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What is the technique used by Socrates to defeat his opponents called?

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Who was Plato's teacher?

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In the chronology of Plato's dialogues, where does the Laches fall?

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At the beginning of the Laches, from where is Lysimachus speaking?

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In the beginning of the Laches, which art of war is proposed as a possible skill to be taught to the children under deliberation?

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Which character attacks Socrates for being difficult and overly argumentative?

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What art form does Laches analogize to a man's words being in line with their deeds?

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What is the name of the friend of Lysimachus, who wishes to have his son instructed?

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In the opening pages of the Laches, which character argues that youths should practice the art of fighting with armor?

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What does Nicias claim that animals are, as opposed to being courageous?

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What do the men agree the relationship is between courage and virtue?

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What is one of the animals Socrates describes when telling Nicias that there are differences of courage between animals?

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The person chosen among the men to instruct the children is which character?

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For what reason does Laches tell Lysimachus that his children should not learn the art of fighting in armor?

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When asked to break a tie between Laches and Nicias about whether or not the children should study the art of fighting in armor, what does Socrates do?

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When Socrates claims that he wishes he had enough money to go see a sophist, he is being?

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What did Socrates and Laches decide was an adequate definition of courage?

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Who was the figure most influential on Plato's thought?

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Which one of these figures in the Laches is a major general?