The Tempest

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Will be here with mop and mow.
Do you love me, master, no?
Tripping over his own toes, making funny faces.
Do you love me, master? No?
Dearly my delicate Ariel. Do not approach
50Till thou dost hear me call.
I love you dearly, Ariel. Don’t come near till you hear me call you.
    Well, I conceive.
All right, I understand.
ARIEL exits.
(to FERDINAND) Look thou be true. Do not give dalliance
Too much the rein. The strongest oaths are straw
To th' fire i' th' blood. Be more abstemious,
Or else, goodnight your vow.
(to FERDINAND) Make sure you behave honorably. Don’t go too far with her. If you let yourself get stirred up, you’ll forget your promise of good behavior. Calm yourself down or you’ll forget your vow.
     I warrant you, sir,
55The white cold virgin snow upon my heart
Abates the ardor of my liver.
I assure you, sir, the tender love I feel in my heart is stronger than the sexual passions stirring down below.
Now come, my Ariel! Bring a corollary,
Rather than want a spirit. Appear and pertly!—
Good.—Now come, Ariel! Better to have an extra servant on hand than be understaffed. Appear before me now quickly—
Soft music
Soft music plays.
No tongue. All eyes! Be silent.
No talking. Just watch! Be quiet.
Enter IRIS
IRIS enters.
60Ceres, most bounteous lady, thy rich leas
Of wheat, rye, barley, vetches, oats, and peas;
Thy turfy mountains, where live nibbling sheep,
And flat meads thatched with stover, them to keep;
Thy banks with pionèd and twillèd brims,
I am the rainbow-bearing messenger sent by my mistress Juno—the Queen of the Sky. I have come to announce that Juno has asked you, Ceres, goddess of the fields and the earth, to leave your rich farms of wheat, rye, barley, oats, and peas, the hills where the