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Charles Darwin


Key Terms and Events

terms Key Terms and Events


Maer - The home of the Wedgwood family until the death of Josiah Wedgwood.
Megatherium - An extinct ground-dwelling relative of the sloth.
The Mount - Charles Darwin's childhood home in Shrewsbury, England.
Royal Society - Full name: Royal Society of London for the Promotion of Natural Knowledge. Founded in 1660 and granted a royal charter by Charles II in 1662, the society served as a meeting place for independent scientists. In 1665 it started publishing a journal of research by its members, the Philosophical Transactions. Famous members include Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.
X Club - The X Club was a private group of scientists who opposed religious explanations for natural phenomena. Tyndall, Hooker, and Huxley were members.


Voyage of the Beagle - 1831–1836. The HMS Beagle, captained by Robert FitzRoy, spent five years mapping the coast of South America. Charles Darwin joined the Beagle as a naturalist and it was on this trip that he made many of the observations that contributed to his invention of the theory of evolution by natural selection.

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