1. What was the name of Einstein's first wife?

2. In what art was Einstein's mother particularly talented?

3. What does the general theory of relativity involve that the special theory does not?

4. Of the following people, who was NOT involved in matrix mechanics?

5. Of the following people, who was one of Einstein's closest friends at the patent office?

6. All of the following people formulated interpretations of Einstein's theory of relativity EXCEPT:

7. Einstein worked as a professor at all of the following institutions EXCEPT:

8. With which of the following theories is the formula E=mc2 most closely associated?

9. For which idea did Einstein win the Nobel Prize?

10. Which of the following concepts did Einstein banish from physics?

11. Einstein lectured in all of the following countries EXCEPT:

12. Who had formulated a theory of relativity prior to Einstein?

13. Einstein developed serious disagreements with all of the following thinkers EXCEPT:

14. Einstein was a citizen of all of the following countries at some point in his life EXCEPT:

15. During what period did Einstein begin to question his extreme pacifism?

16. Of the following people, who most strongly influenced Einstein's philosophy of religion?

17. With which of the following areas was Einstein's doctoral dissertation concerned?

18. How did Einstein's circle of friends in Bern refer to themselves?

19. Where was Einstein traveling when he learned he had been awarded the Nobel Prize?

20. Who was Helen Dukas?

21. Of the following people, who was NOT a Zionist thinker who influenced Einstein?

22. What was the name of the theoretical physicist who preceded Einstein in his work on the blackbody effect?

23. In order to understand the photoelectric effect, light must be thought of as:

24. Einstein's ideals included all of the following EXCEPT:

25. Einstein's hobbies as a child included:

26. From which institution did Einstein resign as a sign of his opposition to Nazi politics?

27. Which theory's confirmation propelled Einstein to fame?

28. All of the following concepts are components of general relativity theory EXCEPT:

29. Who was Lieserl?

30. Einstein's statement that "God does not play dice" refers to his dissatisfaction with:

31. Einstein's equivalence principle deals with the equivalence of:

32. Which of the following events happened first?

33. In his 1905 paper on special relativity, Einstein refers to:

34. The Law for the Restoration of the Career Civil Service was targeted at:

35. Einstein relied on Marcel Grossman for help with

36. Who was Elsa Lowenthal?

37. Where was Einstein born?

38. When did Einstein move to the United States?

39. To whom did Einstein serve as an advisor during World War II?

40. What was the cause of Einstein's death?

41. Which of the following did Einstein endorse?

42. Einstein's relativity is considered to have influenced the work of all of the following people EXCEPT:

43. Which of the following ideas did Einstein adopt from Schopenhauer?

44. What was Einstein's father's profession?

45. Einstein's connection to Judaism was primarily:

46. In the years before his death, most of Einstein's work in physics dealt with the attempt to formulate which of the following?

47. When Einstein wrote his three great 1905 papers, he was working as a:

48. Which of the following bears the imprints of Einstein's contributions to science?

49. Which of the following statements about relativity is NOT true?

50. According to Einstein's quantum theory, light behaves not simply as a wave but also as:

51. Who reinterpreted Einstein's special relativity theory as a form of geometry?