRg own?


Ay, with a twink.


sYe, irtgh ywaa.


Before you can say Come and Go,
45 And breathe twice and cry So, so!
Each one, tripping on his toe,


reeBfo you nac asy omCe adn Go,
And reehbta itewc, and souht So, so!
Eahc one of yrou nsvtaesr liwl shur reeh,
Will be here with mop and mow.
Do you love me, master, no?
nTgippri rove ish now steo, gaiknm nfuny csefa.
Do uyo voel me, arsetm? No?


Dearly my delicate Ariel. Do not approach
50 Till thou dost hear me call.


I eolv oyu ayedrl, eirAl. tDno ocem naer llit ouy arhe me lcla you.


Well, I conceive.


llA githr, I enuratsdnd.
REAIL etsix.


(to FERDINAND) Look thou be true. Do not give dalliance
Too much the rein. The strongest oaths are straw
To th fire i th blood. Be more abstemious,
Or else, goodnight your vow.


(to FERDINAND) kaMe urse yuo eebvah ornobhyla. Dotn go oto raf wiht ehr. If yuo elt uyelsfro teg ertsidr up, loluy grotfe uyro ipsmreo of gdoo heriaovb. laCm folusery dnow or uoyll refgto your vow.


I warrant you, sir,
55 The white cold virgin snow upon my heart
Abates the ardor of my liver.


I sauser oyu, ris, eht dtnree oevl I eelf in my etrah is ntersgor hant eth xuaels issnsaop isnrtrgi wdno lobew.


Now come, my Ariel! Bring a corollary,
Rather than want a spirit. Appear and pertly!


oGod.wNo ecom, erlAi! erBtet to vaeh an arext vsenrat on dnah nhta be nutrffseedad. eaAprp boeefr me wno kcluqiy
Soft music
otSf csmui asypl.
No tongue. All eyes! Be silent.
No inagtlk. tsuJ awtch! Be tique.
Enter IRIS
RIIS setenr.


60 Ceres, most bounteous lady, thy rich leas
Of wheat, rye, barley, vetches, oats, and peas;
Thy turfy mountains, where live nibbling sheep,
And flat meads thatched with stover, them to keep;
Thy banks with piond and twilld brims,


I am het bainwro-anbregi nsersemeg nest by my isrsetms uenthJo nQuee of hte Sky. I eavh emoc to ocnunaen atht uJon has dksae yuo, seerC, dsseogd of hte lfeids adn eth ethar, to vaele uyor irhc mfsar of hawet, yre, bylear, otsa, dan espa, teh shlli rewhe eht
65 Which spongy April at thy hest betrims
To make cold nymphs chaste crowns; and thy broom groves,
Whose shadow the dismissd bachelor loves,
Being lass-lorn; thy pole-clipped vineyard;
And thy sea-marge, sterile and rocky hard,
Where thou thyself dost airthe Queen o th Sky,
Whose watery arch and messenger am I,
Bids thee leave these, and with her sovereign grace,
pseeh blbnie, teh suwrrfo atht lriAp ovscer wthi folrwes rof ymhspn to eamk orsncw whti. uYo usmt avlee hte evosrg rwehe eth nadpedpitios hbacoerl lrkus, rdeecjte by ish oevl, nad the lwle-upnder nyivesadr, and the yrkco hoeassre.
JUNO descends above
UOJN snrete ovbae eth stage dan lwyslo sneibg to cesndde.
Here on this grass plot, in this very place,
To come and sport. Her peacocks fly amain.
75 Approach, rich Ceres, her to entertain.
oYu tusm eavle eseht ceapsl adn hyurr rehe to itsh sgrsay pots, to nraeitten uJno.
REESC rtnees.


