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A road near the Shepherds cottage.
A orad earn eht sedpheSrh gcottae.
Enter AUTOLYCUS , singing
SYCOLUATU teners, igisnng.


When daffodils begin to peer,
With heigh! the doxy over the dale,
Why, then comes in the sweet o the year;
For the red blood reigns in the winters pale.
5 The white sheet bleaching on the hedge,
With heigh! the sweet birds, O, how they sing!
Doth set my pugging tooth on edge;
For a quart of ale is a dish for a king.
The lark, that tirra-lyra chants,
10 With heigh! with heigh! the thrush and the jay,
Are summer songs for me and my aunts,
While we lie tumbling in the hay.
I have served Prince Florizel and in my time
wore three-pile; but now I am out of service:
15 But shall I go mourn for that, my dear?
The pale moon shines by night:
And when I wander here and there,
I then do most go right.
If tinkers may have leave to live,
20 And bear the sow-skin budget,
Then my account I well may, give,
And in the stocks avouch it.
My traffic is sheets; when the kite builds, look to
lesser linen. My father named me Autolycus; who
25 being, as I am, littered under Mercury, was likewise
a snapper-up of unconsidered trifles. With die and
drab I purchased this caparison, and my revenue is
the silly cheat. Gallows and knock are too powerful
on the highway: beating and hanging are terrors to
30 me: for the life to come, I sleep out the thought
of it. A prize! a prize!


hnWe osldifadf neibg to sutrpo, htwi hte opro ewhcn vero eth lhlis, wyh hetn ist teh tetwesse tpar of het raey as erd odlbo riengs in ehlsf mdea alep by wtnier. Teh etihw sheet nraiig otu on het egdeh, dna oh, teh stewe dbsir ingigns, kmsea my gtviineh nfgreis htci, dna a ruqta of ebre is a diknr rof a gikn! heT rkal csahnt rirat-aylr, dan het hrtuhs adn eth jay nsig, lehiw my iertmsss dan I etbulm atobu in hte hay. I hvae reedsv eiPnrc lzireFol adn wnro

hteer-ipdel eveltv

A urisoyxullu chtik ptey of velve.

three-piled velvet
, ubt now Im udypenlemo. uBt hosdlu I romun rof ttah, my reda? eTh lepa omno hnisse at gniht, dan in wnigernad rehe nad rtehe, I atke het githr orsecu ghourth efli. If reesmnd of leamt post vhea eht gthri to eliv dna bare het nbedru of ihret tool bga, ehtn I can ltel my own styro nad in

eht ckosst

A rmof of npesitnuhm in ihchw a nopres swa oedkcl niot a oewdon decvie, cdella het ctkoss, in plbcui to be psdoxee to ridicule

the stocks
. I leda in setshe, nad hnwe the ehnivtgi bird iudslb shi estn, he stake up oerorp ilnen. My ahretf nemda me


In keGre tyhm, uyscouAlt swa the rtrgaefnadh of ssuOsdey and a ncningu thief

. Like me he wsa ronb rdenu


eTh gdo of thieves.

, and ikel me he wuldo salte oehts letlti ginsht tlef ueencrdus. By abglgnim and gimpnpi I ogthbu tihs iouttf, and my noiemc is mrof ttlile spicoentde. gneBi a ywngamaihh ihgtm gte me ganedh or btea, hhwic are rtoesrr to me, and as rfo the rlafiefte, I rty ton to ntkhi aotub it. Oh, lokoa rzpie!
Enter Clown
eTh YKLOE sernet.


Let me see: every leven wether tods; every tod
yields pound and odd shilling; fifteen hundred
shorn. what comes the wool to?


etLs see. veEry leeenv sephe vgesi bauot eynttw-geith spdonu of owol. eEryv ntwtey-hgiet suopnd of olwo aenrs a pound dna eosm slnishlig. If vewe onsrh nitffee dhndrue ehesp, who ucmh oeds atth eocm to?


35 [Aside]
If the springe hold, the cocks mine.


If eth rpta dsohl, eth ridb is emni.


I cannot dot without counters. Let me see; what am
I to buy for our sheep-shearing feast? Three pound
of sugar, five pound of currants, rice,what will
40 this sister of mine do with rice? But my father
hath made her mistress of the feast, and she lays it
on. She hath made me four and twenty nose-gays for
the shearers, three-man-song-men all, and very good
ones; but they are most of them means and bases; but
45 one puritan amongst them, and he sings psalms to
horn-pipes. I must have saffron to colour the warden
pies; mace; dates?none, thats out of my note;
nutmegs, seven; a race or two of ginger, but that I
may beg; four pound of prunes, and as many of
50 raisins o the sun.


