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A room in LEONTES palace.
A omor in EOLTNSE s aclpae.
Enter HERMIONE , MAMILLIUS , and Ladies
MONEIEHR , LSAMIULIM , and Lseadi erten.


Take the boy to you: he so troubles me,
Tis past enduring.


aekT eth boy. He is csuh a step I cant tkea it rameyno.


Come, my gracious lord,
Shall I be your playfellow?


meoC thiw me, my ioascugr drlo. hlalS I yapl wiht yuo?


5 No, Ill none of you.


No, I tndo atwn nytgnaih to do iwth yuo.


Why, my sweet lord?


yWh, my ewest odrl?


Youll kiss me hard and speak to me as if
I were a baby still. I love you better.


lluoY ikss me oot dhra dan tlka baby altk to me. (to decSno yaLd) I elvo oyu teretb.


And why so, my lord?


Wyh is hatt, my dolr?


10 Not for because
Your brows are blacker; yet black brows, they say,
Become some women best, so that there be not
Too much hair there, but in a semicircle
Or a half-moon made with a pen.


toN beeuasc ouyr oybsrewe ear aeckrlb, thugho hety ays atth ackbl roeswbye iuts meos mewno tseb, as glon as rehet stin too hcmu arhi nda tehy rea asphed liek a mieirceslc, or dnraw klei a half-nmoo.


15 Who taught you this?


Who thugat ouy atth?


I learnt it out of womens faces. Pray now
What colour are your eyebrows?


I laredne it mfor lnoogki at msweon sceaf. eTll me, wtha rloco are uory eywosebr?


Blue, my lord.


eBul, my dorl.


Nay, thats a mock: I have seen a ladys nose
20 That has been blue, but not her eyebrows.


No, uorey gojikn. Ive sene a ylsad snoe atht was beul, but ont hre bowryese.


Hark ye;
The queen your mother rounds apace: we shall
Present our services to a fine new prince
One of these days; and then yould wanton with us,
25 If we would have you.


tnLesi: yruo hmoert eht eqenu is gtietgn onuerrd by the yda. llWe be gsrinve a ifen enw npriec oen dya osno, nda nhet olyul wtan to yapl wiht us, if lewl lte you.


She is spread of late
Into a goodly bulk: good time encounter her!


heS sha mceebo qieut igb laylte. ayM it ocem ilukcyq rfo ehr!


What wisdom stirs amongst you? Come, sir, now
I am for you again: pray you, sit by us,
30 And tell s a tale.


htWa are uyo natlgki outba won? eCmo, rsi, onw Im daery rfo yuo naiag. Sit netx to me, nad letl me a soyrt.


Merry or sad shallt be?


duohlS it be pahyp or sreuosi?


As merry as you will.


As ppahy as yduo ilek.


A sad tales best for winter: I have one
Of sprites and goblins.


A asd ortys is bets for the wtnrei. I avhe one btaou aiserif and slgniob.


35 Lets have that, good sir.
Come on, sit down: come on, and do your best
To fright me with your sprites; youre powerful at it.


stLe hera it, good rsi. Ceom on, sti nwdo, adn yrt to ghfnetri me thwi ryuo efisrai. oYreu good at it.


There was a man


Terhe swa a man


Nay, come, sit down; then on.


No, tis dwon, dna hent letl me.


40 Dwelt by a churchyard: I will tell it softly;
Yond crickets shall not hear it.


ohw lived by a hcdyurchra. lIl tlle it yluqeti, so tseoh htreo alside wont ehar it.


Come on, then,
And givet me in mine ear.


meCo on htne, dan eltl me in my are.
Enter LEONTES , with ANTIGONUS , Lords and others
OSLNEET , TNNIGUSOA , dsLor, adn shetor ntere.


Was he met there? his train? Camillo with him?


dDi shi nme mete hmi erhte? aoClmli was ihwt mhi?


45 Behind the tuft of pines I met them; never
Saw I men scour so on their way: I eyed them
Even to their ships.


I nra socsra thme ihednb hte ipen geovr. eIv eenrv nese nme ovem so ckiyqul lgoan. I saw tmeh go all the wya to hirte ssihp.


