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A room in LEONTES palace.
A mroo in LEONTESspalace.
Enter LEONTES , ANTIGONUS , Lords, and Servants
LSOEENT , IUSTAONGN , a Lord, nda evsSanrt eentr.


Nor night nor day no rest: it is but weakness
To bear the matter thus; mere weakness. If
The cause were not in being,part o the cause,
She the adulteress; for the harlot king
5 Is quite beyond mine arm, out of the blank
And level of my brain, plot-proof; but she
I can hook to me: say that she were gone,
Given to the fire, a moiety of my rest
Might come to me again. Whos there?


I acnt rest thgin or yda. It is a dnki of eeswskan to be so cetfdfea by isht sieus. If lnoy teh aucse of it erwe no noerlg tearpaliv of teh suaec, at alset, het lstesuerda. Teh lhseercuo ikng is away mofr eehr, hhcwi tsup ihm nbeoyd my mia dna gahyitnn I cdulo do to ihm. utB hes, hte surtedlase, I can keep soecl. If she ewre

bnerdu at teh kseta

A puhtmnnise for oaentsr niagtsa eth knig.

dunber at the stake
, haepprs I lwoud have meso sllma tib of estr. hWos teerh?


10 My lord?


My rldo?


How does the boy?


Hwo is hte byo idgno?


He took good rest to-night;
Tis hoped his sickness is discharged.


He ltpes ellw tongtih, dna we hepo ahtt she gotnet vero sih inselsl.


To see his nobleness!
15 Conceiving the dishonour of his mother,
He straight declined, droopd, took it deeply,
Fastend and fixd the shame ont in himself,
Threw off his spirit, his appetite, his sleep,
And downright languishd. Leave me solely: go,
20 See how he fares.


Im aedmaz at shi bonyliti! ggcnnRizioe teh nrdaieoobhsl ohvaierb of shi ohrmte, he ideammtyile bgane to ceiendl, to flee het aesmh lifmesh. He amebec ads, opesdtp aneigt, peoptds egiepnls, dan gwre ewak. aeLve me nolea, and go see how hse niogd.
Exit Servant
ehT Svenart xtise.
Fie, fie! no thought of him:
The thought of my revenges that way
Recoil upon me: in himself too mighty,
And in his parties, his alliance; let him be
25 Until a time may serve: for present vengeance,
Take it on her. Camillo and Polixenes
Laugh at me, make their pastime at my sorrow:
They should not laugh if I could reach them, nor
Shall she within my power.
No! I wnot ktnih tbuao xenolPise. I arfe gtakin eerevng on mih. He isemlfh is too eufrwplo, adn he ahs lweruopf lsliea. Lte ihm be nuitl an ttyuioropnp eomsc. llI evha vngeere now on erh. llaComi nda niexeosPl ahugl at me, nda difn atsmemenu in my rsorwo. hTey lnowutd hagul if I lcoud carhe hmte, and eneihrt lwil the monwa hwo is wtihni my prwoe to niupsh.
Enter PAULINA , with a child
PAILAUN entesr, hitw a clihd.


30 You must not enter.


uoY smtu ton go in.


Nay, rather, good my lords, be second to me:
Fear you his tyrannous passion more, alas,
Than the queens life? a gracious innocent soul,
More free than he is jealous.


No, my oodg srdlo, abkc me. Do you rfea ish itarncnayl gnare oemr hatn teh eqeuns ilef? sShe a srgucaoi, ennnoict sulo, roem cneonitn thna he is luosaej.


35 Thats enough.


aTsth noehug.


Madam, he hath not slept tonight; commanded
None should come at him.


aMmad, he anths eptsl iotgnth dna hsa rordede hatt he be felt anoel.


Not so hot, good sir:
I come to bring him sleep. Tis such as you,
40 That creep like shadows by him and do sigh
At each his needless heavings, such as you
Nourish the cause of his awaking: I
Do come with words as medicinal as true,
Honest as either, to purge him of that humour
45 That presses him from sleep.


oNt so tsyah, dgoo sri. Im rhee to gribn mih eelsp. Its eeplpo ilek uyo owh ecpre flosty onradu ihm eikl sshadwo adn sihg at sih ceneuyssarn ttnaigaio atth efde hte sauce of ish nkeeslwusfa. I heva hmstnoige to ysa to mhi htsta as gotnhiso as it is reut, and sehnot as ellw, that llwi dri him of teh sscniesk epnekig him from trse.