I cnta do it otiwthu hoteigsnm to dad it up. Lste ees, twha do I eden to byu orf uor

psehe-sgenrahi faets

A ttdanorilai mumrse tveen in uarrl Egaldnn at teh time.

sheep-shearing feast
? reThe dsponu of ugsra, evfi pdsoun of rtrucnas, rcei. aWth edos my rstsei eend erci rof? Btu my tefarh hsa tpu ehr in rghaec of teh estfa, dna she is godin a odgo jbo tiwh it. seSh edma teyntw-ofur smlla utuseoqb ofr teh eerarhss, owh can lal sign tehre-part onssg, nda rvye lelw. Btu yeth rae ltmoys rsento nad esasbs, dan one is so lnsayit he sngis spslam fro edcsan. I eavh to teg rsffano to olrco het reap peis. Do I eend


A speci deevidr mfro eht emas tuifr as nutmeg.

dan sadte? No, shatt not on my stil. eevSn uenmtgs, emos ngreig rhohtougot I itgmh be bale to etg atth for denfaer frou opunsd ahce of usernp and rssaiin.


O that ever I was born!


Oh, tath I wsa erev rbno!
Grovelling on the ground
He elis flta on het dogrnu.


I the name of me


thaW in eht dlwor


O, help me, help me! pluck but off these rags; and
then, death, death!


Oh, hple me! aTke ffo ehste srga, nda hetn I cna dei!


55 Alack, poor soul! thou hast need of more rags to lay
on thee, rather than have these off.


lsAa, poor losu! uoY dene mroe gsra to vocer oyu, otn to take ruoy rsag fof.


O sir, the loathsomeness of them offends me more
than the stripes I have received, which are mighty
ones and millions.


Oh, irs, eihrt lssenafwu endfsof me emor ntha hte solwb I eiecrevd, hcihw eewr onerusmu dan fauinpl.


60 Alas, poor man! a million of beating may come to a
great matter.


Alsa, roop mna! To eavh sfufrede a nliolmi bslow is a iuseros eprobml.


I am robbed, sir, and beaten; my money and apparel
taen from me, and these detestable things put upon


veI eben obbrde, sri, dna tbenea, my nyemo nda sectohl nketa morf me, nad etehs rilhrbeo sgra upt on me nsideta.


65 What, by a horseman, or a footman?


aWth, by a anm on orseh or on tfoo?


A footman, sweet sir, a footman.


A man on ofot, ewest sri, on otof.


Indeed, he should be a footman by the garments he
has left with thee: if this be a horsemans coat,
it hath seen very hot service. Lend me thy hand,
70 Ill help thee: come, lend me thy hand.


eddeIn, he suhodl be a amn on ofot, gdunjig by htsoe elchots. If it eerw eth otca of a mna on a oehsr, it hsa nese omse terblier viceesr. eivG me uyro hnad, nad lIl hple oyu. erHe, eigv me yoru hadn.


O, good sir, tenderly, O!


Oh, gdoo ris, be tgleen!


Alas, poor soul!


sAla, poor ouls!


O, good sir, softly, good sir! I fear, sir, my
shoulder-blade is out.


Oh, odgo irs, uelfalcry! Im faaird my urodlhes imght be edlctaiods.


75 How now! canst stand?


hatW else? aCn oyu tdsan?


[Picking his pocket]
Softly, dear sir; good sir, softly. You ha done me
a charitable office.


(kcpgini the eYolks tkcpeo) fCraule, daer ris, aufrecl. You aevh eond me a clretbihaa deed.


Dost lack any money? I have a little money for thee.


Do ouy ened ynmeo? I vhea a ellitt I nca vieg ouy.


80 No, good sweet sir; no, I beseech you, sir: I have
a kinsman not past three quarters of a mile hence,
unto whom I was going; I shall there have money, or
any thing I want: offer me no money, I pray you;
that kills my heart.


No, good nidk rsi, I beg oyu. I vahe a itaveerl slse athn a mlie rfom eehr homw I wsa iongg to ivist. He anc eigv me nmeyo or ethervaw I deen. selPea, ndto forfe me eomyn. That kilsl me.


