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The opening scene is set in

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On what subject does Julia ask Lucetta to advise her?

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Why does Valentine leave Verona?

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Which of the following is true of Proteus?

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What do Julia and Proteus exchange before Proteus' departure?

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When in disguise, what is Julia's name?

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How does Valentine plan to elope with Silvia?

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Which of the following is NOT proof of this play's early composition and hence immature form?

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What options do the bandits give Valentine?

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Who does Silvia ask to accompany her on her visit to Valentine?

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What is Launce's dog's name?

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Why does Silvia's father want her to marry Thurio?

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What does Proteus claim to value more than anything else?

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In the play's finale, what does Valentine do to show Proteus that he is forgiven?

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What happens, as a result, to Sebastian?

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What happens next to Sebastian?

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What is a foil?

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Who is Proteus' servant?

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What is the significance of the forest?

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How exactly does the Duke "find" out about Valentine's plans to elope with Silvia?

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Which character is most dedicated to his beloved?

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What does Thurio do when bandits attack him and Silvia?

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Which of the following does NOT describe Launce's beloved:

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Which of the following does NOT describe Crab:

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What wish does Valentine ask his future father-in-law to bestow for him?