The Tempest

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

     Not a soul
210But felt a fever of the mad and played
Some tricks of desperation. All but mariners
Plunged in the foaming brine and quit the vessel,
Then all afire with me. The king’s son, Ferdinand,
With hair up-staring—then, like reeds, not hair—
215Was the first man that leaped, cried, “Hell is empty
And all the devils are here.”
Everyone there got a little crazy and pulled some desperate stunts. Everyone except the sailors dove into the sea, leaving behind the ship that I had set on fire. The king’s son, Ferdinand, with his hair standing straight up—it looked like reeds, not hair—was the first person to jump, shouting, “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here!”
     Why, that’s my spirit!
But was not this nigh shore?
Good job! But was this near the shore?
     Close by, my master.
Very near, my master.
But are they, Ariel, safe?
But are they all safe, Ariel?
    Not a hair perished.
On their sustaining garments not a blemish,
220But fresher than before. And, as thou badest me,
In troops I have dispersed them 'bout the isle.
The king’s son have I landed by himself,
Whom I left cooling of the air with sighs
In an odd angle of the isle, and sitting,
225His arms in this sad knot.
Nobody was hurt in the slightest. Even their clothes are unstained, and look fresher than before the storm. I’ve separated them into groups around the island, just as you ordered. I sent the king’s son off by himself to a faraway nook on the island, where he’s sitting now sighing, with his arms crossed like this. (he folds his arms.)
    Of the king’s ship,
The mariners, say how thou hast disposed,
And all the rest o' th' fleet.
Tell me what you did with the king’s ship, the sailors, and the other ships.
    Safely in harbor
Is the king’s ship. In the deep nook where once
Thou called’st me up at midnight to fetch dew
230From the still-vexed Bermoothes, there she’s hid.
The king’s ship is safely in the harbor, hidden in that deep cove where you once summoned me to bring back dew from the stormy Bermuda islands.