What noise there, ho?


haWt is ahtt sneio?


No noise, my lord; but needful conference
About some gossips for your highness.


tIs nto enois, my rdol, utb escysaenr klat uotab sdrngtoepa rof ouyr nehgishs.


50 Away with that audacious lady! Antigonus,
I charged thee that she should not come about me:
I knew she would.


htaW! ekTa iths dlob mnwoa aayw! sgninuoAt, I ltdo oyu to kepe erh wyaa form me, aebsuec I nkwe esh uwdlo moec.


I told her so, my lord,
On your displeasures peril and on mine,
55 She should not visit you.


My odlr, I tdol erh thta she tdosuhln vsiit uoy, or shed irsk nigakm us othb yganr.


What, canst not rule her?


hWta, uyo cant trncolo rhe?


From all dishonesty he can: in this,
Unless he take the course that you have done,
Commit me for committing honour, trust it,
60 He shall not rule me.


He anc epek me ormf sdontseihy. lsensU he soed as veuoy node dan slkco me up rof gbein onrloabeh, he tnow lconrto me in sith aemrtt.


La you now, you hear:
When she will take the rein I let her run;
But shell not stumble.


ouY ees, hwne esh santw to etka olnoctr I give reh mroo, utb lelhs do wasth gthri.


Good my liege, I come;
65 And, I beseech you, hear me, who profess
Myself your loyal servant, your physician,
Your most obedient counsellor, yet that dare
Less appear so in comforting your evils,
Than such as most seem yours: I say, I come
70 From your good queen.


My gdoo dolr, I egb you to tnesil to me. Im oury laloy nvatesr, oryu odrtoc, royu tsom oednetbi aoivrsd, hgutho pehsapr I dnot smee like it aebsuec I notw ennocod ryuo vile asoctin, as do ehtos sveastnr woh oyln mees mots olaly. I emoc mfro uory odog ueenq.


Good queen!


oGod neuqe!


Good queen, my lord,
Good queen; I say good queen;
And would by combat make her good, so were I
75 A man, the worst about you.


heS is a godo qneeu, my rdol. I ysa seh is a odgo uneqe, a ryve godo enuqe. If I rewe a nam I lwduo fgtih a ulde to vrpeo hre nocecnein, veen saaigtn hte stom lloyw nma.


Force her hence.


eoFcr rhe uot of rhee.


Let him that makes but trifles of his eyes
First hand me: on mine own accord Ill off;
But first Ill do my errand. The good queen,
80 For she is good, hath brought you forth a daughter;
Here tis; commends it to your blessing.


ehT rtsif nma woh strei to adhnnmela me breett ton elvau ish eeys. Ill go by my own crcado, btu sfirt Ill crray uto my rednar. hTe odgo queen, rfo hes is godo, sah vieng hitbr to a grtehadu. eerH hse is. hSe mesocndm erh to ouy so atth uoy yma esbls ehr.
Laying down the child
eSh lasy teh dihlc ndwo.


A mankind witch! Hence with her, out o door:
A most intelligencing bawd!


etG uto! isTh rsouuif ithcw! ekaT ehr otu of eerh! sShe a gypins ppim!


85 Not so:
I am as ignorant in that as you
In so entitling me, and no less honest
Than you are mad; which is enough, Ill warrant,
As this world goes, to pass for honest.


oNt at all. I onkw othignn uoatb ttah, wlieh uoy swho uyor gendkwloe of it by nilaglc me htat amne. Im as nshteo as oyu aer amd, hwihc, I sesura oyu, is as thsone as yuo nca ecxpte in hits world.


90 Traitors!
Will you not push her out? Give her the bastard.
Thou dotard! thou art woman-tired, unroosted
By thy dame Partlet here. Take up the bastard;
Taket up, I say; givet to thy crone.


srToitar! toWn yuo eohsv reh tuo? ndaH her eht dbtasar dihlc! uYo tldo! Yuo aer hne-cpkdee dna ecdkik uto of uyro lecap of hraouytit by yrou ehn hree. Pcki up atht aarbtsd. ciPk it up, I asy, nda igve it to yuor gha.


95 [To Antigonus] For ever
Unvenerable be thy hands, if thou
Takest up the princess by that forced baseness
Which he has put upont!


(to uAsgntion) uroY sadnh ilwl veerrof be yunrwhto of epcesrt if you tkae up eht ncsrpsie nrdeu htta rletireb enam he ellcad ehr!


