1. Stressors are more likely to affect health if they are which of the following?

2. Which of the following statements is true?

3. Which factors improve coping?

4. Ali is trying to decide whether to give up his current part-time job. He dislikes the job, but if he gives it up, he will have no spending money. This is an example of what kind of conflict?

5. Jackie has been denied a promotion at work. She is not an effective worker, but she believes she did not get the promotion because her supervisor has a grudge against her. This suggests that Jackie has which of the following?

6. Research shows which of the following is true about smoking?

7. Which behavior has been linked to poor health?

8. What does secondary control involve?

9. What does the frustration-aggression hypothesis state?

10. When is a person more likely to have difficulty coping with a stressful situation?

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