The Macedonian king who would conquer the Persian Empire and much of the known world as Alexander the Great. Aristotle served as his tutor for three years.


Friend of Aristotle's at the Academy. Eudemus's death inspired a work on the immortality of the soul.


A close friend of Aristotle who became allied with Philip II in planning for the Persian conquest. Hermeias was captured and tortured, but he did not betray his alliance. Aristotle wrote a hymn upon his death.

Philip II

Alexander's father and King of Macedonia. Philip II invited Aristotle to serve as his son's tutor.


Aristotle spent twenty years at Plato's Academy. Nearly all his work can, to some extent, be traced back to Plato's influence, though he also disagreed with much of Plato's thought.


Academy colleague who left with Aristotle upon Plato's death. Xenocrates would later assume leadership of the Academy, and Aristotle went on to form the Lyceum.