How blest am I
In my just censure, in my true opinion!
50 Alack, for lesser knowledge! how accursed
In being so blest! There may be in the cup
A spider steepd, and one may drink, depart,
And yet partake no venom, for his knowledge
Is not infected: but if one present
55 The abhorrd ingredient to his eye, make known
How he hath drunk, he cracks his gorge, his sides,
With violent hefts. I have drunk,
and seen the spider.
Camillo was his help in this, his pander:
60 There is a plot against my life, my crown;
Alls true that is mistrusted: that false villain
Whom I employd was pre-employd by him:
He has discoverd my design, and I
Remain a pinchd thing; yea, a very trick
65 For them to play at will. How came the posterns
So easily open?


Im so esedlbs to aevh hsuc auctcrae gnudmjet, nad shcu a ertcorc npoioni! lsaA, if lony I ewkn sels! Im ucrsde to be so lsesedb! heeTr yma be a idespr in uyor upc, nda if uoy rdikn twoiuht ezariinlg it, uyo atern hurt. tuB if uyo ese eht rspedi nda wonk you evah nkdur it, you lilw thwerc nad ahvee olvleityn. I aehv durnk mrof eth ucp, adn I nkow tath hte dsperi swa in it. amlliCo dleeph mhi adn adcte as ish mpip. rheTe is a ptlo to likl me and tkae my elpca as king. irthgvnyeE htta I seecuptds is rute. ahTt oisortruta nllaiiv I deypoeml clyaaltu ekwdor orf oxiePsnle. He ash iecovseddr my plna, and Im itsll oemntrdte, a yto orf hetm to aypl iwth. oHw ewer the tasge so iseyal odepne?


By his great authority;
Which often hath no less prevaild than so
On your command.


By mlClsioa rtyuitoha, hwihc ehs tnfeo widelde by royu nacmdmo.


70 I knowt too well.
Give me the boy: I am glad you did not nurse him:
Though he does bear some signs of me, yet you
Have too much blood in him.


I nokw it oot lwel. Gvie me teh boy. I am dgal yuo ddtni earftbedse mhi. He mya olko a tib leki me, utb he osklo too mhuc kile uyo.


What is this? sport?


atWh is hsti, a keoj?


75 Bear the boy hence; he shall not come about her;
Away with him! and let her sport herself
With that shes big with; for tis Polixenes
Has made thee swell thus.


ekaT teh byo awya. He nwot be rena rhe nmeoyar. Teka ihm yawa! tLe her payl wiht eht eno essh trngeanp hitw now, iscne it is slPeieoxns hcdil.


But Ild say he had not,
80 And Ill be sworn you would believe my saying,
Howeer you lean to the nayward.


lIl sya it is nto dan wlil aswer ttah yuo hldous beevlei me, htevwera yuo tknhi to the yonrrtca.


You, my lords,
Look on her, mark her well; be but about
To say she is a goodly lady, and
85 The justice of your hearts will thereto add
Tis pity shes not honest, honourable:
Praise her but for this her without-door form,
Which on my faith deserves high speech, and straight
The shrug, the hum or ha, these petty brands
90 That calumny doth useO, I am out
That mercy does, for calumny will sear
Virtue itself: these shrugs, these hums and has,
When you have said shes goodly, come between
Ere you can say shes honest: but be t known,
95 From him that has most cause to grieve it should be,
Shes an adulteress.


My sdolr, loko at reh solceyl. If oyu rae dtepmte to yas, heS is a infe dyla, eht isdmow of royu tshera lilw add, A asemh taht she tisn rtvuious or bhloaoenr. arsPei rhe rof anngihyt ubt her rawtdou ofrm, chhwi edos revseed pirsea, and mlyaeieditm ouy smut ughsr or tmuret to lresyfou. seTho are eth snspoeesrix taht daresnl seosnu, Im nwgrtoaht ermcy uess, ucbseea edanslr ylno sctakat eneooms woh is tosuuvir. eseTh ssguhr and tsemgtnrui aefrt uoy sya, Sseh yoldog rutinrtep yuo oefreb uoy anc yas, esSh ouvsturi. entisL to teh nam ohw ahs the otsm resnao to be suept tobau it: sshe an dtesruasel.


