The Tempest

by: William Shakespeare

  Act 5 Scene 1

page Act 5 Scene 1 Page 15

Original Text

Modern Text


      I long
To hear the story of your life, which must
Take the ear strangely.


I’m dying to hear your life story, which must be a strange tale.


     I’ll deliver all,
330And promise you calm seas, auspicious gales,
And sail so expeditious that shall catch
Your royal fleet far off.—(aside to ARIEL) My Ariel, chick,
That is thy charge. Then to the elements
Be free, and fare thou well!—Please you, draw near.


I’ll tell you everything, and I promise to give you calm seas and favorable winds for your trip. You’ll sail so fast that you’ll catch up with the royal navy.—(speaking so that only ARIEL can hear) My Ariel, baby, that job’s for you. After that you’ll be free as the air. Farewell!—Please, all the rest of you, come closer.
Exeunt omnes
They all exit.