1. The Countess of Rousillon is Helena's

2. Helena's father was a celebrated

3. When the play begins, Bertram is about to leave for

4. Bertram is accompanied on his journey by

5. The Countess' Steward overhears Helena saying that

6. Helena decides to go to Paris in order to

7. In return for her service, the King of France promises Helena

8. Upon marrying Helena, Bertram

9. After his marriage, Bertram joins

10. In order to have Bertram as a true husband, Helena must

11. Immediately after her marriage, Helena goes to

12. In Florence, Bertram attempts to seduce

13. Parolles promises that he will recover, from the enemy, a lost

14. Instead, he is taken prisoner by

15. Bertram and Diana exchange

16. Bertram believes he is sleeping with____, when in fact he is sleeping with ____

17. As he returns to France, Bertram believes that Helena is

18. When he is exposed as a coward and a fraud, Parolles

19. Returning to France, Helena is accompanied by ____ and ____.

20. Trying to reach the King, Helena mistakenly journeys to

21. In fact, he has gone to

22. With Helena believed dead, Parolles is engaged to

23. The ring that the King sees in Bertram's hand originally belonged to

24. Diana is saved from prison by the emergence of

25. The play ends with Helena and Bertram

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