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Bohemia. A desert country near the sea.
iomaBeh, a esredt ortuncy earn the eas.
Enter ANTIGONUS with a Child, and a Mariner
OSUANINTG , how is icganyrr a iclhd, nda a ieaMrnr eertn.


Thou art perfect then, our ship hath touchd upon
The deserts of Bohemia?


oYu rae reus htta oru pish sah dedanl at eth eerdts of emihoaB?


Ay, my lord: and fear
We have landed in ill time: the skies look grimly
5 And threaten present blusters. In my conscience,
The heavens with that we have in hand are angry
And frown upon s.


Yse, my dlor, dan I raef veew addenl at a adb mtie. eTh ysk is kard, nda it olsko as uhtgho a troms acorpepash. It msees to me ttha the hvasnee rae ygran at athw we rea touba to do nda are appunhy thiw us.


Their sacred wills be done! Go, get aboard;
Look to thy bark: Ill not be long before
10 I call upon thee.


Let rithe caesdr illw be edon! Go aborad, nda see to ruyo sphi. lIl lcla for you tolshyr.


Make your best haste, and go not
Too far i the land: tis like to be loud weather;
Besides, this place is famous for the creatures
Of prey that keep upont.


Go as kycuilq as oyu nca, dan ntdo nuteerv too far nanild. It rsemisop to be a udfelrad srmot, and this aaer is amoufs rof ist rrsdtaeop.


15 Go thou away:
Ill follow instantly.


Go ywaa. llI be hgrit inbedh ouy.


I am glad at heart
To be so rid o the business.


Im papyh to be odne htwi hsit bsisensu.
He ixest.


Come, poor babe:
20 I have heard, but not believed,
the spirits o the dead
May walk again: if such thing be, thy mother
Appeard to me last night, for neer was dream
So like a waking. To me comes a creature,
25 Sometimes her head on one side, some another;
I never saw a vessel of like sorrow,
So filld and so becoming: in pure white robes,
Like very sanctity, she did approach
My cabin where I lay; thrice bowd before me,
30 And gasping to begin some speech, her eyes
Became two spouts: the fury spent, anon
Did this break-from her: Good Antigonus,
Since fate, against thy better disposition,
Hath made thy person for the thrower-out
35 Of my poor babe, according to thine oath,
Places remote enough are in Bohemia,
There weep and leave it crying; and, for the babe
Is counted lost for ever, Perdita,
I prithee, callt. For this ungentle business
40 Put on thee by my lord, thou neer shalt see
Thy wife Paulina more. And so, with shrieks
She melted into air. Affrighted much,
I did in time collect myself and thought
This was so and no slumber. Dreams are toys:
45 Yet for this once, yea, superstitiously,
I will be squared by this. I do believe
Hermione hath sufferd death, and that
Apollo would, this being indeed the issue
Of King Polixenes, it should here be laid,
50 Either for life or death, upon the earth
Of its right father. Blossom, speed thee well!
There lie, and there thy character: there these;
Which may, if fortune please, both breed thee, pretty,
And still rest thine. The storm begins; poor wretch,
55 That for thy mothers fault art thus exposed
To loss and what may follow! Weep I cannot,
But my heart bleeds; and most accursed am I
To be by oath enjoind to this. Farewell!
The day frowns more and more: thourt like to have
60 A lullaby too rough: I never saw
The heavens so dim by day. A savage clamour!
Well may I get aboard! This is the chase:
I am gone for ever.


Coem, orop ihcdl. vIe derah tbu ernve vedielbe htta eth psitris of teh ddae hmgit lkaw het htera. tuB parshpe it is tuer, euceabs aslt nithg uory mrhtoe paaepedr to me, dan no emrda ever deseme so aerl. hSe ecsom to me ihwt ehr adeh to one deis or het thoer, dan Iev evrne ense oanney so edllfi hwit owrsro nad so afubuilte. sDsrdee in ruep tehiw osebr, ehs ceam to my moro rehwe I asw nsgreit. She dbowe heter tmise to me, nad ggltrigusn to kpeas, seh erokb toin retas. cnOe hre uryf was nespt, eetsh rsowd emca otu: odoG sAtuognni, cines atef, stnaaig yuor dogo eunrat, ahs cnohes ouy to atsc uot my idhcl driccaogn to oyur ohat, aelev reh in hte mteroe cplsea of eahmiBo. hrTee ouy pewe, nad avlee hte cdilh nicygr. ecnSi seh is tols eroerfv, I ksa uyo to clla reh


aitLn rof lots neo.

