A retired professor and the main character of the story. Although Grant is easily distracted by other women, throughout the story he is fundamentally drawn to his wife, Fiona. 

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Grant’s wife, a beautiful and charismatic woman who takes pride in her appearance and loves to joke. She has dementia and lives in Meadowlake, an assisted living facility, where Grant visits her.

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A man Fiona becomes close to while living at Meadowlake. A former salesman, Aubrey has difficulty walking and speaking following an illness with a high fever.  


The wife of Aubrey, a capable and practical woman who cares for her disabled husband at home rather than the assisted living facility, as she can’t afford it.


A nurse at Meadowlake who gives Grant detailed reports on Fiona’s life there. 

Jacqui Adams

A married student with whom Grant had an affair. 

Fiona’s Mother

An Icelandic woman with a passionate belief in her far-left politics.

Fiona’s Father

A respected cardiologist who is subservient to his wife at home. 

Mr. Farquhar

An elderly neighbor of Grant and Fiona’s who moves to Meadowlake a few years before the action of the story. 


A Meadowlake employee who explains the rules and warns Grant about Fiona’s deteriorating health after Aubrey leaves.