1. Where was Edison born?

2. When was Edison born?

3. What was the family history of the Edisons?

4. Who gave Edison most of his formal education?

5. How old was Edison when he left school?

6. What was Edison's first job?

7. What was a "tramp telegrapher?"

8. What kind of telegraph operator was Edison?

9. What was the first telegraph company he worked for?

10. In what city was the Court Street factory?

11. What was Edison's first invention?

12. What was wrong with this invention?

13. When did Edison receive his first contracts?

14. What business gave him these first contracts?

15. What were the contracts for?

16. What did Edison do with the capital from his first contracts?

17. What was the first Edison invention to spark a court battle?

18. Who were the companies and people who fought over this invention?

19. What did the battle do for Edison's reputation?

20. What did Edison do with the capital he received when his contract was renewed after the court battle in 1876?

21. How many workers were at Menlo Park, approximately?

22. What was the environment at Menlo Park?

23. What were some of the inventions created at Menlo Park?

24. What is the Menlo Park facility a predecessor of?

25. Who was Mary Stilwell?