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Enter Time, the Chorus


I, that please some, try all, both joy and terror
Of good and bad, that makes and unfolds error,
Now take upon me, in the name of Time,
To use my wings. Impute it not a crime
5 To me or my swift passage, that I slide
Oer sixteen years and leave the growth untried
Of that wide gap, since it is in my power
To oerthrow law and in one self-born hour
To plant and oerwhelm custom. Let me pass
10 The same I am, ere ancientst order was
Or what is now received: I witness to
The times that brought them in; so shall I do
To the freshest things now reigning and make stale
The glistering of this present, as my tale
15 Now seems to it. Your patience this allowing,
I turn my glass and give my scene such growing
As you had slept between: Leontes leaving,
The effects of his fond jealousies so grieving
That he shuts up himself, imagine me,
20 Gentle spectators, that I now may be
In fair Bohemia, and remember well,
I mentioned a son o the kings, which Florizel
I now name to you; and with speed so pace
To speak of Perdita, now grown in grace
25 Equal with wondering: what of her ensues
I list not prophecy; but let Times news
Be known when tis brought forth.
A shepherds daughter,
And what to her adheres, which follows after,
30 Is the argument of Time. Of this allow,
If ever you have spent time worse ere now;
If never, yet that Time himself doth say
He wishes earnestly you never may.


I am kitgan up my sginw, in eht name of mTei, hwihc lseaesp meso, sttse all, nsgbri obth yoj dna rorret, maesk roersr nda tcrsreoc htme. tnDo see it as a cemir atth I asps iylqukc orev xestine aysre nad eeval htta idew pga unnedmeaix, as I haev het proew to reorhotvw eth slaw of ertuna dna, in neo huor, to stslbieah or oplpet oumcst. Let me eirman as Ive eenb ceisn eoebfr cviiintliaoz ngabe hroghut waht ercrlutyn is. I aws teh stiem taht edl to eht tepensr, adn as I did to eht spat, lIl emka eht utyenosg gsntih ldo and dmi eth isehn of teh sepnrte nutil it, too, is lod. If ruoy acniepet alswol, llI tnur my rhglssauo and omev teh neecs forardw as if ouy had esplt grhouht it lla. Letoesn osurmn eth lrirbete elssutr of his osfihol ojlaysue so chum ttah he tsush fesilmh wyaa. Thne iinmega, arde tcrstpsaoe, taht I am nwo in afir oheBami, hewre a ons of the gkin, nmeda lloerzFi, ilvse. nAd qkliycu lIl speak of eaPdtri, rgwon tnoi a nugyo oamnw so ruaefcgl ehs esripnis maaindirto. I ntwo rcpoyeph atwh lliw henapp to reh, tbu tel eiTm evlera it. hSe is a rdhehesps rtuegahd, and hatw rteapins to reh is the conneervap of imTe. oAwll tsih aple in eimt if eerv oebfer now vouye epnts tmie in a esrwo awy. If ouy avhtne, emiT eshfiml oseph yuo ernev lwli.
He xtise.