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No Fear Act 5 Scene 1
No Fear Act 5 Scene 1 Page 3

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With his own bolt;
    the strong-based promontory
Have I made shake, and by the spurs plucked up
The pine and cedar; graves at my command
50Have waked their sleepers, oped, and let 'em forth
By my so potent art. But this rough magic
I here abjure, and when I have required
Some heavenly music, which even now I do,
To work mine end upon their senses that
55This airy charm is for, I’ll break my staff,
Bury it certain fathoms in the earth,
And deeper than did ever plummet sound
I’ll drown my book.
With his own lightning bolts; I’ve shaken up the sturdy cliffs and uprooted pines and cedars; I’ve opened up graves and awakened the corpses sleeping in them, letting them out with my powerful magic. But I surrender all this magic now, when I’ve summoned some heavenly music to cast a spell, as I’m doing now, I’ll break my staff and bury it far underground, and throw my book of magic spells deeper into the sea than any anchor ever sank.
Solemn music
Solemn music plays.
Enter ARIEL before, Then ALONSO, with a frantic gesture, attended by GONZALO; SEBASTIAN and ANTONIO in like manner, attended by ADRIAN and FRANCISCO—they all enter the circle which PROSPERO had made, and there stand charmed; which PROSPERO observing, speaks:
ARIEL enters, followed by ALONSO gesturing frantically, accompanied by GONZALO. SEBASTIAN and ANTONIO enter in the same way, accompanied by ADRIAN and FRANCISCO. They all enter the circle that PROSPERO has drawn and stand there under a spell. PROSPERO, watching all of this, speaks, though the others do not hear him.
A solemn air and the best comforter
60To an unsettled fancy cure thy brains,
Now useless, boiled within thy skull.—There stand,
For you are spell-stopped.—
(to GONZALO) Holy Gonzalo, honorable man,
Mine eyes, ev'n sociable to the show of thine,
65Fall fellowly drops.
(aside)    The charm dissolves apace,
And as the morning steals upon the night,
Melting the darkness, so their rising senses
Begin to chase the ignorant fumes that mantle
Their clearer reason.—
70 (to GONZALO)     O good Gonzalo,
My true preserver and a loyal sir
Let this solemn melody comfort your fevered minds, which are now useless, seething inside your skulls.—All of you stand there in my spell.—(to GONZALO) Good Gonzalo, you honorable man, my eyes weep for you, since I feel what you must feel now. (to himself) The spell is breaking gradually, and just as dawn creeps in and melts away the darkness, they will slowly return to their senses.—(to GONZALO) Oh, my dear Gonzalo, you’re my savior and loyal to your lord, I’ll reward you fully, not just with praise but with actions too.—