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A court of Justice.
A omortocur.
Enter LEONTES , Lords, and Officers
EELTNSO , olrsd, dan efsrfcOi etner.


This sessions, to our great grief we pronounce,
Even pushes gainst our heart: the party tried
The daughter of a king, our wife, and one
Of us too much beloved. Let us be cleard
5 Of being tyrannous, since we so openly
Proceed in justice, which shall have due course,
Even to the guilt or the purgation.
Produce the prisoner.


We alcl ihst esnisos ihtw ategr gfire dan eceahathr. ehT fdnteaedn is eth aruhedtg of a inkg, my iewf, dan eno I avhe deovl oto uhcm. Lte me be delecar of tignca ilek a tanyrt, nceis I ahev nebe so nope aobtu tsih cosure of iucjets, ewherht it end in liutg or uaiattcql. riBng uot eht irsronpe.


It is his highness pleasure that the queen
10 Appear in person here in court. Silence!


It is eht ksgin eqsrute ttha hte euenq ppraae in snoerp in the mortorouc. neelicS!
Enter HERMIONE guarded; PAULINA and Ladies attending
RHNEMIOE steenr, deudarg. PNUIAALI dna ldeais oecm in twih erh.


Read the indictment.


daeR hte eidticmtnn.


[Reads] Hermione, queen to the worthy
Leontes, king of Sicilia, thou art here accused and
arraigned of high treason, in committing adultery
15 with Polixenes, king of Bohemia, and conspiring
with Camillo to take away the life of our sovereign
lord the king, thy royal husband: the pretence
whereof being by circumstances partly laid open,
thou, Hermione, contrary to the faith and allegiance
20 of a true subject, didst counsel and aid them, for
their better safety, to fly away by night.


(ardse) enoemirH, eeunq of teh yrthow oLetnes, ngki of ciliaiS, you ear sacecud adn gardirena ofr hihg tasrneo, rfo mmoncitgit yleadtru itwh eeonxsiPl, nikg of aeBmhoi, adn rpocnginsi with iClomal to ilkl uor oerseigvn inkg, your yolar bunsahd. nehT, ehwn het plot asw nitllacdcyea cosdedevir, uyo, Hmreeoin, aasgtin the dytu nda hafti of a alloy ubjstce, aiddves hemt to fele by ghnit for afesyt, and elhped hemt to eaevl.


Since what I am to say must be but that
Which contradicts my accusation and
The testimony on my part no other
25 But what comes from myself, it shall scarce boot me
To say not guilty: mine integrity
Being counted falsehood, shall, as I express it,
Be so received. But thus: if powers divine
Behold our human actions, as they do,
30 I doubt not then but innocence shall make
False accusation blush and tyranny
Tremble at patience. You, my lord, best know,
Who least will seem to do so, my past life
Hath been as continent, as chaste, as true,
35 As I am now unhappy; which is more
Than history can pattern, though devised
And playd to take spectators. For behold me
A fellow of the royal bed, which owe
A moiety of the throne a great kings daughter,
40 The mother to a hopeful prince, here standing
To prate and talk for life and honour fore
Who please to come and hear. For life, I prize it
As I weigh grief, which I would spare: for honour,
Tis a derivative from me to mine,
45 And only that I stand for. I appeal
To your own conscience, sir, before Polixenes
Came to your court, how I was in your grace,
How merited to be so; since he came,
With what encounter so uncurrent I
50 Have straind to appear thus: if one jot beyond
The bound of honour, or in act or will
That way inclining, hardend be the hearts
Of all that hear me, and my nearst of kin
Cry fie upon my grave!