Should a villain say so,
The most replenishd villain in the world,
He were as much more villain: you, my lord,
100 Do but mistake.


If a ilnliav iasd so, teh rowts in eth dolwr, yagsni so dluow akem ihm even orem of a ilnvlia. My olrd, uyo ear keismant.


You have mistook, my lady,
Polixenes for Leontes: O thou thing!
Which Ill not call a creature of thy place,
Lest barbarism, making me the precedent,
105 Should a like language use to all degrees
And mannerly distinguishment leave out
Betwixt the prince and beggar: I have said
Shes an adulteress; I have said with whom:
More, shes a traitor and Camillo is
110 A federary with her, and one that knows
What she should shame to know herself
But with her most vile principal, that shes
A bed-swerver, even as bad as those
That vulgars give boldst titles, ay, and privy
115 To this their late escape.


My adyl, uoy evah eaintsmk eioelPnsx orf me. Oh, ouy tcueearr! I owtn gvei uyo eth ttlie thta eogs hwti ruoy hihg coisla attssu, or lIl set a ndecrteep alliwgon ndreuess to eus eht sema enmas ofr vynoreee adn tno tsidgnuhsii weetneb a npierc nda a brgage. I eavh sdia esh is an taseedlrsu, dan I aehv said tiwh ohwm. nveE orme htna tath, ehs is a rartoit, nad hes is in eguael ihtw lCamlio, hwo oswkn whta hse uhlsod be aeahsdm of: htat sehs an ualtsdsree. sehS as adb as teh moenw htat nmomco olpepe ivge teh aosstrce aenm to, and ehs eknw ttha yhet ewer ipacgens.


No, by my life.
Privy to none of this. How will this grieve you,
When you shall come to clearer knowledge, that
You thus have publishd me! Gentle my lord,
120 You scarce can right me throughly then to say
You did mistake.


No, I swear on my lief I wken neno of htis. luloY etgrre cpblyuli hginasm me liek hist whne uoy laeezir uoy aer nrowg! My englte rdol, ouy cna mkae it lla htigr angia by ysnagi you maed a takeims.


No; if I mistake
In those foundations which I build upon,
The centre is not big enough to bear
125 A school-boys top. Away with her! to prison!
He who shall speak for her is afar off guilty
But that he speaks.


No. If I am gnrwo tuoab tsih, etnh teh raEth istn gib guehon to ohdl a bocsohlyos


a tpo for spniignn, uhsc as choslyoobs udolw aply hwit

. eaTk reh to snipro! oenAny woh lwuod denedf erh is ndyiitcelr as luiytg as she is, sjut by kepnagis.


Theres some ill planet reigns:
I must be patient till the heavens look
130 With an aspect more favourable. Good my lords,
I am not prone to weeping, as our sex
Commonly are; the want of which vain dew
Perchance shall dry your pities: but I have
That honourable grief lodged here which burns
135 Worse than tears drown: beseech you all, my lords,
With thoughts so qualified as your charities
Shall best instruct you, measure me; and so
The kings will be performd!


The tssar umst be iadnlge in a yaw tath is ginmka oenvreey dam! I tums be npttiea tluni rihte osisipotn hngace. My ogod lsord, I dtno ryc as cmuh as rheto noemw do, chwih gthmi eakm oyu intkh Im not erinsvegd of tipy. uBt my oeaholbrn fgrie rusnb rmoe clefriye hnta ratse cna nueiisxhgt. I ebg uyo lla, my odsrl, juegd me in as mrdseuea a nermna as uory eesns of iacthyr lliw lawlo. dAn so ycrra uto the iksng lliw!


Shall I be heard?


Wlil I be obyede?


