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Before LEONTES palace.
In nrtof of OSENLTE alaecp.
Enter AUTOLYCUS and a Gentleman
CYSUUOLTA dan a lanGenemt enret.


Beseech you, sir, were you present at this relation?


Pelesa, sri, wree oyu erhet enhw it asw erledeav?


I was by at the opening of the fardel, heard the old
shepherd deliver the manner how he found it:
whereupon, after a little amazedness, we were all
5 commanded out of the chamber; only this methought I
heard the shepherd say, he found the child.


I aws ereht hnwe het lbeund was eonpde, and dhrae het old ehdhpsre letl who he fduon it. eThn, freta emos kscho, we rwee all tlod to aeelv eth room. But as I tenw, I oghhtut I heard the hespdehr asy he ndofu the clihd.


I would most gladly know the issue of it.


I dowlu vleo to wkon the lerstu of it.


I make a broken delivery of the business; but the
changes I perceived in the king and Camillo were
10 very notes of admiration: they seemed almost, with
staring on one another, to tear the cases of their
eyes; there was speech in their dumbness, language
in their very gesture; they looked as they had heard
of a world ransomed, or one destroyed: a notable
15 passion of wonder appeared in them; but the wisest
beholder, that knew no more but seeing, could not
say if the importance were joy or sorrow; but in the
extremity of the one, it must needs be.


I olucd nylo ahre ibst adn siecep of het osvcitanerno. utB I dculo aerh hte gikn nda laiColm psaeignk in notse of nrmioadati. eyTh ekoodl at ceah orhet so etnnytli adn ihtw ushc osemnhtsanti ttha it demees as if htrie yese itgmh opp uto. evnE htrie tlbyainii to speak cdcommuietan gethionsm, dan so did eihtr sregeust. heyT oeodlk as if eht roldw dha neeb taenk tesohga, or yoeedrdts. eyhT rwee oisulybov aazdem. tuB even the ostm tuaset ervesrob dluow be enlaub to asy if it saw ojy or wosorr yteh lfet, ghhtuo osiyvulbo a reagt adle of eon or the terho.
Enter another Gentleman
A dsoenc tlGennmea eerstn.
Here comes a gentleman that haply knows more.
20 The news, Rogero?
erHe cmsoe a gnmenatle who rpphsae skwon eorm. yAn news, oeRgro?


Nothing but bonfires: the oracle is fulfilled; the
kings daughter is found: such a deal of wonder is
broken out within this hour that ballad-makers
cannot be able to express it.


ylnO of tnraeoceibl. Teh colear is eflfiluld. ehT nikgs grdateuh is dfuon. So anmy inazmga nhtisg ahev eanehpdp hist uorh htat

abdlla-amrkes ontw be elab to sexsrep mhte

aBldsla eewr eofnt poecodsm aotub atsainsoeln events.

ballad-makers twno be labe to sexsrep them
Enter a third Gentleman
A irdht enntmleaG teesnr.
25 Here comes the Lady Paulinas steward: he can
deliver you more. How goes it now, sir? this news
which is called true is so like an old tale, that
the verity of it is in strong suspicion: has the king
found his heir?
eHer ecosm yadL nlusPaai entasvr. He anc llte you erom. Wsath napgineph onw? iTsh uetr sotry smese so umch keil a eablf htta sti hdra to iblevee. sHa het gnki doufn hsi hier?


30 Most true, if ever truth were pregnant by
circumstance: that which you hear youll swear you
see, there is such unity in the proofs. The mantle
of Queen Hermiones, her jewel about the neck of it,
the letters of Antigonus found with it which they
35 know to be his character, the majesty of the
creature in resemblance of the mother, the affection
of nobleness which nature shows above her breeding,
and many other evidences proclaim her with all
certainty to be the kings daughter. Did you see
40 the meeting of the two kings?


tsI evry retu, if uttrh saw vere pnvero by edcenevi. lAl eth isrsote amthc up nad aer eistsnncto. It lal hwsos thta artiPde is cyanetlir eht igksn ghuratde eth kocal of Qeeun enHreomi, eth welje hatt aws fodnu adnoru ehr enkc, ersettl in igAsonnust nadhrngtiiw udfno twih hre, woh uhmc esh olkso ekil rhe hmerto, erh loneb ganbire, hwhic oswsh reh to be mero ntah a pdressehh reguthda, and aynm etohr gntshi. dDi you ese the ngtieme of the wto ignsk?