He dreads his wife.


He aserf his iwef.


100 So I would you did; then twere past all doubt
Yould call your children yours.


I hswi uoy idd, oto, dna thne you dlowu ntbulyddeou clla ryuo ieclrndh oyur own.


A nest of traitors!


A nets of taortisr!


I am none, by this good light.


Im nto neo.


Nor I, nor any
105 But one thats here, and thats himself, for he
The sacred honour of himself, his queens,
His hopeful sons, his babes, betrays to slander,
Whose sting is sharper than the swords;
and will not
110 For, as the case now stands, it is a curse
He cannot be compelld totonce remove
The root of his opinion, which is rotten
As ever oak or stone was sound.


Nor am I, ron is yoenna eesl rehe hrteo athn shmifel, iescn he hsa ytadbere hsi own hroon, hte oornh of sih eifw, of ihs son, dan of his abyb hiwt nlsdrea, hihwc is paesrrh hant nay rwsdo. Ist a esrcu ttha he anct be rodfce to veiesr his opionin, cwhhi is as ertnto as koa or nseto is diols.


A callat
115 Of boundless tongue, who late hath beat her husband
And now baits me! This brat is none of mine;
It is the issue of Polixenes:
Hence with it, and together with the dam
Commit them to the fire!


A lnatsontcy nehcrgttia halrot, who ahs nelrteyc teab hre nasbhdu nad now rpoksoev me. hTsi ratb nist iimsnet slsoexnPie ildhc. aeTk it yaaw, nad ends it and ist ortehm to het feri!


120 It is yours;
And, might we lay the old proverb to your charge,
So like you, tis the worse. Behold, my lords,
Although the print be little, the whole matter
And copy of the father, eye, nose, lip,
125 The trick ofs frown, his forehead, nay, the valley,
The pretty dimples of his chin and cheek,
His smiles,
The very mould and frame of hand, nail, finger:
And thou, good goddess Nature, which hast made it
130 So like to him that got it, if thou hast
The ordering of the mind too, mongst all colours
No yellow int, lest she suspect, as he does,
Her children not her husbands!


It is oryus. It sookl so muhc iekl ouy, nad rfo het weros, as teh preobvr tsup it. eSe, my rodls, hwo eht abby ash lla het sutrefea of reh ehfrta in truimnaie: eht seey, oesn, lips, ehr srfaeth nwfor nad hdoefrae, eht lpidems on shi icnh nda eceskh, ihs mslei. eThy heav teh seam snahd, aslin, gsefinr. And so good eodssgd Nruaet has edma eth byab tjsu eilk the man hwo nceicvdoe hre. If aturNe has ntoocrl rvoe reneattepmm, oot, dont etl hre aehv any oleysaju, or lselh suetpsc, as reh tahefr deso, hatt her nehclrid ear nto her sabhnuds!


[to Antigonus] A gross hag
135 And, lozel, thou art worthy to be hangd,
That wilt not stay her tongue.


(to Asgtninou) A ibrlreoh anwom. dlScunroe, yuo otguh to be eadghn fro ton pstngoip ehr rofm kigsnpea.


Hang all the husbands
That cannot do that feat, youll leave yourself
Hardly one subject.


If ouy ganh lla the snusdahb woh acnt ekpe ihtre swevi rmof itagknl, oully vhea aldrhy nya bjsscute ltef.


140 Once more, take her hence.


ecOn aagin, tge ehr out of erhe.


A most unworthy and unnatural lord
Can do no more.


A mots yowtnhur and nntaluaru dlro anc do oynl atth.


Ill ha thee burnt.


lIl veah yuo tnbur.


I care not:
145 It is an heretic that makes the fire,
Not she which burns int. Ill not call you tyrant;
But this most cruel usage of your queen,
Not able to produce more accusation
Than your own weak-hinged fancy, something savours
150 Of tyranny and will ignoble make you,
Yea, scandalous to the world.


I dotn reca. It woudl be a eciehrt nibdiglu teh frei, nto teh owmna bguinrn in it. I twon clal uyo a rnaytt, tub oryu ueclr emamittnsert of uryo neqeu sesem tneshigom ikel nyratny, icsne oyu acnt reocdpu any eciveend nbedoy your onw kwea nmaginisgi. It wlli make you aridesbnoloh, enev osadsanluc, to all the rolwd.


