1. When is a person less likely to conform?

2. People are likely to invest less effort in a task when they are working with others. What is this phenomenon called?

3. What is group polarization?

4. Research shows that romantic attraction is determined primarily by which characteristic?

5. Attraction is influenced by which of the following?

6. When are people more likely to be persuaded by a message?

7. Suppose Suzie persuades her roommate to make her a cup of tea, then gets her roommate to cook for a week. What is this strategy called?

8. If people work hard to reach a goal, they are likely to justify their hard work by valuing the goal highly. What is this tendency called?

9. Justin sees his psychology professor arguing angrily with a worker at the local post office. From this, he assumes that his professor is a hostile person. What does his assumption illustrate?

10. Which of the following statements is true?

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