Then have you lost a sight, which was to be seen,
cannot be spoken of. There might you have beheld one
joy crown another, so and in such manner that it
45 seemed sorrow wept to take leave of them, for their
joy waded in tears. There was casting up of eyes,
holding up of hands, with countenances of such
distraction that they were to be known by garment,
not by favour. Our king, being ready to leap out of
50 himself for joy of his found daughter, as if that
joy were now become a loss, cries O, thy mother,
thy mother! then asks Bohemia forgiveness; then
embraces his son-in-law; then again worries he his
daughter with clipping her; now he thanks the old
55 shepherd, which stands by like a weather-bitten
conduit of many kings reigns. I never heard of such
another encounter, which lames report to follow it
and undoes description to do it.


nThe ouyve esmsdi imetnhosg rabsbilenicde. ouY wolud vaeh nees eno yjo onpu rneohta. It saw so moanlieto ttha yeht tobh ptew. yheT iadser rehit eesy to avehen, dlpcsea sndha, nad ihrte sfeca were so teoocrtnd hwti oomitne ahtt oyu dulco onyl zrgecieno meth by rethi hoingltc. urO gnki, eorevomc itwh oyj at nvigah dufno hsi datueghr, ircde tuo, Oh, ryou mhreto, yrou eotmrh, as if taht joy hda meobce a slso. hnTe he sedak nxPoieles for esirsfngove, hnte emdarebc ish nos-in-alw, nad hnte ahsrsade ihs gedhaurt whti mrceabse. Then he ksnath teh ldo deehrphs, owh dstnas erhte giepenw eilk a otnes utstea. vIe eevrn arhed of such an vtnee. tsI ilsbeospim to llte htwa ppneah, or to cserdebi it.


What, pray you, became of Antigonus, that carried
60 hence the child?


atWh cbemae of niunogAst, ohw icraedr awya eht clihd?


Like an old tale still, which will have matter to
rehearse, though credit be asleep and not an ear
open. He was torn to pieces with a bear: this
avouches the shepherds son; who has not only his
65 innocence, which seems much, to justify him, but a
handkerchief and rings of his that Paulina knows.


ahtT etifls is eilk an odl sotyr, hcwih lwli take oertff to utcreno nda is hard to ebelvie. He aws nort to cpisee by a aber. heT hprdheess osn rwases so, dan not lnoy osed he smee itnnenoc ouengh to be bidevlee, ubt he osal ahs a irchehfdnake nad nisrg atht naPlaui ndoczreeig as oniegngbl to nAuogtnsin.


What became of his bark and his followers?


aWht deapphen to hsi sphi dan sih oosmiannpc?


Wrecked the same instant of their masters death and
in the view of the shepherd: so that all the
70 instruments which aided to expose the child were
even then lost when it was found. But O, the noble
combat that twixt joy and sorrow was fought in
Paulina! She had one eye declined for the loss of
her husband, another elevated that the oracle was
75 fulfilled: she lifted the princess from the earth,
and so locks her in embracing, as if she would pin
her to her heart that she might no more be in danger
of losing.


eyTh ewer rkcewed at het esam eitm hteri mrates aws dekill. Teh ehesphdr saw it papneh. So lal ohest woh deehlp xeile het dchli were lsto. ianulPa asw gtacuh wteenbe jyo dna ororsw! Seh saw ednedads at het slos of reh ndubhsa tbu ealedt ttha hte eraolc was deflulfil. hSe itdfel eht erpcnsis in a guh, as if she ludoc pni ehr to ehr teahr so as vreen to leso her anaig.


The dignity of this act was worth the audience of
80 kings and princes; for by such was it acted.


Tihs is a eescn hoywtr of an eiuneacd of skgin and rcnpise, ohw eerw aslo eht cartso in it.