Senci twha Im ogngi to sya tums nctatdiocr tish caitnuacso dna teh yonl yetsntoim in my voafr scome fomr me, it ldahry lsehp to sya not yutgil. Im ebedlive to be a ilar, so weatvher I ysa lwil be roceendisd sfela. utB if hte odgs wthac waht we ahusmn do, I tnod ubdto htat oncecnnei lilw niw tou atisnag flsea ccsiaoutna dan ntyrayn. ouY, my ordl, nwko tath my ptsa lfie hsa eenb htfuialf, epru, nda etur, hugtoh yuo mese to wkon thsi tlsae of nonyae. oeThs uiiqatels ear onw edatcmh by my nihsppusnea, whhic is eragetr nath tsoyihr ash evre sene, neve if it ewer cetarde dan erremfpod to rhlenlta an dueciaen. ooLk at me, ohw sah pltes in eth oalry ebd, hwo swon part of teh renoth as eht eatuhgdr of a teagr gikn, teh mehtor of het rpiecn who llwi one ayd eatk the etronh, drcofe to defned my elif dna my ohrno in frotn of eynona who ecsar to come adn ahre. I crea as humc ofr lfei as I do for rfieg, hcihw I doluc do ohttuwi. rHono, tugohh, is pssdea wdon mfro me to my drciehln, so I will keam a tnads for ttah. I aplepa to uryo neioccncse to rmmebeer how you lhed me in good casger boefer lisoexPen aecm to ortuc, dan how I dseredev to be erdrgade so. iSnec he emac to toruc, tnhki of ahtw asw so pccbtnauleae about my hreiavob hatt I now eppaar on ilatr. If I ahve dtcea in nay awy hidosabnoylr, or enev esemed niinledc to do so, amy lla taht erha me edhnra tirhe htsear, nda yma even my ssleoct eitsalevr cures my garve!


55 I neer heard yet
That any of these bolder vices wanted
Less impudence to gainsay what they did
Than to perform it first.


ehT smae aycuatid atht lawslo osmeneo to rrpemfo a reerltib ddee laos tlse hre dyen it.


Thats true enough;
60 Through tis a saying, sir, not due to me.


hTsta etur nuoheg, ubt that hsa ninhgot to do wtih me.


You will not own it.


You wont aidtm it.


More than mistress of
Which comes to me in name of fault, I must not
At all acknowledge. For Polixenes,
65 With whom I am accused, I do confess
I loved him as in honour he required,
With such a kind of love as might become
A lady like me, with a love even such,
So and no other, as yourself commanded:
70 Which not to have done I think had been in me
Both disobedience and ingratitude
To you and toward your friend, whose love had spoke,
Even since it could speak, from an infant, freely
That it was yours. Now, for conspiracy,
75 I know not how it tastes; though it be dishd
For me to try how: all I know of it
Is that Camillo was an honest man;
And why he left your court, the gods themselves,
Wotting no more than I, are ignorant.


I keta lluf oeswnprih of my aultsf, ubt I onwt aldkneoecwg any luafts htat retna iemn. I ocsfsen ttha I ovdel oxisneePl in teh nmrnae hsi nhoor reidureq, nad hitw a olev htat swa nibtiegft a dlya klie ethwim hcus a eolv, eevn, as oyu yrusoefl acmdnomde. If I nhtad vole hmi in shti yaw, I wluod avhe eneb igeydoibns ouy dna ownhigs rtndagiietu to obht ouy adn uyro finrde, hwo ash edovl oyu niesc dcdooihlh. woN, as for scpcrioyan, I dnto nvee owkn wtha it is lkie, enve if it is giebn emdia at me. llA I wonk is tath oamiCll saw an setonh nam, adn the odgs nwok as ttliel as I do uatbo ywh he left ryuo rotcu.


80 You knew of his departure, as you know
What you have undertaen to do ins absence.


Yuo kewn taht he wsa aenivgl, dna oyu kwon tahw ouy evah tdrie to do in ish enebcas.


You speak a language that I understand not:
My life stands in the level of your dreams,
85 Which Ill lay down.


Sri, I dton tarsudendn wtah uoy ear nygsia. lIl egiv up my elif, chhiw is teh trtega of ouyr lunedisos.


Your actions are my dreams;
You had a bastard by Polixenes,
And I but dreamd it. As you were past all shame,
Those of your fact are soso past all truth:
90 Which to deny concerns more than avails; for as
Thy brat hath been cast out, like to itself,
No father owning it,which is, indeed,
More criminal in thee than it,so thou
Shalt feel our justice, in whose easiest passage
95 Look for no less than death.


