1. The amount of labor put into a commodity is a measure of its

2. Why does Marx say that capitalists have more power than workers in the capitalist mode of production?

3. What does Marx say is the effect of the division of labor on the worker?

4. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

5. Which of the following models reflects circulation in the modern capitalist system?

6. What is the value of labor-power?

7. According to Marx, what is one of the simple elements of the labor process?

8. According to Marx, what resolves the tension between workers and capitalists?

9. During which century was Capital published?

10. Who published the last two volumes of Capital after Marx's death?

11. Which of the following is a component of the "means of production"?

12. The "mode of production" consists of each of the following EXCEPT

13. Whose interests does the modern state serve?

14. What country did Marx study in preparation for Capital?

15. In modern society, who owns the means of production?

16. What kind of value does a forest have?

17. Where was Marx from?

18. What common element do commodities with an exchange relation have?

19. What does Marx mean by surplus value?

20. In the C-M-C circulation, what is the function of money?

21. Which of the following thinkers had the greatest impact on Marx?

22. Which of the following is NOT a trait of the C-M-C circulation?

23. What role did manufacture play in the development of capitalism?

24. What must a worker's wage be in order for him to be paid at value?

25. Which writer had concerns similar to Marx's about the impact of the division of labor on human character?

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