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James Garfield


Key People

key-people Key People
Lucretia Randolph Garfield  - Garfield's wife, whom he met while in school and married in November, 1858. She bore him seven children, two of whom died in infancy.
Salmon P. Chase - An Ohio native and close friend of Garfield's. Chase served as Lincoln's treasury secretary before being appointed to the Supreme Court.
Rutherford B. Hayes  - Republican president from 1877 through 1881. Elected in controversial election where Hayes won the electoral college by a single vote while Democratic candidate Samuel Tilden won the popular vote. Hayes worked hard to combat corruption in government and pull the country out of a recession. He saw Garfield's nomination and election as vindication of his policies.
Samuel Tilden - The Democratic nominee for president in 1876, Tilden lost a controversial election wherein he won the popular vote but lost the electoral college by a single vote amid widespread allegations of fraud. Later, New York newspapers published telegrams showing that Tilden had tried to buy the election.
James G. Blaine - Garfield's closest friend and ally. The two Ohio natives knew each other from early on in their respective careers, and Garfield continually supported Blaine's attempts at higher office. Garfield had hoped that Blaine would win the presidential nomination in 1880.

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