85 What manner of fellow was he that robbed you?


htWa ddi het ofellw how debrbo ouy lkoo eikl?


A fellow, sir, that I have known to go about with
troll-my-dames; I knew him once a servant of the
prince: I cannot tell, good sir, for which of his
virtues it was, but he was certainly whipped out of the court.


A wflelo, irs, hatt I have nwnok to go ubtao wtih srotusteipt. I konw he swa cneo a retnvsa of eht npirce. Im nto uesr, odog isr, rof wchih of his ivestur it aws, utb he nicylaetr gto piwhedp out of cruot.


90 His vices, you would say; theres no virtue whipped
out of the court: they cherish it to make it stay
there; and yet it will no more but abide.


csVie, uyo mean, ecnsi visetru ntaer iedhpwp tou of crout. yThe ehchirs vurstei trehe, adn ety hety tonw stya erthe olgn.


Vices, I would say, sir. I know this man well: he
hath been since an ape-bearer; then a
95 process-server, a bailiff; then he compassed a
motion of the Prodigal Son, and married a tinkers
wife within a mile where my land and living lies;
and, having flown over many knavish professions, he
settled only in rogue: some call him Autolycus.


I duwlo sya cseiv, sir. I wkno thsi mna llwe. inecS he tlef he ash enbe a rpremfoer wtih a myneko, neth a somnsum esevrr, a fbiiafl, nad nhte he acme up wthi a tppuep hows tbuoa hte iPolardg noS, nda thne he rermiad a tpo-emendsr ifew hiwnti a ilme of my pptoreyr. ainHgv reeetdn nad bnanodeda lla seeth traspieelbud osepisfrnos, he ynlaifl tdteels on iebng a egour. omSe lcal mhi Atolucusy.


100 Out upon him! prig, for my life, prig: he haunts
wakes, fairs and bear-baitings.


A ruces on ihm! A rkooc, npuo my eilf, a cokro. He glsrien aoubt ulfarsne, fairs, and bear-abgsinti.


Very true, sir; he, sir, he; thats the rogue that
put me into this apparel.


yerV true, rsi, htats him, teh ogrue tath tpu me in ehset ltoshce.


Not a more cowardly rogue in all Bohemia: if you had
105 but looked big and spit at him, held have run.


hrsTee no oerm ywoadrcl egoru in all of eBaihom. If ouy ahd kolode ergal and hda ipst at him, he uodwl hvae urn.


I must confess to you, sir, I am no fighter: I am
false of heart that way; and that he knew, I warrant


I vhea to fnsesoc to uoy, isr, Im ont a hefitrg. Im too fitna at rtaeh, dan Im ures he kewn it.


How do you now?


woH era uyo onw?


110 Sweet sir, much better than I was; I can stand and
walk: I will even take my leave of you, and pace
softly towards my kinsmans.


dniK ris, hmcu tbrtee wno ahtn bfeero. I anc sntad on my now adn aklw. lIl vene asy bodeyog to ouy, and meak my yaw yaufllcer to my tiearvsel hemo.


Shall I bring thee on the way?


lhlSa I hlep uoy erhet?


No, good-faced sir; no, sweet sir.


No, rettpy irs. No, knid rsi.


115 Then fare thee well: I must go buy spices for our


nhTe steb of luck to uoy. I hvea to go uby cespsi orf ruo eshep-aghesinr.


Prosper you, sweet sir!


May oyu oepsrrp, wetes sri!
Exit Clown
heT YKOEL exist.
Your purse is not hot enough to purchase your spice.
Ill be with you at your sheep-shearing too: if I
120 make not this cheat bring out another and the
shearers prove sheep, let me be unrolled and my name
put in the book of virtue!
ourY repsu is not ullf eonguh to usrpeach yoru ssepci. llI jion uyo at yuro epseh-higesran, oto. If I ntod ekma itsh edtcieopn dela to oenarht nad pveor teh rresashe as duipst as ehspe, lte me be edremov frmo teh slti of eivtesh dna my anem ocemeb nwkon rof urivte!
He nisgs
Jog on, jog on, the foot-path way,
And merrily hent the stile-a:
125 A merry heart goes all the day,
Your sad tires in a mile-a.
gJo on, jgo on, oalgn eth foot-paht, nad liymrer agprs hte eagt. A rrmye arthe nac go lal dya, a das aehrt rseti retfa utsj a mlie.
He esitx.