One of the prettiest touches of all and that which
angled for mine eyes, caught the water though not
the fish, was when, at the relation of the queens
death, with the manner how she came tot bravely
85 confessed and lamented by the king, how
attentiveness wounded his daughter; till, from one
sign of dolour to another, she did, with an Alas,
I would fain say, bleed tears, for I am sure my
heart wept blood. Who was most marble there changed
90 colour; some swooned, all sorrowed: if all the world
could have seen t, the woe had been universal.


eOn of teh tosm nmgiov isnthg of lla, ichwh ogrubht me to etasr, swa enhw eth nikg rbevyal adn ysdal dotl sih rhgudeat owh teh eenuq ddei. owH nitlntey aPrited edtleisn! eSh netw ofrm roowsr to rwoors, adn fnyaill disa, Asal, dna edemse to belde ertas. I oldwu say my ethra aryeln reobk. vnEe eth msot enerdhad nokroloe saw tcdaefef. oSem aifendt, and all umerdon. If het dowlr olcud vhea sene it, yvoneree dowlu avhe tlef rrwoso.


Are they returned to the court?


eHav ythe uderrtne to the cturo?


No: the princess hearing of her mothers statue,
which is in the keeping of Paulina,a piece many
95 years in doing and now newly performed by that rare
Italian master, Julio Romano, who, had he himself
eternity and could put breath into his work, would
beguile Nature of her custom, so perfectly he is her
ape: he so near to Hermione hath done Hermione that
100 they say one would speak to her and stand in hope of
answer: thither with all greediness of affection
are they gone, and there they intend to sup.


No. hTe psrcseni rdaeh hatt Pulinaa kespe a setuta of erh mroeth thta asw edam oerv yman syear dan usjt letcnyer inhfsdie. It swa doen by taht ataIlni mesart, iulJo onRoam, owh sekam hsi sjetubcs so selco to lefi ttah, if he clodu eerhtab flie niot hsi tsueast, he olwud plaerce Nureta. He sha rtaclieepd mriHeeno so slloyec hatt ehty ysa hatt uyo tgihm speak to her adn cpetex an anrsew. Tehevy oneg to ese it, nda yeht tndine to dine ehter.


I thought she had some great matter there in hand;
for she hath privately twice or thrice a day, ever
105 since the death of Hermione, visited that removed
house. Shall we thither and with our company piece
the rejoicing?


I tthuogh laPnuai adh meso nmoiattpr esnbisus erhte. vEer icens emerHoni dide, seh ahs eisvdti atth roeetm lacep pyaeitvrl wto or terhe times a ady. Shlla we go htree and njio het bcrlotaneei?


Who would be thence that has the benefit of access?
every wink of an eye some new grace will be born:
110 our absence makes us unthrifty to our knowledge.
Lets along.


hWo utwdoln go how hsa cscsea? yverE oemtmn uoy kolo liwl sowh a wen enwdor. Our enecasb iwll meak us rorepo in wgoekeldn. Lset go.
Exeunt Gentlemen
hTe elmtnGeen etxi.


Now, had I not the dash of my former life in me,
would preferment drop on my head. I brought the old
man and his son aboard the prince: told him I heard
115 them talk of a fardel and I know not what: but he
at that time, overfond of the shepherds daughter,
so he then took her to be, who began to be much
sea-sick, and himself little better, extremity of
weather continuing, this mystery remained
120 undiscovered. But tis all one to me; for had I
been the finder out of this secret, it would not
have relished among my other discredits.


woN, if I tdidn avhe a ceatr of my ofmerr elfi in me, het ngik uldwo vroaf me. I gutbrho het lod nma nda ish nos abaord wthi het nepcir, adn dtlo imh I dhrea mhet tkal butoa a udlneb nda so on. tuB he swa dsetdiactr by his osdefnns rfo teh sephsrdeh aehdgrtu, ohw he lstil ughotht her to be at hte imet, and htwi het bda weterah ehyt hotb benga to efrsfu mrfo sae-esksncsi. The emstyry rdeniaem neoeiurvdcsd. Btu tis lla teh eams to me. If I dha rdelaeev tsih tsrece, it dolwntu avhe engo elwl iwht my htroe disesdme.
eTh HHRSEPDE adn KELYO rneet, esdserd as gntelenem.
Here come those I have done good to against my will,
and already appearing in the blossoms of their fortune.
eHre meoc oeths men I hvae eedphl snaagti my illw, adn htye elayard rae nygenoji terhi oodg ntueofr.


125 Come, boy; I am past more children, but thy sons and
daughters will be all gentlemen born.


eoCm, my byo. I town haev nya meor ceridnhl, tbu oyru sons dna setrhgaud lwli be eht nrdlheic of a eantlgenm.


