How does Locke think that the relationship between parent and child should change as the child matures? Why?

According to Locke what is the role of reward and punishment in education? Which sort of reward and punishment is good and which bad? Do you agree with his assessment of the importance of reward and punishment?

Why does Locke allow for beating in the case of obstinacy?

Locke says that without good breeding no good qualities show up as such. What does he mean by this? Do you think this is true?

What inclination does Locke identify as the root of all evil and injustice in the world? To what extent is this claim justified?

How does Locke suggest that parents make learning into an enjoyable experience?

Locke is very hard on the school system. What are some of his major complaints with the way they educate the young? How would he like to see these problems redressed?

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