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The Winter's Tale

William Shakespeare
No Fear Act 3 Scene 2
No Fear Act 3 Scene 2 Page 10

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255Thou didst speak but well
When most the truth; which I receive much better
Than to be pitied of thee. Prithee, bring me
To the dead bodies of my queen and son:
One grave shall be for both: upon them shall
260The causes of their death appear, unto
Our shame perpetual. Once a day I’ll visit
The chapel where they lie, and tears shed there
Shall be my recreation: so long as nature
Will bear up with this exercise, so long
265I daily vow to use it. Come and lead me
Unto these sorrows.


You spoke best when you told the truth, and I prefer it to being pitied. Please, take me to the dead bodies of my queen and son. I’ll bury them in one grave, and I’ll inscribe their gravestone with the cause of their death, to memorialize my shame. I’ll visit the chapel where they lie daily, and my pastime will be to shed tears. I’ll do it daily, as long as I am able to. Come, take me to this sorrowful sight.