1. Man is the perfect artist when he creates which thing?

2. Which of these aspects does not form the essence of Dionysian music?

3. How did the Greek man cope with the terror and horror of existence?

4. What sort of artist was Archilochus?

5. What musical form did Archilochus introduce into literature?

6. According to Nietzsche, what is the role of the chorus in tragedy?

7. The dithyrambic chorus is a chorus of:

8. According to Nietzsche, Oedipus is:

9. How does Apollo attempt to calm individual beings?

10. What is the fate of myth under the influence of tragic poetry?

11. Who attacked the spirit of tragedy in his theatrical works?

12. What replaces Dionysian ecstasies in Euripidean drama?

13. Which of these men was not named by the temple of Apollo at Delphi for his surpassing wisdom?

14. What is responsible for driving music out of tragedy?

15. Which of these things does the theoretical man not do?

16. According to Nietzsche, what is music?

17. Which of the choices below does not exemplify the degeneration of tragedy in the New Attic Dithyramb?

18. What does scientific optimism succeed in doing?

19. Which of the following does opera not represent?

20. What, according to Nietzsche, was the current academic trend of his day?

21. Which of the following is not an effect of the Apollonian influence?

22. Which of the following is true of the aesthetic hearer?

23. Which of the following is not true of the abstract man unguided by myth?

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