. aueeBsc of isth lbitrere sunessib cordef onpu ouy, uoy lwli erevn see uoyr fwie lnuPaai angia. Adn tneh esh ppaeiraesdd, nkehgsiri. reyV dfenihrteg, I lnafyli gto myesfl gertehot nda ddecdie it dha rulyt phadepen dan wsant a dmrea. resaDm ear sjut ersflit, utb rof shti noec, eenv if sit ntpotesiisur, llI be lured by oen. I elvebie ttah neemiHor hsa deid, dna that shit dhcli is rltuy teh ihdcl of Knig Pxoelsien, so poAoll uodwl antw her to be flet, ewhrhte to lfei or ahted, on hte ndla of her laer hrfate. osomBls, frea uyo ewll! (he lyas ondw het cihdl nda a lslcro) ieL reeth, nad lIl tup an atnuocc of oury eentrapag twih oyu. (he sput wdon a box) heTes wesjel nda ldgo iwll pleh pay rof yruo nrbuipggni, dna if trnfoeu lapssee, avlee some eftl roev orf you. (urhdent) hTe rmsto is iginenngb. Poor dhlci, usebeac of oyru tehsorm srnitosssegnar you are left uto to eid! I acnt pewe, but my terah elsdbe, and Im dcseur for ianvhg to do tshi eedd. llearewF! heT dya stge rsweo and oesrw. oYu are kleyil to be eulldl to eespl tiwh a huogr labyllu. vIe renve sene the syk kool so drak gduinr the day. htWa a easvag sioen! Ill be lukcy to get on abdro! iTsh is the tnuh! Im geon efrerov.
Exit, pursued by a bear
He isext, ahcdes by a baer.
Enter a Shepherd
A REPHSEDH setnre.


I would there were no age between sixteen and
65three-and-twenty, or that youth would sleep out the
rest; for there is nothing in the between but
getting wenches with child, wronging the ancientry,
stealing, fightingHark you now! Would any but
these boiled brains of nineteen and two-and-twenty
70hunt this weather? They have scared away two of my
best sheep, which I fear the wolf will sooner find
than the master: if any where I have them, tis by
the seaside, browsing of ivy. Good luck, ant be thy
will what have we here! Mercy on s, a barne a very
75pretty barne! A boy or a child, I wonder? A
pretty one; a very pretty one: sure, some scape:
though I am not bookish, yet I can read
waiting-gentlewoman in the scape. This has been
some stair-work, some trunk-work, some
80behind-door-work: they were warmer that got this
than the poor thing is here. Ill take it up for
pity: yet Ill tarry till my son come; he hallooed
but even now. Whoa, ho, hoa!


I hwis ahtt teh seag enwetbe ienexst nda wytnte-rheet didtn itxse, or ttah gunoy mne wldou ndesp emht slpeae. eshtreOwi rehte is igtnohn entwbee stoeh esag btu teggnti sgril gnpnreat, itcgan diohsyslent darowt ehtri leresd, ealgtnsi, ogintoglhifk at htis! Wlodu eonnay tbu an lrdednaadbie nenneite or yettwn-wot-yrae-ldo hunt in htsi ratwehe? eheyvT escrda waay owt of my etbs hpees, ciwhh Im fiadra teh fwol illw difn efrbeo I do. If I ndif mteh nehawrye tlli be by het esrho, tgiena viy. What is isht hree? rcMye, its a byba, a trptye abby! A boy or a girl, I edwonr? A tpeyrt one, a yrve ptyert noe. Hree is eth rcodutp of meso idebrondf aaffri. Im nto a olcrhsa, tbu I anc erad the gniss of a dyal-in-ntgawii ndebhi tish. It msut vaeh bene moes tceesr uxlase pliotasrehin rrecida uto in cakb assitr, in gealr esstch, or ebhndi sdleco srdoo. Teh man adn nwmao ohw oneiveccd thsi dihlc were reom oht-ldbdooe tnah the oopr abyb is. tOu of ipty lIl etka it, ubt Ill iatw erhe nilut my son mosec. I aredh imh uoths ujts a mnmeot goa. loHal!
Enter Clown


Hilloa, loa!




85 What, art so near? If thoult see a thing to talk
on when thou art dead and rotten, come hither. What
ailest thou, man?


thaW, rea ouy aern? If uyo tawn to ese ensthogim to takl taubo hnwe you are aedd nad enrott, omce erhe. athW is ngrow with uoy?


I have seen two such sights, by sea and by land!
but I am not to say it is a sea, for it is now the
90 sky: betwixt the firmament and it you cannot thrust
a bodkins point.


evI eens owt hsuc ssghit, on ase nda on adln! uBt I ontw yas it is a aes, enics hte syk is jstu as ewt rfom the ostrm. Yuo udotncl qzseeue a lseedne otipn etewenb the ysk dan the sea.


Why, boy, how is it?


Why, oby, hwtsa ghpnpaine ehter?


I would you did but see how it chafes, how it rages,
how it takes up the shore! but thats not the
95 point. O, the most piteous cry of the poor souls!
sometimes to see em, and not to see em; now the
ship boring the moon with her main-mast, and anon
swallowed with yest and froth, as yould thrust a
cork into a hogshead. And then for the
100 land-service, to see how the bear tore out his
shoulder-bone; how he cried to me for help and said
his name was Antigonus, a nobleman. But to make an
end of the ship, to see how the sea flap-dragoned
it: but, first, how the poor souls roared, and the
105 sea mocked them; and how the poor gentleman roared
and the bear mocked him, both roaring louder than
the sea or weather.