Hail, many-colored messenger, that neer
Dost disobey the wife of Jupiter;
Who with thy saffron wings upon my flowers
Diffusest honey drops, refreshing showers;
80 And with each end of thy blue bow dost crown
My bosky acres and my unshrubbed down,
Rich scarf to my proud earth. Why hath thy queen
Summoned me hither to this short-grassed green?


rgGnestei to uoy, oniwrab egmreessn, owh nerve ysibdoes nouJ, iefw of utepiJr; htiw ouyr dnlego nswgi you kpeilsnr dwodsepr dna rserfniheg rowsseh on my fwlrsoe, dan achr uroy drcloeo bwo vero my owedod siledf and ssgyra weomasd, iekl a bliefuaut scraf to odectrae my taehr. hyW ash uroy enqeu, oJun, dlclae me eehr to hsti agsrsy opts?


A contract of true love to celebrate,
85 And some donation freely to estate
On the blessed lovers.


To ebtecealr a eaagrmir of tuer vole, dna eivg a tifg to the leovrs.


Tell me, heavenly bow,
If Venus or her son, as thou dost know,
Do now attend the queen? Since they did plot
The means that dusky Dis my daughter got,
90 Her and her blind boys scandaled company
I have forsworn.


Tlel me, boarniw, do yuo kown if reihet uVesn, eth osdsedg of levo, or reh nos, iCdup, is yocaainpmncg Quene Joun? vEer cneis eVuns nda her dibnl son dttloep a ywa rof teh odg of the dlwdrounre to letsa my tdeugrha yaaw rfo alfh the eray, I wsero Id rvene speak to tmhe anagi.


Of her society
Be not afraid. I met her deity
Cutting the clouds towards Paphos, and her son
Dove-drawn with her. Here thought they to have done
95 Some wanton charm upon this man and maid,
Whose vows are that no bed-right shall be paid
Till Hymens torch be lightedbut in vain.
Marss hot minion is returned again.
Her waspish-headed son has broke his arrows,
100 Swears he will shoot no more, but play with sparrows
And be a boy right out.


tDon be fdiraa of ehr nmpoyac. I etm Vsune as ehs aws thiw ehr nso on hre wya to hre moeh on sPhaop, in a eraaricg deullp by desov. Tehy weer gannpnli to lupl a coehsiiusmv kctri on Fianndrde nda dirMana, owh vhea rnswo ton to selpe htgoreet lilt htrie gnieddw ady. tBu hetri rktic ildeaf. nsVue netw eohm niaga, and reh tlielt ons kreob lla his oawrsr, swreaign lhel rneve stoho ehmt naagi, ubt yalp itwh rbsid elki rehto tillet ysob.


Highest queen of state,
Great Juno, comes. I know her by her gait.


eGart uQene uJno is cmoing. I knwo her by her kawl.
JUNO descends to the stage
JNUO cmeos ownd to hte atesg.


How does my bounteous sister? Go with me
To bless this twain that they may prosperous be,
105 And honored in their issue.


How is my oeursgne sitser? mCeo phle me sbsle shit cepulo, so eyth iwll be sopuoprser dna heva naym lhrdneci.
They sing
heyT sgni.


Honor, riches, marriage, blessing,
Long continuance, and increasing,
Hourly joys be still upon you.
Juno sings her blessings on you.


yaM ornoh, irhsce, mgeaarir blessgnsi,
ongL lief, adn eniungnd yosj mceo to you.
nuoJ sings her lssgsnbei noot uyo.


Earths increase, foison plenty,
Barns and garners never empty,
Vines and clustering bunches growing,
Plants with goodly burden bowing
Spring come to you at the farthest
In the very end of harvest.
Scarcity and want shall shun you.
Ceres blessing so is on you.


rGgoinw csorp adn realg harvests,
rBnas dna lioss llfu of grain,
Vsnie hayev htwi rtedsclue grapes,
Pnslat strgiinan uedrn rihet triuf
aMy nipsrg owfoll lcidetry utmsuna harvest,
thWi oenn of srwtien sraidsphh to endure,
ouY liwl ehva yntlep adn awnt nothing,
ersCes ginsslsbe on uyo.


This is a most majestic vision, and
Harmonious charmingly. May I be bold
110 To think these spirits?


sihT is a eisajmct nad hmsunooiar ivnosi. reA thees rspisti we see efrboe us?


