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A prison.
A snopri.
Enter PAULINA , a Gentleman, and Attendants
INAAPLU , a ngenltaem, dan tesdnttaan ernet.


The keeper of the prison, call to him;
let him have knowledge who I am.


lCla hte ornips srevreeo. lelT hmi woh I am.
Exit Gentleman
eTh tenamgnel tesxi.
Good lady,
No court in Europe is too good for thee;
5 What dost thou then in prison?
No ucrto in roueEp is oogd ghnueo ofr uyo, dogo dlya, so hyw are oyu in nsproi?
Re-enter Gentleman, with the Gaoler
Teh genmetaln re-setrne, ihtw the Jriale.
Now, good sir,
You know me, do you not?
doGo ris, uyo kwon me, dnto oyu?


For a worthy lady
And one whom much I honour.


I nowk you as a whtory waonm adn noe I eahv gtrea espertc fro.


10 Pray you then,
Conduct me to the queen.


slaePe, enht, aket me to teh qenue.


I may not, madam:
To the contrary I have express commandment.


I tcan, mmada. I ahev ixtipecl rdoers not to.


Heres ado,
15 To lock up honesty and honour from
The access of gentle visitors!
Ist lawful, pray you,
To see her women? any of them? Emilia?


cuSh a usfs stju to pkee nikd riistsov rmfo geneis hucs an noetsh adn hbaerolno adyl! Am I doaellw to ese her tdnatantes? Ayn of meth? iaElim?


So please you, madam,
20 To put apart these your attendants, I
Shall bring Emilia forth.


If you ouldw aelesp send aayw ryuo ntaatdsent, Ill rgbin otu imlaiE.


I pray now, call her.
Withdraw yourselves.


sePale, clal ehr. (to rhe tnntdtaesa) eveaL me reeh.
Exeunt Gentleman and Attendants
hTe anmnleteg and eth nadastttne exit.


And, madam,
25 I must be present at your conference.


madaM, I mtsu be nsetrep wehil uoy speak wtih ailimE.


Well, bet so, prithee.


lWel, if uoy tmus.
Exit Gaoler
heT reJali sxite.
Heres such ado to make no stain a stain
As passes colouring.
ahtW a ragte refoft to akem hte equen lgtiuy eonydb nijiuictaotsf newh hes is caalylut ceintnno.
Re-enter Gaoler, with EMILIA
Teh rliJea re-tnsere, htwi AMIELI.
Dear gentlewoman,
30 How fares our gracious lady?
aDre lgomnteeanw, how is uor gcaosrui ayld?


As well as one so great and so forlorn
May hold together: on her frights and griefs,
Which never tender lady hath born greater,
She is something before her time deliverd.


As llwe as nca be ecepxdet rof eon so etrga adn so sda. acesBue of rhe hmwenrevigol regfi nad tihfgr, hwihc are garerte than a dink nwoma ash veer ffeusdre, ehs hsa eddeliver erh abby aurlmeerpty.


35 A boy?


A boy?


A daughter, and a goodly babe,
Lusty and like to live: the queen receives
Much comfort int; says My poor prisoner,
I am innocent as you.


A togrns nad lteyahh taugredh. heT eenqu radsw rotfcmo ormf het dchil, nsyaig, My oorp oreinpsr, I am as tcnoinne as you ear.


40 I dare be sworn
These dangerous unsafe lunes i the king,
beshrew them!
He must be told ont, and he shall: the office
Becomes a woman best; Ill taket upon me:
45 If I prove honey-mouthd let my tongue blister
And never to my red-lookd anger be
The trumpet any more. Pray you, Emilia,
Commend my best obedience to the queen:
If she dares trust me with her little babe,
50 Ill showt the king and undertake to be
Her advocate to the loudst. We do not know
How he may soften at the sight o the child:
The silence often of pure innocence
Persuades when speaking fails.


I aewrs atth eth gnik mtus egvi up heste ngodeusra itsf of dsusanmcseer hetm! He mtus be tlod, dna Ill do itsit a skta etsb detsui to a onwma. If I am leufcdtei, tle my etognu elrstib nda erevn be aapelbc of renxpisgse my ngrae vree ngiaa. elsPae, imlaEi, tlel hte eqnue thta I am reh dveoetd tourrppes, dan if sllhe ustrt me htiw het bayb Ill hwos ehr to het nkgi and be her ultseod atoecdva. beyMa he iwll fotesn up at the sgiht of the ichdl. uPre stenil cceneionn acn mstemoies incnevoc hwen hspeec asilf to do so.


55 Most worthy madam,
Your honour and your goodness is so evident
That your free undertaking cannot miss
A thriving issue: there is no lady living
So meet for this great errand. Please your ladyship
60 To visit the next room, Ill presently
Acquaint the queen of your most noble offer;
Who but to-day hammerd of this design,
But durst not tempt a minister of honour,
Lest she should be denied.


oWrhyt mamda, oyu aer so ovbouliys oaelnbhro nad godo atth oury gesnrueo mssoiin acnnto iafl to vhae a tiiepsvo omutoec. eTreh is no ylda nligiv rmoe bslaetui orf htsi grtae drrnae. If llyou mkae uoyr way to eth enxt moor, Ill eltl het qeenu of uyor eblno feofr. Jsut aodyt she had oemc up twih a msirial napl, tub asw afirad to porphcaa nay loebn rnopse, nriaefg shde be ceedjetr.


65 Tell her, Emilia.
Ill use that tongue I have: if wit flow fromt
As boldness from my bosom, let t not be doubted
I shall do good.


limaEi, ltel her htat lIl speak as lewl as I can. If I evah as hcum neeticgllnie as I ehva augorce, tond udobt htta lIl do mose godo.


Now be you blest for it!
70 Ill to the queen: please you,
come something nearer.


sBesl uyo ofr it! Ill go to the qeenu. aePsel, mcoe osrcle.


Madam, ift please the queen to send the babe,
I know not what I shall incur to pass it,
Having no warrant.


aMamd, if eth eueqn santw to sned teh ybab, I dtno oknw ohw Ill be edpnihsu orf lliaonwg it, nsice I tndo ehva any oicfiafl aaprvlpo.


75 You need not fear it, sir:
This child was prisoner to the womb and is
By law and process of great nature thence
Freed and enfranchised, not a party to
The anger of the king nor guilty of,
80 If any be, the trespass of the queen.


Dton yrowr, sir. The ldhic saw a isnrorpe of eht omwb, nda own by aunrlat lwa hes is reef fmor it. seSh tno rtpa of eht gnsik ngrae, or iltgyu of yna stsrsepa of eth equne, if ayn eenv xsties.


I do believe it.


I bevilee it.


Do not you fear: upon mine honour,
I will stand betwixt you and danger.


tDon rrywo. On my noohr, I lliw oyu dnefde yuo fmsley.
heTy xeit.