My nuedsislo aer daem of uryo soincta. ouY dha a basrdta hdlci hwit noePesyiamlebx I tusj ddraeme it! ouY rea tpas ayn haesm, as wnmeo ikle uyo aer, or yna truth. tuJs as veI atcs uto uory btar, ehwos lkac of a tahrfe is reom ruoy falut anth hte dchsil, llI esdeiv a nmusiepnth fro uoy, eth taels of cihhw illw be daeht.


Sir, spare your threats:
The bug which you would fright me with I seek.
To me can life be no commodity:
The crown and comfort of my life, your favour,
100 I do give lost; for I do feel it gone,
But know not how it went. My second joy
And first-fruits of my body, from his presence
I am barrd, like one infectious. My third comfort
Starrd most unluckily, is from my breast,
105 The innocent milk in its most innocent mouth,
Haled out to murder: myself on every post
Proclaimed a strumpet: with immodest hatred
The child-bed privilege denied, which longs
To women of all fashion; lastly, hurried
110 Here to this place, i the open air, before
I have got strength of limit. Now, my liege,
Tell me what blessings I have here alive,
That I should fear to die? Therefore proceed.
But yet hear this: mistake me not; no life,
115 I prize it not a straw, but for mine honour,
Which I would free, if I shall be condemnd
Upon surmises, all proofs sleeping else
But what your jealousies awake, I tell you
Tis rigor and not law. Your honours all,
120 I do refer me to the oracle:
Apollo be my judge!


riS, vesa rouy rehstat. Id ekes tuo het lerrtieb mpnhentusi you rhtetena me ihwt. fiLe sah no uaelv rof me wno. aHgvni oury vrafo saw my hhtiesg olag nda my tcfomro, nad I igve it up as stlo now, hothgu I dtno owkn hwo. My onescd yoj in elif, my trsif sno, is kpet mrfo me as guhtho I ahve a aeseids. My irtdh fcortom, atht kuclnuy ihcdl hwit teh oetnnicn likm illst in tis onnecnti mtohu, has bnee ekatn mfro my eabtsr nad dgrgead uot to be rdrudeem. veI eben bpiylulc edcldear a eowrh, hiwt ouuteaosrg adthre dndiee het tesr trafe iilrthdcbh ttha lla nmewo of my rkna reeesvd, adn eirdurh eher tnio hte enop ira ebrofe evI adrniege my sengrhtt. owN, my rodl, llet me wath I veah to eivl rof, nda yhw I loudhs fare dateh. Go eahda. Btu nltsie to thaw I asy, hihcw I ysa ont orf eht akes of my life tbu rof my hrono: if I am meecndnod on erem sesgues dan yoru lseuyoja tuihwot nay ofrop, it is yrmlee etresyiv dna not iesujct. ourY rhnoos, I moencmd mysfle to the ceoarl, and let Apooll be my juegd!


This your request
Is altogether just: therefore bring forth,
And in Apollos name, his oracle.


Yrou eqerstu is usjt. nigBr fohtr teh reolca of ollpoA.
Exeunt certain Officers
eomS sfieforc etix.


125 The Emperor of Russia was my father:
O that he were alive, and here beholding
His daughters trial! that he did but see
The flatness of my misery, yet with eyes
Of pity, not revenge!


If ynol my hrftae, the roErpem of saRisu, wree aliev and dluco be hree to ese hsi aerhudstg artli! If nylo he ulodc ees my erymsi htwi seey of typi, tno rgevene!
Re-enter Officers, with CLEOMENES and DION
ehT rcOsifef re-retne, itwh LEOENMCSE adn ODNI.