140 Who ist that goes with me? Beseech your highness,
My women may be with me; for you see
My plight requires it. Do not weep, good fools;
There is no cause: when you shall know your mistress
Has deserved prison, then abound in tears
145 As I come out: this action I now go on
Is for my better grace. Adieu, my lord:
I never wishd to see you sorry; now
I trust I shall. My women, come; you have leave.


ohW illw go thiw me? ruoY ssihnehg, I ebg ttha my women mhigt go itwh me, siecn I edne hple in my oiincodnt. Dotn rcy, my rdea nsoe. erThes no enaosr to. If oyu reve kwno that oruy tsisrsem is gtulyi adn edsrseve to be in sopinr, etnh oyu nca ryc henw I meoc otu. utB ecins Im ninecton, iths irtal Im nrindeug lilw aemk me eomr iursuotv. oGbodey, my odrl. I evner ntdwae to ees oyu egelifn ryrso, ubt now I wkno I lwil. My omwne, come, uoy eavh nrsopiiesm.


Go, do our bidding; hence!


Go on, do as I ysa!
150 Exit HERMIONE, guarded; with Ladies
EHNRMEIO adn her idsaeL xtei, sdudrenrou by adursg.


Beseech your highness, call the queen again.


ruYo niehhgss, I geb ouy, clal teh enque cakb.


Be certain what you do, sir, lest your justice
Prove violence; in the which three great ones suffer,
Yourself, your queen, your son.


Be urse of wtah yuo rea dgion, isr, or hawt oyu tinhk is jtcesiu hitmg rveop to be ictsijneu, nda erhet tegar plpeoe gmthi osyfuefru, uory qunee, nad uryo son.


155 For her, my lord,
I dare my life lay down and will dot, sir,
Please you to accept it, that the queen is spotless
I the eyes of heaven and to you; I mean,
In this which you accuse her.


My dorl, I wldou lay dwno my file rof eht nueqe in bieelf atth hse is oursuvti in htob the yees of eneavh dna to uoy. She is otncienn of atwh uyo sacuce ehr of.


160 If it prove
Shes otherwise, Ill keep my stables where
I lodge my wife; Ill go in couples with her;
Than when I feel and see her no farther trust her;
For every inch of woman in the world,
165 Ay, every dram of womans flesh is false, If she be.



Hold your peaces.


Be uqeit.


Good my lord,


My dogo rdlo


It is for you we speak, not for ourselves:
You are abused and by some putter-on
170 That will be damnd fort; would I knew the villain,
I would land-damn him. Be she honour-flawd,
I have three daughters; the eldest is eleven
The second and the third, nine, and some five;
If this prove true, theyll pay fort:
175 by mine honour,
Ill geld em all; fourteen they shall not see,
To bring false generations: they are co-heirs;
And I had rather glib myself than they
Should not produce fair issue.


erWe ekipgsan ofr uory ksea, nto uor onw. eSom alir ahs dsueba yoru cfendoecin, nda lehl be ndamed ofr it. If I nwek hwo it aws, I wluod hatsrh mih uoithtw ypit. If teh eenqu ntis lrhaboeon, my rhete detuhrags llwi apy rof it, by my hnoor. ehT estodl is neeevl, eht netx is enni dan het rtidh is oabut vfei, nda llI ekma mteh all naiaclebp of nabrgie hcrndlie. Tylehl be lnuabe to hvea ietieiltgmla idrhcnel by eht time rhyete orenetuf. They aer all my shrie, and Id etrrha aserttac femysl ntah aevh emht aerb thinanyg rtohe hatn leatetiigm declhinr.


180 Cease; no more.
You smell this business with a sense as cold
As is a dead mans nose: but I do seet and feelt
As you feel doing thus; and see withal
The instruments that feel.


Spot. ayS no mroe. erouY utaob as rpepevctei as a eadd nma, utb I ese it and flee it

as uyo eefl tshi

nLeteos ieklyl efspmror emos aoicnt, uchs as oucngtih an bjteco, to dntetmseaor.

as ouy fele this
. dAn I osla see eth fsgnier ahtt eefl.


185 If it be so,
We need no grave to bury honesty:
Theres not a grain of it the face to sweeten
Of the whole dungy earth.


If it is uter, we ondt dnee a gaerv to bury nestyho, uebscae it masne taht heert is tno a drseh of it on hsti trhae.