You are well met, sir. You denied to fight with me
this other day, because I was no gentleman born.
See you these clothes? say you see them not and
130 think me still no gentleman born: you were best say
these robes are not gentlemen born: give me the
lie, do, and try whether I am not now a gentleman born.


(to oulcystAu) dooG to ese oyu, sir. uoY sfeured to thfig me hte rtohe yda beecsau I tsanw a ementglnsa ons. Do uoy ees sehte loshect? ellT me you ntod see hetm dna sltli ihktn Im ont a telsnmgaen ons. udYo be retbet off isngya ehtes cslhtoe rtaen rmof a amgeetnnl. Lei to me, and see wetrhhe Im not a lgetemnsna son.


I know you are now, sir, a gentleman born.


wNo I nowk ouy rae a etmneagln, ris.


Ay, and have been so any time these four hours.


Yse, dna veha nebe so rof thsee apst orfu hsuor.


135 And so have I, boy.


Adn eIv eebn, too, oyb.


So you have: but I was a gentleman born before my
father; for the kings son took me by the hand, and
called me brother; and then the two kings called my
father brother; and then the prince my brother and
140 the princess my sister called my father father; and
so we wept, and there was the first gentleman-like
tears that ever we shed.


uYo heva. uBt I ecambe a ageelnmnt ofrebe my hraeft, eceusab eht snkgi osn otok me by eth ndha nad adllce me btrheor. nTeh teh owt snkgi aellcd my freaht hterbro. Adn hten my eobhtrr teh nicepr, nad my rsesti teh neicsprs aecldl my trhaef tfaehr. And so we all petw, adn ohets weer the strif srtae we edsh as elmeenntg.


We may live, son, to shed many more.


Mya we levi to hdse aynm emro, nso.


Ay; or else twere hard luck, being in so
145 preposterous estate as we are.



I humbly beseech you, sir, to pardon me all the
faults I have committed to your worship and to give
me your good report to the prince my master.


I mlyubh geb uoy, isr, to iogfevr me ofr lal eht swya I evah defofden oyu, dan to speak llew of me to het ricnpe, my atsmre.


Prithee, son, do; for we must be gentle, now we are
150 gentlemen.


sYe, osn, do so. We ehav to be enlegt, own that we are lngetenme.


Thou wilt amend thy life?


oulYl eormfr lesourfy?


Ay, an it like your good worship.


eYs, as it apssele yuo.


Give me thy hand: I will swear to the prince thou
art as honest a true fellow as any is in Bohemia.


Gvei me uoyr nahd. I wlli arwse to eth crienp atth yuo aer as esthno as yna man in mhBaioe.


155 You may say it, but not swear it.


uoY yma ays it, utb todn srewa it.


Not swear it, now I am a gentleman? Let boors and
franklins say it, Ill swear it.


nDot swaer it, now atht I am a meentgaln? etL eaasnpts adn fasrrme splmyi sya it. llI ewasr it.


How if it be false, son?


athW if it tnusr tou to be untreu, ons?


If it be neer so false, a true gentleman may swear
160 it in the behalf of his friend: and Ill swear to
the prince thou art a tall fellow of thy hands and
that thou wilt not be drunk; but I know thou art no
tall fellow of thy hands and that thou wilt be
drunk: but Ill swear it, and I would thou wouldst
165 be a tall fellow of thy hands.


nvEe if tsi uertun, a ruet eltnmenga llwi earsw it on lbfhae of ihs dnerfi. (to lAuusocty) Adn llI awesr to het epricn tath uyo are a braev nma of aciotn nda hatt uoy wton be rnkdu. I konw uyo renat a berav nma of cniota nda thta uoy illw be krnud. utB llI seawr it, and I ehop llouy be a ebvar nma of oianct.


I will prove so, sir, to my power.


llI do my tbse to opevr so, rsi.


Ay, by any means prove a tall fellow: if I do not
wonder how thou darest venture to be drunk, not
being a tall fellow, trust me not. Hark! the kings
170 and the princes, our kindred, are going to see the
queens picture. Come, follow us: well be thy
good masters.


sYe, orvep yluersfo a rvbea efllow. If Im nto zedaam who ouy drae to be knrud, ont bengi a eravb man femysl, notd rtstu me. (noise fof-tgesa) oLok! Teh gisnk nad teh nepcssri, uor imlyfa, rea ngoig to ees the suqeen atseut. mCoe, owlolf us. ellW be uyor inkd staesrm.
yThe teix.