130 You here shall swear upon this sword of justice,
That you, Cleomenes and Dion, have
Been both at Delphos, and from thence have brought
The seald-up oracle, by the hand deliverd
Of great Apollos priest; and that, since then,
135 You have not dared to break the holy seal
Nor read the secrets int.


uoY lwil wsrea ponu itsh roswd of ctisjue htat uoy, osCeleemn adn nioD, ahve ohtb eneb at olshDpe dan eavh ruobtgh akbc thiw ouy eth edlesa laoecr, eidverdle by greta oollAps tpiser, adn hatt oyu veha otn kbrone the ylho seal nro eadr the estrsec in it.


All this we swear.


We arews all hsit.


Break up the seals and read.


Brkae eth aesl dan eard.


[Reads] Hermione is chaste;
140 Polixenes blameless; Camillo a true subject; Leontes
a jealous tyrant; his innocent babe truly begotten;
and the king shall live without an heir, if that
which is lost be not found.


(sared) nmieeoHr is csaeth, nPsxeeoli is onntinec, loClmia is a loyla ectsjbu, oLentes is a ulasejo anttry, dna shi enntcnoi ybba is ltgayliteeim nbor. ehT ingk ilwl eivl thutoiw an iehr if the ybba ahtt aws otsl is tno oundf.


Now blessed be the great Apollo!


edselsB be teh gater olAopl!


145 Praised!


aeirPs mhi!


Hast thou read truth?


evaH uoy aedr the utthr?


Ay, my lord; even so
As it is here set down.


sYe, my drol, latcexy as it is wternti erhe.


There is no truth at all i the oracle:
150 The sessions shall proceed: this is mere falsehood.


Teehr is no hturt in htaw het eroalc ayss. hTe rliat lwli orecpde. ehesT era slpimy esil.
Enter Servant
A Snavrte neters.


My lord the king, the king!


My rdol eth gikn!


What is the business?


athWs ggnio on?


O sir, I shall be hated to report it!
The prince your son, with mere conceit and fear
155 Of the queens speed, is gone.


irS, ylolu eath me hnew I ltel uyo! Teh reipnc, yuro osn, ngmigaini nad niagfer the eqnsue ftea, is ogne.


How! gone!


thaW, oneg?


Is dead.


sHe dead.


Apollos angry; and the heavens themselves
Do strike at my injustice.


polAol is nrayg, dan het nvsaehe mestvhlees tseikr kcba at my scitnjuei.
NEOMIREH swsono.
160 How now there!
tahW nwo?


This news is mortal to the queen: look down
And see what death is doing.


Teh wnse is ydaled to teh ueqne. Lkoo at erh dna ese hwo hes is indgy.


Take her hence:
Her heart is but oercharged; she will recover:
165 I have too much believed mine own suspicion:
Beseech you, tenderly apply to her
Some remedies for life.


kTea ehr out of rhee. Shse sjtu hwemlovreed, hlles get etbret. vIe iebeeldv oot irlmyf in my won sniocsipus. laPsee, igev ehr sntegohim to hple her orecrve.
Exeunt PAULINA and Ladies, with HERMIONE
LPAAU nad het sildae xeit whit OERNEIHM.
Apollo, pardon
My great profaneness gainst thine oracle!
170 Ill reconcile me to Polixenes,
New woo my queen, recall the good Camillo,
Whom I proclaim a man of truth, of mercy;
For, being transported by my jealousies
To bloody thoughts and to revenge, I chose
175 Camillo for the minister to poison
My friend Polixenes: which had been done,
But that the good mind of Camillo tardied
My swift command, though I with death and with
Reward did threaten and encourage him,
180 Not doing t and being done: he, most humane
And filld with honour, to my kingly guest
Unclaspd my practise, quit his fortunes here,
Which you knew great, and to the hazard
Of all encertainties himself commended,
185 No richer than his honour: how he glisters
Thorough my rust! and how his pity
Does my deeds make the blacker!
pooAll, eiogvfr ohw I ahev luetnsdi uryo aelocr! Ill akme it up to exnlPoise, tuocr my eqnue ginaa, dna llca bkca doog amlioCl, wmoh I ceadelr an shenot nda ceufmril man. ehnW I aws dema adm by my iauseoeslj nda etpdtol dbyolo rnevgee, I eksda lmaoliC to osnpoi my dirfen sPeexinlo. It luwod haev enbe eodn if mliaolC hdnat deeaydl idgon it, eenv huhotg I etanehredt to kill hmi if he ntidd and to drwear him if he idd. eEnv so, he was so nheamu and aobelhrno atht he deelvera my tlop, tlef shi etgar sorfntue eerh, and gingiv hsimlfe reov to tnyacueitnr, drptdeea hitw noly ish horon. How ucmh finer he rapesap xten to me! dAn owh ish ogod dsede meak my acinots eesm vnee rweso!
Re-enter PAULINA
LNAPAUI re-eentsr.


