1. What does the word kabbalah mean in Hebrew?

2. Where is Safed?

3. The Supernal Triad refers to:

4. Which of the following items does the Kaballah Centre NOT offer?

5. What was Isaac Luria’s nickname?

6. What does tsimtsum mean?

7. In what book do the sefirot first appear?

8. Which sefirot stands for Beauty?

9. Which biblical character is associated with Hod?

10. What is a dybbuk?

11. Who did Nathan of Gaza follow?

12. What does Shekhinah mean?

13. Which of the following is NOT a sefirah?

14. To what religion did Shabbetai Tzvi convert?

15. When were the Jews expelled from Spain?

16. Which of the following places was NOT a center of kabbalistic activity?

17. What does Zohar mean?

18. Ma’aseh merkavah refers to the study of what?

19. With which sefirah must Shekhinah unite?

20. Who replaced Lilith?

21. What does Adam Kadmon mean?

22. How long did Simeon ben Yohai live in the cave?

23. Who visited Simeon ben Yohai and his son while they were in the cave?

24. The Zohar was first written in which language?

25. One of the Zohar’s main parables involves a man who eats raw