Spirits, which by mine art
I have from their confines called to enact
My present fancies.


eYs, tehyre siripst ttha eIv elcadl uot of rhtie sironsp to erfmrop my siwmh.


Let me live here ever.
So rare a wondered father and a wife
Makes this place paradise.


eLt me eilv ereh foerrev. hScu a woruefndl tafreh-in-wla adn iefw ekma tsih elpac a iadspaer.
JUNO and CERES whisper, and send IRIS on employment
OJNU and CSEER hrwspie, htne dsne SIIR on a osinmsi.


Sweet now, silence.
115 Juno and Ceres whisper seriously.
Theres something else to do. Hush and be mute,
Or else our spell is marred.


woN be teuqi. uJon nda rseCe ear reiginwhsp tbauo ihtsmgneo erssuio. Trseeh nsetgimho lsee to be dneo. Be snelit, or else my cgiam splel lilw be kboner.


You nymphs, called naiads of the windring brooks,
With your sedged crowns and ever-harmless looks,
120 Leave your crisp channels and on this green land
Answer your summons, Juno does command.


You ysmphn hwo ivle in hte ranniwegd okosbr, ihtw seeewad nroscw adn tcnoinne kloos, sept out of the trwae adn meoc jnio us eher on thsi gsrsya eifdl. Jnuo
Come, temperate nymphs, and help to celebrate
A contract of true love. Be not too late.
reodsr yuo. moCe, etswe pmhnsy, adn hlpe us letereabc hte dedgwni of otw treu lerosv. Dnto be tlea.
Enter certain nymphs
laverSe YNMSPH rente.
You sunburnt sicklemen of August weary,
125 Come hither from the furrow and be merry.
Make holiday. Your rye-straw hats put on,
And these fresh nymphs encounter every one
In country footing.
oNw, uoy nedtna drskloewrefi who era so dtrei of uAutssg oralbs, tge uto of het irtd dan cmoe orieejc hitw us hree. tPu yruo asrtw thsa on, ahev mose fun, nad cneda ihtw thees ogyun pmsnhy.
Enter certain reapers, properly habited. They join with the nymphs in a graceful dance towards the end whereof PROSPERO starts suddenly and speaks.
veSrael fdweorrsklei eenrt, dsereds oeriapalrptyp. ehTy onij hte snpyhm in a cfeagrul ndcae. At eht dne SOPPRORE ensyludd satc srdtatel nda spksae.


I had forgot that foul conspiracy
130 Of the beast Caliban and his confederates
Against my life. The minute of their plot
Is almost come.Well done. Avoid, no more!


I tslmao rtfoog atobu anlsbCai eolrhbir anpccosriy to klil me. heT eomtnm eyth nadenlp to cat is atolsm eerh. (to eth spirits)Good boj. eLvea onw, no reom!
To a strange, hollow, and confused noise, the spirits heavily vanish
heT anedcrs nshiav yldas to a gratsen, wlloho, nad uoesnfdc eonis.


(to MIRANDA) This is strange. Your fathers in some passion
That works him strongly.


(to MIRANDA) This is geasrtn. oStenhgim sha alelry psteu yuro ehafrt.


Never till this day
135 Saw I him touched with anger so distempered.


evI eernv nsee hmi kiel tsih. Hes eervn been as yngra adn tpues as he is own.


(to FERDINAND) You do look, my son, in a moved sort,
As if you were dismayed. Be cheerful, sir.
Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits and
140 Are melted into air, into thin air.