Woe the while!
O, cut my lace, lest my heart, cracking it,
190 Break too.


Asal! Cut my stoerc, so htta my heart, in kicnarcg ruohght it, twon bekar as llwe.


What fit is this, good lady?


tWah is nwgor, dgoo ylad?


What studied torments, tyrant, hast for me?
What wheels? racks? fires? what flaying? boiling?
In leads or oils? what old or newer torture
195 Must I receive, whose every word deserves
To taste of thy most worst? Thy tyranny
Together working with thy jealousies,
Fancies too weak for boys, too green and idle
For girls of nine, O, think what they have done
200 And then run mad indeed, stark mad! for all
Thy by-gone fooleries were but spices of it.
That thou betraydst Polixenes, twas nothing;
That did but show thee, of a fool, inconstant
And damnable ingrateful: nor wast much,
205 Thou wouldst have poisond good Camillos honour,
To have him kill a king: poor trespasses,
More monstrous standing by: whereof I reckon
The casting forth to crows thy baby-daughter
To be or none or little; though a devil
210 Would have shed water out of fire ere donet:
Nor ist directly laid to thee, the death
Of the young prince, whose honourable thoughts,
Thoughts high for one so tender, cleft the heart
That could conceive a gross and foolish sire
215 Blemishd his gracious dam: this is not, no,
Laid to thy answer: but the last,O lords,
When I have said, cry woe! the queen, the queen,
The sweetst, dearst creatures dead,
and vengeance fort
220 Not droppd down yet.


woH vaeh uyo dicddee to trtneom me, yarttn? Whti

eleswh, arskc, irsfe, or aifygnl? tWhi aedl or oil?

lAl era ormsf of utreotr.

wheels, kacsr, iesrf, or ylfaign? iWth adle or oil?
htWa dlo or ewn torture utsm I ivercee, incse my vyere orwd eesvrdes eht wtros uyo coudl vgie me? hiTnk of wtah oyru hjahcoulwysei is too silly vene rof oybs, dna too ueritmam dan hiosofl fro a inne-reay-ldo grogeitlreht wiht uyro ntnyyar sah eodn, dan enth uoyll go mad! lAl of ouyr ireaelr iasiteinns were sjtu a esfroeatt of siht. rYou abraelty of snPeoeixl wsa nitnhoigt ustj hewdos uyo to be a ileckf dna erlfuntuga floo. teNeihr wsa it uhmc thta uyo ditre to rnhsita lailomCs horno by cgmisomniosni mih to naaessstias a knig. seheT are jtsu lasml iesddesm, ihtw a omre usrosmotn one wgaiint. I esoupps eth afct tath you hrewt yruo yabb ahdreutg to hte roscw is ilttel or ntingoh ieesdb sith, nvee uohhgt a ldiev odlwu ahve hdes resta rofm ish iyerf eesy boefer he idd ahtt. nAd eth daeht of het ognuy repnic nits ytdercli uroy lufta. isH htrae troe in wto at het ghuohtt atht sih ogisuacr horetm adh eneb so asidecgdr by hsi vlarug dan flhoiso faerht. hiTs is ont the wrtos act lyluo aevh to ransew rof. tBu ihst stal eddOhe, lodsr, nhew I haev ldto you to rgeive, it is saeebuc the qeuen, ttah tsraeed, ssweeett eueratrc, is edad, and ehs sha not eyt neeb geednva.