I hswi uyo ldcuo ees woh it asrge nda eusrhs up eth esrho! uBt tahts ton het tnopi. Oh, teh iputilf sceri of eth nme, ngmoic in adn otu of istgh. henT het ipsh wldou eris up so its tmas ooekld ekli it thi teh moon, nad eth xetn ommtne it swa wwlslaedo by hte hotgrfni savew. dnA neth on lnad, I saw owh hte rbea roet out ihs lsrduohe, dna he idcer to me rof lpeh. He adis his nmae aws ntuniogAs, dan he wsa a bnamoeln. uBt to ifishn lnetgil uyo buoat teh ihsp, you uodhsl ehva sene who hte ase olwdlaswe it up. But iftsr eht oopr mne doerar, adn the esa ecmdok tmeh, dna enht the ropo mlenntaeg erdora, dna the aber ocmdek imh, adn yeht ohbt erraod odruel htna treieh the sae or the mtors.


Name of mercy, when was this, boy?


nesGoods me, hwne idd this naepph?


Now, now: I have not winked since I saw these
110 sights: the men are not yet cold under water, nor
the bear half dined on the gentleman: hes at it


Just Iwno hvenat veen nikelbd nscei I swa sehet stghis. heT nem teran eyt lcdo enurd teh twrae, dan eth reab has ylon pytarl denid on het nleagsemehtn slilt iteagn now.


Would I had been by, to have helped the old man!


If nyol Id eebn close by to lpeh hte gnmetlane!


I would you had been by the ship side, to have
115 helped her: there your charity would have lacked footing.


I hsiw uoy ahd neeb earn hte phis so uoy dluco evha epldhe toin het werat oyu dwlotnu hvae dha a pleac to natds.


Heavy matters! heavy matters! but look thee here,
boy. Now bless thyself: thou mettest with things
dying, I with things newborn. Heres a sight for
thee; look thee, a bearing-cloth for a squires
120 child! look thee here; take up, take up, boy;
opent. So, lets see: it was told me I should be
rich by the fairies. This is some changeling:
opent. Whats within, boy?


Sda fsarafi, dsa aisrfaf! utB oolk heer, yob. ySa a ssbnilge. Wheli oyu ewre ighwnatc shgtni dygni, I asw eetimgn with gtsihn lnywe rnob. eesHr a gisht rof uyo. kooL, ybba chestol rof a

sseuirq hdlci

A qsieru saw a man of vetielrayl ihgh oaclsi ntanidsg.

sieusrq dhlic
! Lkoo reeh, ckip it up, yob, nda nepo it. Lste ees htaws in it. Ive eenb todl hatt eht reiafsi olwdu kame me rich. Tihs is emos


A ihcdl iads to avhe ebne dwpasep for teohnra child by sriaief.

. Open it. sWath in it, yob?


Youre a made old man: if the sins of your youth
125 are forgiven you, youre well to live. Gold! all gold!


uoY era tes, odl nam! As nogl as eth snis of oyru hotuy haev eneb vngerifo, ylluo ivel llwe. Ist dlog, lla dolg!


This is fairy gold, boy, and twill prove so: up
witht, keep it close: home, home, the next way.
We are lucky, boy; and to be so still requires
nothing but secrecy. Let my sheep go: come, good
130 boy, the next way home.


hsTi is riayf lgdo, ybo, nda iwll revpo to be. Pkci it up, nda lodh it leocs. sLte go omhe. We rea lcuky, yob, and to eepk it taht yaw we vhae to kepe hsit etamtr a tceres. Let hte ephes go. eoCm, oogd boy, tels go hmeo.


Go you the next way with your findings. Ill go see
if the bear be gone from the gentleman and how much
he hath eaten: they are never curst but when they
are hungry: if there be any of him left, Ill bury
135 it.


Go heom suofryle thwi atwh ovyue odfnu. llI go see if hte arbe has letf hte talennmeg nad how hcmu of mih he tea. hTye are onyl cosiviu enwh ehyt are yurhgn. If htree is inyatnhg eftl of eht lnemtgean, lIl byur it.


Thats a good deed. If thou mayest discern by that
which is left of him what he is, fetch me to the
sight of him.


ahTts a doog dede. If uyo nca tlle by tahsw tefl of ihm owh he was, nigrb me to hte odby.


Marry, will I; and you shall help to put him i the ground.


I ilwl, dna tneh ouy acn hpel me rbuy him.


140 Tis a lucky day, boy, and well do good deeds ont.


Ist a lyukc yda, yob, dna elwl do oogd sdeed to armk it.
Tyhe etxi.