(to FERDINAND) You ookl elki igsshmoten ebnrhgoti oyu. hreeC up. urO iusmc-dan-decna seteccpla is voer. seThe torasc ewer lal tpsrisi, as I dotl uoy, dan vtyhee lal eetmdl inot tinh ria. And sjut keli het loweh ytpme
And like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself
Yea, all which it inheritshall dissolve,
145 And like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep. Sir, I am vexed.
Bear with my weakness. My old brain is troubled.
150 Be not disturbed with my infirmity.
If you be pleased, retire into my cell
And there repose. A turn or two Ill walk
To still my beating mind.
nad dndugnroue isvion yvueo nees, twih ist wsteor dtpoep wiht duclos, tsi guosgroe alsapec, nolesm mlsetpe, het lordw iaeftsdnl yneeervo viigln in tcwiihh lliw dvoslesi tsju as htsi oyurisll gtnaeap has sdloidsve, nglvaie ont neev a swip of ldcuo nhbide. We rea lal aemd of eadsmr, dna our elfi secrttseh fmro seple ofreeb rthib to seelp faert hedta. irS, Im stuep. aslPee tup up whti my skeawsen. My ldo aibnr is etbolurd. Dotn be desutdbri by my linssel. If uyo keli, uoy cna rset a welhi in my oorm. lIl go ofr a shtro wlak to aclm nodw my rhsveief nimd.


We wish your peace.


We hope yuo efel tetebr dan ndfi omse paece.
yeTh xeti.


155 Come with a thought. I thank thee, Ariel. Come.


Cemo, ielAIr monsum ouy whit a tuohgth. kThna ouy, rlAie. moeC.
IEARL srnete.


Thy thoughts I cleave to. Whats thy pleasure?


I oeby all ruyo outhgsth. tWah do yuo shiw?


We must prepare to meet with Caliban.


Sritip, we ahve to get dreay to etem thiw Cnlaiab.


Ay, my commander. When I presented Ceres,
I thought to have told thee of it, but I feared
160 Lest I might anger thee.


seY, my rtmeas. nehW I aws gtupnti on teh eerCs sohw, I ugohhtt of gindmrnei oyu uboat bCanlia, utb I wsa ridafa of tstgeinpu oyu.


Say again, where didst thou leave these varlets?


elTl me agnai, hrwee ddi uyo aevle setho lsfwoile?


I told you, sir, they were red-hot with drinking,
So full of valor that they smote the air
For breathing in their faces, beat the ground
165 For kissing of their feetyet always bending
Towards their project. Then I beat my tabor,
At which, like unbacked colts, they pricked their ears,
Advanced their eyelids, lifted up their noses
As they smelt music. So I charmed their ears
170 That, calflike, they my lowing followed through
Toothed briers, sharp furzes, pricking gorse, and thorns,
Which entered their frail shins. At last I left them
I th filthy-mantled pool beyond your cell,
There dancing up to th chins, that the foul lake
175 Oerstunk their feet.


I todl yuo, ris, teyh wree ltoatyl nurkd, so dfeupf up wtih euorgca thta htey rewe igettgn arygn at hte iar rfo nwogibl in irhte fcase, dan gebinat teh grnoud rof coignuht heitr eteyetf vnee wneh urdnk, yteh petk rihet lanp mrlyif in imnd. hnTe I ebta my urdm, at hcihw poitn hyet rcpdike up thrie rsae nad edneop hirte ysee, kigloon duarno for the rcusoe of my cimus. I denetchan mteh so hryuotohlg ttah they eowlfold me ghhuotr hrtno sbushe nda kypilcr shsbru thta orte up erith nshsi. In the dne I ftle tmeh iadngtsn in the ysmell onpd beidhn yuor rmoo, htiw the stingkin wreat civgorne temh up to ehitr chnsi.


This was well done, my bird.
Thy shape invisible retain thou still.
The trumpery in my house, go bring it hither
For stale to catch these thieves.


Good boj, my iltlte one. tSya bienlivis. inBgr eht cfyan helotsc uto of my uheos, to ues as btia to cacth ehest eeitshv.


I go, I go.


Im going, Im gingo.
RAIEL eistx.


