1. What is the MMPI-2?

2. According to Freud, during what stage does the superego emerge?

3. Attributing one’s own unacceptable thoughts or feelings to someone else is called what?

4. What is the part of the personality that compels people to act in perfect accordance with moral ideals?

5. Which theorist focused on the importance of the self-concept in personality?

6. Which one of the following statements about humanistic theories is false?

7. Studies of temperament provide evidence for which of the following?

8. When he was young, Greg’s father was consistently promoted at work for his diligence. Greg saw this and learned to be a conscientious worker himself. This fact could most easily provide evidence for whose theory of personality?

9. What is an advantage of projective personality tests?

10. Which of Jung’s beliefs differed from Freud’s theories?

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