1. In what year was Franklin born?

2. What conference did Franklin attend in 1754?

3. What did Franklin want to do after he finished school?

4. When did Franklin meet his wife?

5. Why did Franklin go to England in 1724?

6. Who hired Franklin when he first arrived in Philadelphia?

7. Who was Franklin's partner in his first printing shop?

8. What was the Junto?

9. What paper did Franklin buy from his former boss?

10. How many children did Franklin have?

11. What was the result of Franklin's essay "A Proposal for Promoting Useful Knowledge"?

12. What job did Franklin take on October 5, 1737?

13. What was the name of Franklin's daughter?

14. What important job did Franklin's son William hold?

15. When did Franklin retire from the active printing business?

16. In what year did Franklin conduct his kite experiment?

17. Who were the Paxton Boys?

18. What did Franklin's famous 1754 cartoon say?

19. What did the cartoon refer to?

20. Who was "Poor Richard"?

21. Why did Franklin return to London in 1764?

22. What colony did NOT appoint Franklin as its agent in London during the 1760s and 1770s?

23. When did Franklin start writing his Autobiography?

24. What was Franklin's father's occupation?

25. What happened while Franklin was at sea in 1775?

26. Who denounced Franklin as a criminal in 1774?

27. What did Franklin NOT do in 1776?

28. Where did Franklin live in France?

29. Who were Franklin's co-commissioners to France?

30. Whom did Franklin meet in 1778?

31. Who did NOT work with Franklin to negotiate a peace treaty with Britain?

32. With whom did Franklin and the others negotiate?

33. What did Franklin invent in 1786?

34. What did Franklin help to negotiate in 1787?

35. When did Franklin die?

36. How many trips across the Atlantic Ocean did Franklin make?

37. When did Deborah Franklin die?

38. What post did Franklin hold after he returned from France in 1785?

39. What did Franklin do on February 13, 1766?

40. When did Franklin win a seat in the Pennsylvania assembly?

41. What university did NOT grant Franklin and honorary degree?

42. Who was Franklin's printing partner when he retired from the business?

43. When did Franklin's son Francis die?

44. What magazine did Franklin buy as a young man and study so as to improve his writing?

45. When did Franklin publish his first essay?

46. How many "virtues" did Franklin list in his Autobiography?

47. What was Franklin's first pseudonym?

48. What basic electrical law did Franklin discover?

49. What title did Franklin call himself?

50. When did Franklin first establish a volunteer militia in Pennsylvania?

51. Who was the founder of Pennsylvania?

52. Why did Franklin lose his seat in the Pennsylvania assembly?