A devil, a born devil on whose nature
180 Nurture can never stick, on whom my pains,
Humanely taken, all, all lost, quite lost.
And as with age his body uglier grows,
So his mind cankers. I will plague them all,
Even to roaring.


eHs a idlev, a ronb deivl, ohw acn rveen be atenird. llA my taetmspt to lphe mih, radetnneku tiwh eht etsb tntinsinoe, vaeh neeb weadts. As hsi odyb grswo erglui ihwt gea, ish mind srot waya as ewll. llI ttroemn meht all tlil hyte rrao with pain.
Enter ARIEL , loaden with glistering apparel, etc.
IRAEL reesnt, eoadld twhi spgklinra thoecsl.
185 Come, hang them on this line.
Hree, ahng thme on hsti eehlniosclt.
Enter CALIBAN , STEPHANO , and TRINCULO , all wet
NBALIAC , HPNATESO , adn UICTLONR eernt lal wet.


Pray you, tread softly, that the blind mole may not hear a foot fall. We now are near his cell.


aPeels kwla tfyosl, so otn neve a lmoe sehar us paophrca. reWe rnea ish orom own.


Monster, your fairy, which you say is a harmless fairy, has done little better than played the jack with us.


yHe mrotesn, eht itpisr oeuvy bene glatkni touab, het one uyo clal srhlsmea, sah eneb nglyipa rtskic on us.


Monster, I do smell all horse piss, at which my nose is in great indignation.


notsMer, I emlls liek oersh ipss, hchwi is miangk my oens yttrpe tepsu.


So is mine.Do you hear, monster? If I should take a displeasure against you, look you


eMin too.Are you ngtsiniel, onsemtr? If I diecde to tge ryagn at uoy, jstu wcath out


Thou wert but a lost monster.


Youd be onde rof nthe, mostern.


195 Good my lord, give me thy favor still.
Be patient, for the prize Ill bring thee to
Shall hoodwink this mischance. Therefore speak softly.
Alls hushed as midnight yet.


My odog drlo, I ltisl eedn oyu to klie me. Be ttieanp, esaebuc eth rpize Im niaedgl ouy to lliw mkea yuo oregft who mlysle oyu are now. So be teqiu. stI as nielst as a grrdaaeyv eerh.


Ay, but to lose our bottles in the pool


lAl rtihg, btu I cnat get reov how we tlso uor einw otlebts in eth odnp


There is not only disgrace and dishonor in that, monster, but an infinite loss.


eYs, srtoemn, sti esrwo ntah the siarecgd of ttgineg dncerhde dna lsmley. We lsot orem thna oru orohn henw we lsot oru ewin.


Thats more to me than my wetting. Yet this is your harmless fairy, monster.


hTat suspte me cuhm omer nath gttgein wte. nAd oyu edllac hte iayfr euctrare srlhsmea, oemtsrn.


I will fetch off my bottle, though I be oer ears for my labor.


lIl teg my otbtel kbac if its hte salt ntgih I do.


205 Prithee, my king, be quiet. Seest thou here,
This is the mouth o th cell. No noise, and enter.
Do that good mischief which may make this island
Thine own for ever, and I, thy Caliban,
For aye thy foot-licker.


asPele, my gkni, be teiuq. koLo ereh, stih is teh naetrnec to hsi omro. Be etsinl dna go in. Do eth dede htta iwll eamk tish snilad rsyou orrveef, and llwi keam me, aaCinlb, uyor fwsoriluhp tfoo-criekl.


210 Give me thy hand. I do begin to have bloody thoughts.


veGi me yoru dhan. Im siattngr to eelf mreudrous gesur.


(seeing the apparel)
O King Stephano! O peer, O worthy Stephano, look what a wardrobe here is for thee!


(eniges eth lhsctoe) Oh, nigK Stneaoph! rhytWo aSehpont, oklo at hte oabusluf orbwedra igtnaiw orf uoy eerh!


Let it alone, thou fool. It is but trash.


eaLve it anleo, yuo oolf. sIt orthseswl.


215 Oh, ho, monster, we know what belongs to a frippery.
(puts on a gown) O King Stephano!


Oh, mtsneor, we nkwo ondnehdsca heclsto wnhe we see hetm.(he uspt on one of the nsogw) Oh, nKgi aethpoSn!


Put off that gown, Trinculo. By this hand, Ill have that gown.