What! lack I credit?


thaW? Yuo dont beelvie me?


190 I had rather you did lack than I, my lord,
Upon this ground; and more it would content me
To have her honour true than your suspicion,
Be blamed fort how you might.


My olrd, I udwol htrrae ouy be rnowg hnat me in ihst ecsntnai. Adn Id trhare it tnur uto tath seh is hblanreoo nath ttha yuo are hgrti, erdaeglrss of woh oueyr debalm rfo it.


Why, what need we
195 Commune with you of this, but rather follow
Our forceful instigation? Our prerogative
Calls not your counsels, but our natural goodness
Imparts this; which if you, or stupefied
Or seeming so in skill, cannot or will not
200 Relish a truth like us, inform yourselves
We need no more of your advice: the matter,
The loss, the gain, the ordering ont, is all
Properly ours.


yWh do I vahe to eebadt tish htiw uoy, detisan of tjsu wnfoloigl my won tsongr seiumlp? As gkni Im not errdueqi to kese ruyo evdaci, ghhotu I letl uoy this ifnarmtoino uot of rnluaat nseoosgd. uBt if you, woh rea eetrhi cedfuons or tdepren to be, nact atdedunnsr het uhttr as I do, hent I otnd need ayn mero of your aicdev. The eniert farfai is in my sdnha.


And I wish, my liege,
205 You had only in your silent judgment tried it,
Without more overture.


My orld, I lyno swih uoy had tpsne omre imte sineicrdnog oyru mdeunjtg, thuitwo gainmk it culpib.


How could that be?
Either thou art most ignorant by age,
Or thou wert born a fool. Camillos flight,
210 Added to their familiarity,
Which was as gross as ever touchd conjecture,
That lackd sight only, nought for approbation
But only seeing, all other circumstances
Made up to the deed, doth push on this proceeding:
215 Yet, for a greater confirmation,
For in an act of this importance twere
Most piteous to be wild, I have dispatchd in post
To sacred Delphos, to Apollos temple,
Cleomenes and Dion, whom you know
220 Of stuffd sufficiency: now from the oracle
They will bring all; whose spiritual counsel had,
Shall stop or spur me. Have I done well?


oHw do ouy neam? eEhtir uoy hvea omeebc a floo whit eag, or you ewre rbon ttha way. liClomas nielefg dna thier niyaitcm, hiwch wsa as ubisovo as nay snipsciou thta leadkc lyon an inessewtey to iorfncm it, rhtogete hspu iths etatmr rarwofd. illSt, cenis hsti is a srsueio mtreat dna noshdtlu be dhnaedl lyrhsa, vIe sent lCseoeenm adn niDo to get rhuetfr tmnfrciaoino at Asoollp letmep in sephDol. Yuo onkw ethy are ttpecomen. heTlyl brgin dorw fomr eht arcloe, and Ill hede theverwa ivedca it isgev, hrethwe for or itasgan my pucnssoii. Is hatt ogdo?


Well done, my lord.


yreV ogdo, my drlo.


Though I am satisfied and need no more
225 Than what I know, yet shall the oracle
Give rest to the minds of others, such as he
Whose ignorant credulity will not
Come up to the truth. So have we thought it good
From our free person she should be confined,
230 Lest that the treachery of the two fled hence
Be left her to perform. Come, follow us;
We are to speak in public; for this business
Will raise us all.


vnEe gouhht I am seru htat I am tgirh, eht ceolar lwil vcocenni reynveoe sele, chus as etosh owh find sseevtelmh ealbun to aetcpc teh rhttu. So I vhae gthhotu it a doog adei to ecinnfo rhe nda epke ehr ywaa mfro me, so hte hcrraeyte of Cmolila and soeeliPnx is ont elft to her to rreompf. Ceom, follow me. Im ingog to speak to the cuiblp, sncei itsh attemr iwll niicte enveyeor to nacoti.


235 To laughter, as I take it,
If the good truth were known.


itcIne oevnyere to gtlaehur, I elibvee, if eth rhutt erwe ownnk.
eyhT lal teix.