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Henry comes to power after the death of whom?

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What is the first problem England must face after the funeral of their previous monarch?

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Who is the great champion of the English forces?

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Early in the play, what town do the English lay siege to?

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Which of the following is Gloucester's enemy?

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Who declares the siege of Orléans will end that very day?

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What does Joan do that convinces Charles of her special gifts?

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Who tries to lure Talbot into a trap?

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In the Temple Garden, what symbol is used to signify sides in an argument?

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Somerset argues with whom?

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What does Richard Plantagenet find out from Mortimer?

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What does Henry grant Richard Plantagenet?

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Which of the following is Charles' nobleman?

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How does Joan plan to defeat Talbot?

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Upon Henry's arrival in Paris, what internal conflict comes to light?

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What does Henry offer Somerset?

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What does Henry offer York?

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What is York unable to provide for Talbot?

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What does Talbot tell his son to do?

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What happens to Talbot's son?

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The pope urges Henry to do what?

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When Suffolk captures Margaret, what does he decide to do with her?

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The British finally offer the French a peace offering; does Charles accept?

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What happens to Joan?

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What is the greatest threat to English solidarity?