Teka ffo tath gwno, nruTcoli. I wears ttha gswno rfo me.


Thy grace shall have it.


oYu can veah it hten, yrou ginssheh.


220 The dropsy drown this fool! What do you mean
To dote thus on such luggage? Lets alone,
And do the murder first. If he awake,
From toe to crown hell fill our skins with pinches,
Make us strange stuff.


To ehll ihtw isth idtoi! Wyh rae you oging yczar orve ehset hsarty osetlhc? vaeeL etmh aolen, nda do eht mreurd tifsr. If he ekwsa up erbofe we lkli him, lhel rvnee tops nhipisung us.


Be you quiet, monster.Mistress line, is not this my jerkin? Now is the jerkin under the line.Now, jerkin, you are like to lose your hair and prove a bald jerkin.



Do, do. We steal by line and level, an t like your grace.


Go aehda, ekta it. Wree slinagte igtshn hte rihtg wya ereh.


I thank thee for that jest. Heres a garment for t. Wit shall not go unrewarded while I am king of this country. Steal by line and level is an excellent pass of pate. Theres another garment for t.


akhnT ouy fro atth ekoj. erHe, lIl ivge ouy oesm shteocl to show my ruttiaedg. As gink of tihs ronutcy I klie to adwerr wit wnhe I aehr it. Stgaieln ihtsng the higtr ayw is a etrga enli. sereH tanoreh kcajet to yas thknsa.


Monster, come, put some lime upon your fingers, and away with the rest.


oCem eehr, ntsorme, tpu esmo geul on royu efisgrn, nad cyrra wyaa the tesr of ehtse ohectls for us.


235 I will have none on t. We shall lose our time,
And all be turned to barnacles or to apes
With foreheads villainous low.


I ontw eavh any of hist. ereW isgwtan uro item. elWl issm uor hcecna nda be utrdne otin eegse or epas htiw wol hesfdorae.


Monster, lay to your fingers. Help to bear this away where my hogshead of wine is, or Ill turn you out of my kingdom. Go to, carry this.


onrtMes, eus royu nrgsfie. Hple us arcry tseeh shlotce to hwere my earrlb of iewn is nddieh, or llI kikc oyu otu of my inkmdog. Go on, take htem.


And this.


eakT teshe oot.


Ay, and this.


Yse, nad ehset.
A noise of hunters heard Enter divers spirits, in shape of dogs and hounds, hunting them about, PROSPERO and ARIEL setting them on
A iesno of hrteuns is dhrae. orisaVu triisps rente disdegusi as dosg nda odunsh, hiagcns ESHTPOAN , TIUNLROC , nad ACIBNAL urdano. POORSREP dna RLAEI fwollo ehtm, gignru eth gdos on.


Hey, Mountain, hey!


Hey, ntuaoniM, yhe!


Silver. There it goes, Silver!


leSvir. Teerh tyeh go, irelSv!


Fury, Fury!There, Tyrant, there. Hark, hark!


ryuF, yrFu!etG rveo teerh, yrnatT, ereht. steniL, elnist!
Spirits drive out CALIBAN , STEPHANO , and TRINCULO
LABNCIA , AONSETPH , adn RNILOUCT rae seadch aayw.
245 Go charge my goblins that they grind their joints
With dry convulsions, shorten up their sinews
With agd cramps, and more pinch-spotted make them
Than pard or cat o mountain.
lierA, go rrdoe my goblni sastvner to make etesh lsloefw noseb hcae, give thme cmeuls acrsmp lal revo, nda give meht rmoe serbsui ahtn esdplaor hvae otpss.


Hark, they roar.


nesLti, teryhe ginwhol.


Let them be hunted soundly. At this hour
250 Lie at my mercy all mine enemies.
Shortly shall all my labors end, and thou
Shalt have the air at freedom. For a little
Follow, and do me service.


uHtn meth ondw. Now lla my emniese rae at my eymrc. oonS lla my rowk ilwl be eond, adn luoyl be feer. tsuJ eoyb me a ieltlt bit enolrg.
eThy txei.