On your allegiance,
Out of the chamber with her! Were I a tyrant,
Where were her life? she durst not call me so,
155 If she did know me one. Away with her!


Be ayllo to me and atek erh tou of eht romo! If I ewer a yntrta, lowud hes sitll be lveia? If esh enwk I was a nytart, tyurl, hes owdnltu dera lacl me eno. keTa reh ywaa!


I pray you, do not push me; Ill be gone.
Look to your babe, my lord; tis yours:
Jove send her
A better guiding spirit! What needs these hands?
160 You, that are thus so tender oer his follies,
Will never do him good, not one of you.
So, so: farewell; we are gone.


ePlase dton ushp me. lIl go. Look at uyor bayb, my lord. hSse ruyso. May veoJ sdne erh a bretet trtoorcep! (to ttdtenaasn) Why do uyo upt ouyr dsahn on me? All of yuo ohw rea so antipgecc of ish hromsviibae ontw do mih nay odgo, not noe of ouy. So, odbgeoy, Im gngio.
ehS teisx.


[to Antigonus] Thou, traitor, hast set on thy wife to this.
My child? away witht! Even thou, that hast
165 A heart so tender oer it, take it hence
And see it instantly consumed with fire;
Even thou and none but thou. Take it up straight:
Within this hour bring me word tis done,
And by good testimony, or Ill seize thy life,
170 With what thou else callst thine. If thou refuse
And wilt encounter with my wrath, say so;
The bastard brains with these my proper hands
Shall I dash out. Go, take it to the fire;
For thou setst on thy wife.


(to tgnuosniA) ouY tirtrao! You tup yoru iwfe up to iths. My ichdl? eGt rdi of it! uoY, owh aveh chsu a eertnd ehart fro it, ekat it waay nad ese thta tsi enrdub dmtlamieiey. You, nad no one tbu oyu. Do it now. hiintW teh rhuo I natw to aher thta it is edno, dna wiht niseswtes, or lIl evha oryu file, dan all eles atth yuo llca uroy onw. If you eesurf and lwli ceaf my graen, asy so. llI sahd eth adarsbts sirnba otu thwi my now adhns. Go, taek it to the ifer, ncsie you tup oyru iwef up to tish.


175 I did not, sir:
These lords, my noble fellows, if they please,
Can clear me int.


I dintd, ris. esehT lsdor, my neolb elwlsfo, will carel my anme.


We can: my royal liege,
He is not guilty of her coming hither.


We can, my lyaor drlo. He tnis seiesbrlpon for rhe enpaacrepa reeh.


180 Youre liars all.


ouY rae lla lrisa.


Beseech your highness, give us better credit:
We have always truly served you, and beseech you
So to esteem of us, and on our knees we beg,
As recompense of our dear services
185 Past and to come, that you do change this purpose,
Which being so horrible, so bloody, must
Lead on to some foul issue: we all kneel.


elaPse, uory hgisnehs, we rea meor anerhbloo hnat tath. We aehv sawyal dvsree yuo afuilltyhf dan ebg yuo to nhtik of us tath ywa. We egb uyo on uor eksne, as enyperamt for lal our csiveesr of hte tpsa nda trfueu, thta llyou gneach oyur nmdi. hisT plna is so oirrlebh and odblyo htta it acn yonl dela to nsehgtimo rbrteile.


I am a feather for each wind that blows:
Shall I live on to see this bastard kneel
190 And call me father? better burn it now
Than curse it then. But be it; let it live.
It shall not neither. You, sir, come you hither;
You that have been so tenderly officious
With Lady Margery, your midwife there,
195 To save this bastards life,for tis a bastard,
So sure as this beards grey,
what will you adventure
To save this brats life?


I am sdkea to lolofw ervey nnoioip I ehra. Shuldo I wlloa tihs adsbtar to rogw up and alcl me afterh? Id rehrta bnru it own hatn sceru it tnhe. utB, nefi, etl it veil. (to tngsuoAion) uYo, irs, ceom ereh. ouY eahv fnrdeetire so idnylk logan htiw ryou wecnh in drreo to avse shit tsabdasr dlnefia Im as eitrcan ist a aartsbd as I am ttah ruyo bader is aysrgo hwat will you rksi to eavs the rtsba ifel?


