Do you think Love's Labour's Lost can be grouped with the rest of Shakespeare's comedies, even though it does not conclude with marriage? Why or why not? If not, is there another category that describes it better, or does it defy categorization entirely?

Examine the role of letters in this play. What is the effect of having one character read another character's words in the form of a letter? How does this aspect of the play make it self-conscious,” like a play-within-a-play? Consider also the effect of the masque of the Nine Worthies and the Muscovite disguises of the King's party on the theatrical quality of the play.

Examine the use of rhyme in the play. What significance can you attribute to the presence or absence of rhyme in characters' lines? Why do you think nearly half the play is written in rhymed verse?

How does the play present learning and scholarship? Consider Don Armado, Sir Nathaniel, and Holofernes as parodying or mocking the scholarly tradition.

The play's plot is quite simple. Can you make an argument to show that the play is actually more concerned with language than plot?

Can you establish any correlation between the characters of Costard, Sir Nathaniel, Holofernes, Moth, and Don Armado and the roles they assume in the play of the Nine Worthies?

What does the play suggest or identify as the major differences between men and women?