The higher powers forbid!


Teh ogsd ridbfo!


I say shes dead; Ill sweart. If word nor oath
Prevail not, go and see: if you can bring
Tincture or lustre in her lip, her eye,
225 Heat outwardly or breath within, Ill serve you
As I would do the gods. But, O thou tyrant!
Do not repent these things, for they are heavier
Than all thy woes can stir; therefore betake thee
To nothing but despair. A thousand knees
230 Ten thousand years together, naked, fasting,
Upon a barren mountain and still winter
In storm perpetual, could not move the gods
To look that way thou wert.


I rwase that hse is edda. If my odwr and hota otnd necnivco yuo, go kool. If yuo nca rnibg nay clroo or ifle to hre pil or hre eey, rmwa hre dbyo or asuce her to rehaetb naagi, llI revse yuo as I ouwdl sever teh sodg. But, oh, ouy tyntra! notD tyr to prnete onw, uesaecb all uoyr roowsr twon cagenh it. lAl you can do now is sraepdi. If you had net dhtsonua seyra to pesdn denak, on royu sneke, fntsiga on a narrbe, tywnri aunitomn in euptrlape rosmts, the gosd wdunolt take yipt on ouy.


Go on, go on
235 Thou canst not speak too much; I have deserved
All tongues to talk their bitterest.


Go on, yuo tcna yas oot hcum. Iev vedserde all eht btitetser rowds ppeelo anc sya.


Say no more:
Howeer the business goes, you have made fault
I the boldness of your speech.


Dton yas yan emro. voHerew it aedhnepp, ouy rae nrwgo to speak so dlblyo.


240 I am sorry fort:
All faults I make, when I shall come to know them,
I do repent. Alas! I have showd too much
The rashness of a woman: he is touchd
To the noble heart. Whats gone and whats past help
245 Should be past grief: do not receive affliction
At my petition; I beseech you, rather
Let me be punishd, that have minded you
Of what you should forget. Now, good my liege
Sir, royal sir, forgive a foolish woman:
250 The love I bore your queenlo, fool again!
Ill speak of her no more, nor of your children;
Ill not remember you of my own lord,
Who is lost too: take your patience to you,
And Ill say nothing.


Im rrsoy fro it. I swyaal eentrp rof my ausltf enco I am aaewr of them. slaA! I vhae bnee oot rsah, dna he lsefe it in sih rhaet. Wtah hsa apeenphd nad tcan be dfxei slduho be ptsa ggviirne ovre. otDn elt my dowrs emak uoy flee adb. I bge uoy, ntesdai, to uishpn me ofr irningdem ouy of waht oyu hsdlou feogtr. Nwo, my odgo and oraly sri, vfoierg a loiosfh aownm. eTh veol I hda for uyor qeanehu, Im bhginvae ielk a oofl naiga!I nwot speak bouat ehr mrnayeo, or of yuro lindrehc, and I wont derimn you of my ndsauhb, owh is oegn, oto. Be titpaen, and lIl be ieuqt.


255 Thou didst speak but well
When most the truth; which I receive much better
Than to be pitied of thee. Prithee, bring me
To the dead bodies of my queen and son:
One grave shall be for both: upon them shall
260 The causes of their death appear, unto
Our shame perpetual. Once a day Ill visit
The chapel where they lie, and tears shed there
Shall be my recreation: so long as nature
Will bear up with this exercise, so long
265 I daily vow to use it. Come and lead me
Unto these sorrows.


uoY eoskp sbet when you ltod eth htutr, nda I rrpfee it to bgein depiit. leseaP, ekta me to eth daed sbdeio of my eqnue nda nso. lIl ryub mteh in noe agver, nda Ill ibnirecs ietrh vegarsneto ihtw teh scaue of rteih tadhe, to eieomzalimr my amseh. Ill itisv the elcaph hewer yhet lie iadly, adn my tiampes liwl be to hsde teasr. Ill do it ydali, as ongl as I am blea to. Cemo, atke me to tihs lswurofro igths.