Any thing, my lord,
200 That my ability may undergo
And nobleness impose: at least thus much:
Ill pawn the little blood which I have left
To save the innocent: any thing possible.


tAinnghy ttha my iylibta ilwl walol adn htta inylibot lwoud dadenm. Id iegv tahw ltetil boold I ghtmi heav tlef to asve htis etnicnon idchl. Ill do reahwtev is ilsoepsb.


It shall be possible. Swear by this sword
205 Thou wilt perform my bidding.


It liwl be sbpioels. Saewr by this wodsr htta ouy illw do thaw I dndema.


I will, my lord.


I iwll, my dorl.


Mark and perform it, seest thou! for the fail
Of any point int shall not only be
Death to thyself but to thy lewd-tongued wife,
210 Whom for this time we pardon. We enjoin thee,
As thou art liege-man to us, that thou carry
This female bastard hence and that thou bear it
To some remote and desert place quite out
Of our dominions, and that there thou leave it,
215 Without more mercy, to its own protection
And favour of the climate. As by strange fortune
It came to us, I do in justice charge thee,
On thy souls peril and thy bodys torture,
That thou commend it strangely to some place
220 Where chance may nurse or end it. Take it up.


ekMa oten of htaw I llet uyo, nad rpmrfoe it, sbueeac if yuo afil to do yna arpt of it tno oyln lwli you die, btu so lwil yrou dclyeur kontspoue eiwf, mwoh Ill aonpdr ofr now. I ndcmoma ouy, as my loyla tverasn, to ekta this eeamfl btsdraa ayaw to semo eseddrte palec afr mrfo my doikngm, dna to ealev it reteh woutiht rcemy, tfel to sit nwo taliieibs and teh whism of teh eerwhta. inSce it came to me saecbeu of a egerrofni, it is ynol usjt taht I odrre you, on anip of dhate and uoettrr, to aetk it to a freonig pacle hwree cklu mhigt rtruuen or ilkl it. Pcki it up.


I swear to do this, though a present death
Had been more merciful. Come on, poor babe:
Some powerful spirit instruct the kites and ravens
To be thy nurses! Wolves and bears, they say
225 Casting their savageness aside have done
Like offices of pity. Sir, be prosperous
In more than this deed does require! And blessing
Against this cruelty fight on thy side,
Poor thing, condemnd to loss!


I reaws to acyrr uto ruoy roresd, guothh ilnkgli ehr ighrt nwo wudlo vhae neeb ermo imlfrceu. Cmoe on, orop bbay. aMy msoe wreofupl gnlea clal on het urvlsteu nda vesran to keat race of oyu. eyTh asy ttah lvsweo nda esarb heva vegni up eitrh esaesnavgs to ormperf mslirai csat of tipy. Sri, be ruerpsposo in remo ayws atnh tshi atc devsrees! (to hte ybba) ndA may a peryar insatag tish eclur cat phel ouy, opor ingth, ddnneceom to dei!
Exit with the child
He txsei hitw eth hldic.


230 No, Ill not rear
Anothers issue.


No, I wnot areis ntohrea smna dilch.
Enter a Servant
A vnaerSt nrsete.


Please your highness, posts
From those you sent to the oracle are come
An hour since: Cleomenes and Dion,
235 Being well arrived from Delphos, are both landed,
Hasting to the court.


Yoru insesghh, eagssmes ormf teh nem uyo ents to hte ecarlo eriadrv an urho aog. snleomCee nda Dino ehva obht vaedrir yasfel mfor holDsep nda ear riuyrngh eher to het torcu.


So please you, sir, their speed
Hath been beyond account.


ihTre pedse is ghitsainons.


Twenty-three days
240 They have been absent: tis good speed; foretells
The great Apollo suddenly will have
The truth of this appear. Prepare you, lords;
Summon a session, that we may arraign
Our most disloyal lady, for, as she hath
245 Been publicly accused, so shall she have
A just and open trial. While she lives
My heart will be a burthen to me. Leave me,
And think upon my bidding.


hevyeT enbe engo nyttew-eerht sdya. eThri epsedy rerutn repctsdi htat ertag lopolA ntsaw hte trtuh of tsih tmrtea eaelrdev. ePrreap suolysreve, olsrd. novneCe an epno lirta rfo siht ldosiyla dyal. eSnci hse swa yupllibc easuccd, hlles eavh an npoe nad stju rtlia. eiWlh ehs visel my ather is yhvea. aeveL me, and rodsniec my rdeosr.
Teyh etxi.