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The Jilting of Granny Weatherall

Katherine Ann Porter

Character List

Characters Character List
Granny Weatherall - A woman who’s about eighty. After she was jilted at the altar by George, Granny Weatherall married John, who died young, leaving her with several children to care for. Granny, whose given name is Ellen, used to be a midwife and nurse. Meticulous by nature, she is annoyed by Cornelia’s and the doctor’s attempts to make her more comfortable.

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Cornelia - One of Granny’s children. Cornelia is the primary caregiver during Granny’s illness. Cornelia loves her mother and is devastated by the prospect of her death.
John - Granny’s husband. John died when he was a young man, and Granny’s memories suggest that he was a kind husband and father. She wishes he could see the children grown up and believes that he would admire her skill in caring for others.
George - The man who jilted Granny Weatherall, leaving her alone at the altar when she was a young woman. Granny still loves George, even though she has spent much of her adult life trying not to think about him.
Hapsy - Granny’s favorite child. Granny longs to see Hapsy, who doesn’t come to the house. There is some suggestion, never confirmed, that Hapsy died in childbirth. Granny has a vision of Hapsy holding a baby and welcoming her. And in her last moments of life, Granny thinks of Hapsy preparing to give birth.
Doctor Harry - A kind but condescending man who attends to Granny on her deathbed. Granny thinks of him as ludicrously young.
Father Connolly - The priest who delivers the last rites to Granny. Father Connolly affects a pious air while speaking Latin over Granny, but she remembers him as a jokester who was less interested in discussing religion than in gossiping over tea.
Lydia - One of Granny’s children. Lydia often comes to Granny for advice when she is having trouble with her children. Granny thinks that because Lydia has an irresponsible husband, she will need the land.
Jimmy - One of Granny’s children. Jimmy asks Granny for business advice.