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Critique of Practical Reason

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Suggested Essay Topics

Writing Help Suggested Essay Topics

From Hegel onward, Kant has been charged with producing a merely formal principle of morality, not simply in the intended sense of a principle based merely on its law-giving form, but also in the sense of a principle with no determinate application to the real world. Assess this charge.

Explain what a postulate of pure practical reason is. Is Kant right to think that there is such a thing?

Kant claims in the Doctrine of Method that the most effective procedure for moral education is to provide examples of moral duty unmixed with self-interest, and to encourage students to argue about the worth of more dubious actions. Do you agree?

What is the difference between moral goodness and moral legality?

In the Doctrine of Method, Kant criticizes moral education that presents melodramatic acts of heroism on the grounds that emotional responses cannot provide a basis for good moral character, because only conceptual principles can provide a permanent inclination towards the moral. Discuss.

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