1. Charles Darwin was born on

2. At the University of Edinburgh, Darwin studied to become a

3. Darwin's grandfather ________ was best known for his speculative poetry on the natural world.

4. Where was Darwin buried?

5. Darwin studied for what profession at Edinburgh?

6. What hobby did Darwin pick up while at Edinburgh?

7. What alternative therapy did Darwin turn to treat his life-long illness?

8. What was the cause of Darwin's illness?

9. What was Darwin's major contribution to the theory of evolution?

10. Who was known as "Darwin's bulldog"?

11. What criticism did Jenkin bring against Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection?

12. What criticism did Lord Kelvin bring against Darwin's theory of evolution?

13. Whose paper on evolution in 1856 prompted Darwin to publish The Origin of Species?

14. Who was the captain of the HMS Beagle?

15. What lowly species did Darwin spend eight years studying?

16. Darwin's father was a

17. Who wrote the Principles of Biology that inspired Darwin while he was on the Beagle?

18. Who sparked a controversy late in Darwin's life over the translation of a German book?

19. In the 1870s Darwin turned his research focus towards

20. In 1871, Darwin published a book that was a continuation of the argument started in the Origin. It was called

21. Which of the following continents did the Beagle not stop at during its five- year voyage?

22. While on the voyage of the Beagle, who did Darwin send his samples to?

23. Who supervised Darwin's research on marine biology at Edinburgh?

24. Darwin married Emma Wedgwood in

25. Which of the following was a strong critic of the Origin of Species?

26. Darwin wrote about sexual selection in which of the follow books?

27. Darwin was home schooled until age eight by his sister

28. Darwin's mother died when he was age

29. Darwin died on

30. Who were principally responsible for Darwin's burial in Westminster Abbey?

31. Josiah Wedgwood made his fortune in the business of

32. The Wedgwood estate, where Darwin often went hunting, was called

33. Darwin's home for the last forty years of his life was

34. Darwin's mentor at Cambridge was the botanist

35. During one of his Cambridge summers, Darwin went on a geological survey of North Wales with the geologist

36. When he first returned from the voyage of the Beagle, Darwin took up residence in

37. To learn first-hard about artificial selection, Darwin began to breed what species in his back yard?

38. With whom did Darwin conduct chemistry experiments in a shed behind the The Mount?

39. At what age did Darwin begin to attend the University of Edinburgh?

40. With whom did Darwin have a flirtatious relationship before leaving on the Beagle?

41. Who convinced Robert Darwin to allow Charles Darwin to accept the position of naturalist on the Beagle?

42. The voyage of the Beagle was originally intended to last two years but ended up lasting

43. In Argentina Darwin discovered in a cliff face the fossil remains of an ancient

44. The natives of the Galapagos Islands claimed that they could tell which island a particular _____ had come from just by looking at it.

45. What tragedy struck the Darwin household in April 1849?