1. Where was Dickinson Dickinson born?

2. What was Dickinson's sister's name?

3. What was Dickinson's favorite subject in school?

4. Who was Leonard Humphrey?

5. What was Edward Dickinson's main profession?

6. What author was not an influence on Dickinson's writing?

7. What denomination of Christianity did congregants practice at the Dickinson's church?

8. Which members of Dickinson's family eventually officially joined the Congregationalist Church?

9. What did Mount Holyoke's headmistress label Dickinson as a result of Dickinson's refusal to declare her faith officially?

10. Why did Dickinson's father take her out of Mount Holyoke?

11. Which poet did Dickinson often quote in conversation?

12. Which book had a transformative effect on Dickinson when she read it during the winter of 1849–1850?

13. What was the name of the young women's social group that Dickinson joined in 1848?

14. What was the name of the young newspaper editor who published Dickinson's first poem?

15. When was Dickinson's father elected to the U.S. House of Representatives?

16. Which bill's passage through the House prompted Edward Dickinson to hold a meeting of forty Whig party members to discuss forming a new political party?

17. Where did Dickinson first meet Dr. Charles Wadsworth?

18. Which city did Dickinson not visit during her lifetime?

19. Which one of the following was a pervasive theme in Dickinson's poetry?

20. Which prominent writer did Dickinson approach in 1862 and ask to review her poems?

21. What new philosophical and literary system of thought was sweeping New England's intellectual circles in the mid-1800s?

22. Which American author was most closely linked to Transcendentalism during the 1800s?

23. What was the name given to the religious renewal that gained popularity in New England around 1850?

24. For which magazine did Thomas Wentworth Higginson write on a regular basis?

25. Which part of Dickinson's body gave her so much trouble that she traveled to Boston for treatment?

26. To what Western city did Dr. Charles Wadsworth move in 1852?

27. Where did Austin Dickinson go to law school?

28. Dickinson gave a portrait of which poet's hands to Thomas Wentworth Higginson as a parting gift?

29. Which newspaper published a number of Dickinson's poems?

30. What color did Dickinson begin wearing exclusively when she was in her twenties?

31. During the Civil War, for what was Colonel Thomas Wentworth Higginson best known?

32. Which movie was based on Colonel Higginson's experience in the Civil War?

33. When did Edward Dickinson die?

34. Which of Sue and Austin's children had epilepsy?

35. What was Thomas Higginson's most frequent complaint to Dickinson about her poetry?

36. Which of Dickinson's friends wrote the book A Century of Dishonor?

37. Which man's portrait, besides Thomas Carlyle's, hung on Dickinson's wall?

38. How did Dickinson greet Thomas Wentworth Higginson upon their first face-to-face meeting?

39. Which man did Dickinson hint about marrying when she was in her fifties?

40. When did Lavinia marry?

41. With what disease was Dickinson diagnosed when she was in her mid-fifties?

42. In which year did Dickinson die?

43. At Dickinson's funeral, Thomas Higginson read a poem by which author?

44. In her will, what did Dickinson stipulate regarding her letters?

45. Who found Dickinson's secret stash of poems?

46. Who edited the first published volume of Dickinson's poetry?

47. Who edited later volumes of Dickinson's poetry?

48. What was the title of the 1945 collection that brought Dickinson the most posthumous fame?

49. Where is Emily Dickinson buried?

50. How many poems did Dickinson produce in her lifetime?

51. What is one of Dickinson's posthumous nicknames?