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Bohemia. The palace of POLIXENES.
Bhmieao. hTe aacelp of SNEIXELOP


I pray thee, good Camillo, be no more importunate:
tis a sickness denying thee any thing; a death to
grant this.


I gbe oyu, olimalC, tsop ebgin so erstpeitsn. tsI irreblte to ndye yuo nhgnyati, tub it dulwo be tdeha to nagrt shti.


It is sixteen years since I saw my country: though
5 I have for the most part been aired abroad, I
desire to lay my bones there. Besides, the penitent
king, my master, hath sent for me; to whose feeling
sorrows I might be some allay, or I oerween to
think so, which is another spur to my departure.


Its bnee neixtse reyas isnec veI esne my ctuoryn. ohuglthA Iev dilev aborad so lgon, I tnaw to be uebdri at hmeo. esdBsie, my rsatem, hte kgin, ersrget hsi asoncit adn hsa etns rof me. ehsarPp I nca ease shi greif, if Im otn too pstrsuuuopem in htinnigk I hmigt, nad atth saemk my ueadrrept lal the orem ntegur.


10 As thou lovest me, Camillo, wipe not out the rest of
thy services by leaving me now: the need I have of
thee thine own goodness hath made; better not to
have had thee than thus to want thee: thou, having
made me businesses which none without thee can
15 sufficiently manage, must either stay to execute
them thyself or take away with thee the very
services thou hast done; which if I have not enough
considered, as too much I cannot, to be more
thankful to thee shall be my study, and my profit
20 therein the heaping friendships. Of that fatal
country, Sicilia, prithee speak no more; whose very
naming punishes me with the remembrance of that
penitent, as thou callest him, and reconciled king,
my brother; whose loss of his most precious queen
25 and children are even now to be afresh lamented.
Say to me, when sawest thou the Prince Florizel, my
son? Kings are no less unhappy, their issue not
being gracious, than they are in losing them when
they have approved their virtues.


If oyu olve me, lmCoila, nodt ouencrne eth ters of oryu cesrevi to me by nlivaeg me won. sIt oyru nwo eclexnelec ttah kamse me nede ouy so hcmu. It wodul aveh nebe ttreeb nto to ehav nnowk uoy at lal athn to msis oyu. ceniS yoevu medanag tatsmer here in a way htat no eon acn do thwtuoi yuo, uyo msut hretei asyt adn ees tmhe ghhuotr or keta meth hitw oyu. If I ehntav ebne hlkuftan gehoanndu I ncat be oto tnfhlkluIal pypal fmysle to it neve eomr dan ifdn my pifort in rouy treag edsrhiinpf. eaelPs ndto speak of htat ydaedl tnroucy, iSclaii, aornmye. stI ryve mnae hutrs by nigkam me breeremm thta sraefeusrlom you alcl amdihn idnrocceel gkni, hoews osls of his ucespoir neeuq and edrnclhi douhls be reudnom aewn enev onw. Tlle me, nweh idd you stla ees my nos, Pcerni rFloiezl? ngKsi aer sjtu as uyaphpn wneh rhtie hlnrcdie are ton tusurivo as nhwe eyht oesl htem rftae teehyv rvpode eihrt iursvet.


30 Sir, it is three days since I saw the prince. What
his happier affairs may be, are to me unknown: but I
have missingly noted, he is of late much retired
from court and is less frequent to his princely
exercises than formerly he hath appeared.


riS, it has eben herte dasy einsc I was eht reipnc. I odnt nowk awth shseippan he timgh aveh, tbu I have etdicno htat aetyll seh emro onfte nbaets ofmr hte utorc nad cetelgulfn of shi reypilcn tiduse hant in the atps.


35 I have considered so much, Camillo, and with some
care; so far that I have eyes under my service which
look upon his removedness; from whom I have this
intelligence, that he is seldom from the house of a
most homely shepherd; a man, they say, that from
40 very nothing, and beyond the imagination of his
neighbours, is grown into an unspeakable estate.


I vhae gthhtuo aotub shit, nad with omes rnnceoc, allmCio, so mhuc so taht veI had oesm of my vsaertsn ekep an yee on imh hwlie esh eneb baetns. mrFo meth veI endrale atht he is fnote at hte hoem of a limeps hpdsrhee, a man, they say, who ahs gone morf hngtino to gznmiaa rhcise, rageetr tnha yan of shi rignosehb ulcdo heav gnimeiad.


I have heard, sir, of such a man, who hath a
daughter of most rare note: the report of her is
extended more than can be thought to begin from such a cottage.


Ive aedrh of shcu a nma, isr, hwo has a otms xpaeitlncoe teuadghr. ahtW eeplpo asy of erh is oynebd atwh oen udwlo cxepet to evha meco frmo chsu a etctoag.


45 Thats likewise part of my intelligence; but, I
fear, the angle that plucks our son thither. Thou
shalt accompany us to the place; where we will, not
appearing what we are, have some question with the
shepherd; from whose simplicity I think it not
50 uneasy to get the cause of my sons resort thither.
Prithee, be my present partner in this business, and
lay aside the thoughts of Sicilia.


eIv drhea het amse thngi, dan I frae htta hses awht ktsae my sno reeth. uYo slhla go whit me to taht laecp, nad in uesdsigi llew oisunetq teh deephshr, swheo ipmlse enartu I nithk iwll make it ysae to dnfi uot ywh my son stviis heter. sPeael, be my apnrert in tsih tmarte and roegtf uoabt iaiiScl.


I willingly obey your command.


I lwnigyill eboy uyor docnamm.


My best Camillo! We must disguise ourselves.


lWfordnue iaCmoll! We mtus guidisse slvorusee.
eyTh exti.