1. What is one difference between self-help groups and therapy groups?

2. Which treatment produces the serious side effect known as tardive dyskinesia?

3. From an empirical point of view, how can the effectiveness of a therapy best be determined?

4. The effectiveness of therapy depends to some extent on which of the following?

5. Many critics argue that the average person receives poorer quality treatment for psychological problems because of which of the following?

6. A therapist who pays particular attention to transference during therapy is likely to have which approach?

7. A therapist who tries to decrease incongruence in the client is likely to have which approach?

8. A therapist who uses classical conditioning principles to treat a spider phobia is likely to have which approach?

9. A therapist whose main task is to encourage clients to test their assumptions against reality is likely to have which approach?

10. Social skills training typically involves which of the following?

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